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  1. Good call. Hadn't noticed that. I assumed he had a double, just didn't go through them all to check which was the double.
  2. Cole Alexander from Lapel- Strong arm and mobile. 40+ combined TDs as a junior. Peyton Starks from Shenandoah- Only had 1800 yards passing 34 combined TDs because he plays in a predominately run oriented offense but he has a very strong arm.
  3. No, Portage County. The school district was Ravenna, right next to Kent. We were only there 2 years before moving to Indiana. Our first year there, they had a kid named Marcus Sanders as a senior. One of the best football players I've ever seen up close.
  4. A school my wife worked at in north east Ohio sold PSLs to fund their multi million dollar stadium. The stadium cost the taxpayers $0. I think the cost was like $1500 a seat. Very nice facility. Had field turf installed, which at the time was not common in Ohio (early 2000s). I think they since sold the naming rights to the stadium too.
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