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  1. Cathedral's schedule gets pretty easy at this point. Irish only struggle with athletic teams like Brownsburg, Ben Davis, Warren Central, & Center Grove. I see a running clock in this one with Penn scoring late. 49-14 Irish.
  2. I have Brownsburg in this one. Cathedral offensive line was not very good last week. Bulldogs DL is legit. Tough to pass ball from your back. I expect a very low scoring game. Outside of CG, Brownsburg was Cathedral's toughest opponent last year.
  3. I have watched what DC and New Pal have learned primarily from Center Grove. Blitz the ‘A’ gap. QB wants to throw deep. Doesn’t have the time. I am looking for more of the short passes to the open guy like McCahill was good at. Zionsville held Dwenger to -7 yds. That is good defense. Last week, we started 2 drives inside the 25 and yielded 3 points.
  4. I don’t want to bash the QB either. My issue is his play needs to improve. Last week, 16 of 25 targets were to 1 receiver. Pretty easy to defend. Wooten has been open all year. QB best game was LaSalle. Tibbs was injured. I think he found 7 receivers. Page was amazing and hasn’t really seen the targets since.
  5. Game manager is probably a good definition. 2 int stat is the most impressive. Rarely throws a bad ball, but regularly misses open receivers. Red zone against any decent team does not look good. QB play has to improve or we lose to Zionsville/Michigan City
  6. Could not agree more. QB play needs to improve. Decatur Central and New Pal both had same gameplan. Blitz 7. Blitz will come up the middle and from weak side. QB holds ball to long waiting for #13 to come open. Must check down to open receivers. Too many open receivers to throw to the same kid. Won't matter vs New Albany. This game will make everything look OK, but problem still exists.
  7. I think you have your teams mixed up. This year’s team is heavy senior dominated. I believe Cathedral has 19 of 22 starters seniors. 1 junior on defense and 2( Soph and junior) on offense.
  8. Cathedral played extremely well last night. My only concern was the number of injuries. 4 of the starting skill players are injured- both WRs Tibbs & Page, starting TE Spellacy and starting RB Mencer. On defense, Gilbert sat 2nd half with shoulder injury. Irish need to get healthy for Center Grove.
  9. Last year’s Cathedral team was made up mostly of 2022 players. Only 3 main players were from class of 21(Langdon, McCahill, Jordon). Langdon is playing D1. Jordon could have played D1 but chose to play D1 baseball. This year, I see 6 maybe 7 2022 going D1 (FBS and FCS) and 3 from 2023.
  10. I know this will come off as unpopular, but here I go.... Do players for successful programs get penalized(not recognized) because of the overall success of their team? Center Grove's defense was outstanding. I believe they should have more players honored. Since you have the likes of curry, Booker, Schott, etc. already on team, should that limit other players? I watched the Chatard - Danville game. 2 very good teams, but way clearly one more dominate. Chatard's defense was lights out. Yet, only 1 defensive player on the any list. Danville actually had as many all state selections as Chatard. Is that possible? Roncalli beat Mount Vernon and Mooresville so bad that you could take an all star team and they would still lose to Roncalli. Yet, Mount Vernon and Mooresville each had 5 selections to Roncalli's 4. Cathedral dominated 5A and had 7 selections. I would say the weakest opponents they faced this year were Whiteland and Decatur Central. DC never stopped the Irish losing 42-7 yet had 5 defensive players. Whiteland got tourched in the trenches. They had 42 yards of total offense b4 Cathedral put in JV. But, Whiteland had 4 OL/DL/TE selections to Cathedral 2. If you were to tell me Danville has 5 all state players, I would assume Chatard to have 10. MV and Mooresville have 5 each, then Roncalli would have 10. If DC and Whiteland have 6 each, Cathedral could possibly have as many as 15. So I ask, do players on successful teams get penalized for being too good?
  11. I have watched a lot of film this week. Whiteland is big and physical. Strength is definitely run game. Cathedral defense stops run first. May bend alittle but rarely breaks. Whiteland lulls you to sleep and then passes to TE. Irish will be ready for this. Offensively, irish skilled players are too fast to be covered by man defense. Huge advantage for Cathedral. I don't think Whiteland can come from behind. Irish 35-14
  12. I think both teams try and run the ball. Curry should have a big game. Weakest part of Cathedral's line is C and G. Cathedral has excellent OTs and probably 2 of the best TEs in the state. I would imagine Cathedral goes double TEs most of the game. Solidifies the run and helps with max protection on pass. CG obviously will run the ball. LN slowed them down in first half. Costly mistakes cost CG points. Steele will get loose for a long one. Cathedral gambles alot on defense. CG wore LN down. I doubt they will wear down the Irish. Both teams have excellent kickers. Weather will be cold, but not a factor. Game will be within 7. Which team will make the big play or which team makes fewest mistakes? I am going: Cathedral 24 Center Grove 17
  13. Those are crazy rushing numbers. Holding teams to under 100 per game is amazing, but 147 for season is unbelievable.
  14. Having seen both teams play, I believe this is a very difficult matchup for Chatard. Cathedral's o line vs Chatard's D line is a huge advantage for the Irish. Cathedral will play a double TE formation to add to strength. Langdon should have a big day. Chatard expects a big day passing vs cathedral secondary. Expect lots of points. I like Cathedral 56-21.
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