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  1. "what could I happen to know about any of this silly recruiting stuff" this is not a knock on you, but why would you know much about recruiting when all you know is Rensselaer? Anything above D3 is extremely rare, and we all know D3 doesn't really recruit. I'm sure the Andrean twitter kid will be just fine.....I wonder back in the mid 90's if the Rensselaer GOAT would have tweeted "while you sleep I workout"?......actually it's probably better he didn't have social media!!
  2. why would I research when some wanna be scrub from Rensselaer is around to correct me?
  3. In the Covid 19 recruiting scenario its amazing these big time schools would offer a sophomore from a 2A school. Its a classic case of internet/twitter self promotion ....it you don't know what I mean look it up. This kid checks some boxes but why would an SEC school offer a scholarship valued around 200k to a kid they have never seen in person? The NFL for years based everything on combine numbers, but many high school kids are getting offers with zero measureables. I have seen skilled kids offered by schools that run 4.7 40's.
  4. not really...just reread your original post and was torn on calling a female body part or just simply stupid.
  5. HHC blows.....horrible football.....East should get the the hell out pronto
  6. come on Purdue guy....it's Ohio State....an NFL draft producing machine.....hell go to BAMA.....funny some purdue honk getting pissed a kid doesn't want to spend his time in West Laffy
  7. so f#@%*** spot on.........my kid battled CG during border wars and IEFA....won a few and got an ass kicking in a few.....this upcoming season senior season I already know the outcome.....the CG program has kept those kids from moving, transferring etc...their culture is and will be a bitch to overcome for years to come.
  8. Penn and Snider were 2 of the perennial powers in Indiana for decades, yet they have both seen a recent decline that they have not experienced before. So that is the fault of Indy areas schools.....yes lets create "7A"....the stupidity continues to amaze me
  9. You seem to have some fascination with yourself and me you looking you up.....are you really that stupid? If I am scratching out 60-110 for my kid to attend your show why would I not look you up? I want to know who is providing instruction to my kid? what are your qualifications? Tom Allen, Brohm, U Indy etc.....we get that....bro you are scrub....sorry to say that its fact.....if you can make a few bucks on the side go for it we all have bills to pay. Personally my family situation your crap show is not needed because the direct communication with college colleges has been happening for
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