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  1. In response to Muda's question And yours While I don't know the exact details involving peacetime vs wartime statuses, I can tell you that Reservists who weren't assigned to a certain number of days active duty can't use "Veterans Preference" when they apply for federal employment. A so called "special goody" for those active duty military personnel vs those who aren't. So in a way, the military/federal government does qualify veteran status based on service.
  2. In order for a Reservist to get Veterans Preference status for Federal Employment, they would've had to been put on active duty status for at least 90 or 120 days. I'm not certain which.
  3. Why do you automatically assume that I want to discredit her? Again, I don't know what happened in the minutes leading up to the clip. I want to see what kind of info she throws out into the world, gain a little context.
  4. Initially there wasn't. Twitter erupted, and the media reported. A firestorm ensued. Then the entire video came out. News outlets redacted stories and people deleted their tweets. You provide a 15 sec clip with no idea of what happened before she started filming. Did you read her tweets?
  5. We should probably approach this video with the same skepticism that wasn't afforded to the original clip that set this into motion. I would like to know what happened those minutes leading up to this 15 second clip before I make any conclusions. I clicked to see additional tweets from this person, and IF true, you will find some of her language pretty disgusting. I don't tweet, so I don't know how accurate or inaccurate her past tweets are, or if they can be altered.
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