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  1. South Dearborn High School is looking for a Math and Foreign Language teacher and South Dearborn Middle School is looking for a Science, English and Ag, College Careers and Nutrition teachers...there are also multiple opportunities for coaching at all levels. We have an approved $5 million dollar renovation at the high school for facility improvements and just received a $500,000 donation for a multi-purpose turf field that we hope to start immediately. If interested please contact Head Coach Rand Ballart at rand.ballart@sdcsc.k12.in.us
  2. What a great experience this was to be part of. I can tell you it was very intense earlier today watching it. We (South Dearborn) came in 2nd and we were on the edge of our seats as it came down to the end. At 5 schools left we were like "Ok, this is cool" and then 3 it was "Well, we are in this" and then 2 and it was like "Holy cow, this is exciting"...lol...Congratulations to Prairie Heights as I am sure this will really bolster their program. Thanks again to the United Health Care and the Colts for this great program. And like Coach Nowlin said, $1000 donation is really nice.
  3. I 100% agree with Coachhess, the stadium lighting is something that should only be used for what it was intended for. I can tell you that South Dearborn Schools will not have our lights on. We are honoring our seniors, those who played football and those who attended our high school with individual yard signs (with their name on them) and our teachers and coaches are delivering them to their house on Friday.
  4. Wanted to see if anyone was here at the AFCA in Nashville. Looks like it's going to be a great national convention.
  5. South Dearborn High School will have their lights on Friday morning until Saturday night. God Bless the West Washington Community and the Bowsman family. Coach was a great man who had such a positive impact on so many young lives...
  6. Well...I guess we now know why Lburg wanted to wear their white uniforms Friday night at home and why they changed to have a white-out...Coach K is wanting to sport his new gear he just got...Man you looking good Coach K, here he is spotted sporting his new gear last week...haha
  7. All hats go to EC and their staff. They definitely had their kids ready to play. SD wishes nothing but best on the rest of their season... As far as all you other joker's go, have fun, most of the stuff is pretty funny...
  8. Oh, I know you're a Bengals fan through and though...it's all good...see you Friday...WOO
  9. What's up fellas...glad to see you all got internet service back and found all your passwords... Btw "Z"...how's 007 doing, never hear about him anymore...hope all is well
  10. Still looking to sell these headsets if anyone is looking for a very quality set of headphones at a great price, asking $2500 or make an offer. Please let me know if interested and we can get them to you immediately...
  11. Yes they are and all the BL's you can handle, compliments of STC after their beatdowns...lol
  12. South Dearborn Football is looking for an offensive minded coach for the upcoming 2019 season and beyond. There are possible teaching positions available at the middle and high school levels. We are looking for coaches who have experience in the zone concept and are looking to make an impact. We will return a lot of players from an 8-3 campaign and we have a lot of excitement going on with the resurgence of our program, from the youth to the high school and looking for folks who want to be part of it. If interested please contact Head Coach Rand Ballart via email at rand.ballart@sdcsc.k12.in.us
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