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  1. Coach Hudson

    School Fight Songs

    North Knox also uses "Wave the Flag"
  2. Coach Hudson

    SemiState Scores

    The IHSAA site? I don't see a link for the Danville/Memorial Game
  3. Coach Hudson

    3A Sectional Predictions

    Carmel ran the South gamut in 2011 when they won their last State Championship. Granted, it was before 6A with more schools making it a little easier for those who decide where to send those border schools. With 6A though, it is pretty clear cut.
  4. Coach Hudson

    Union Dugger 2014 FB Schedule

    Who is paying for the building?
  5. Nothing about the "red ribbon, red ring, blah, blah, blah." says anything about second place or second best team. It is the reward given to the state tournament runner up. As we have seen, there is rarely even a clear cut best team in the state, but every year there is a state tournament champion. It s a tournament, somebody is going to win, one team will be runner up, and everyone else finishes where they finish.
  6. Coach Hudson

    Lintons Weber named new HC at BNL

    BNL hits the jackpot!
  7. Coach Hudson

    Southwest 7 Week One Picks

  8. Hey Miner Pride...Maybe a blog?
  9. Aren't there still the same number of games?
  10. Coach Hudson

    Happy Festivus

    My festivus pole went up this morning. I have a great pic of it...just can't figure out how to upload. It is on my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150453714762321&set=a.10150260849487321.328288.644917320&type=1&theater
  11. Coach Hudson

    Joe Schott

    Terrible news. Prayers to all.
  12. Coach Hudson

    Most Impressive State Final Team

    Carmel has played great TEAM defense for 30+ years.
  13. It's a tough game for the Kingsmen. They are not terrible, they are in the state finals. I was looking for the Olympian score today and couldn't find it. Penn is a top 5 or 10 team in the state and ran into a buzzsaw tonight. Congrats to the Hounds, Penn will be back.
  14. Coach Hudson

    Carmel V Penn - 5A State

    Looking for a great 5A game today. Hoping the hounds can pull one out at LOS. Go Hounds!!! "A hounds food is in its legs." - Irish Proverb
  15. Coach Hudson

    Carmel V Penn - 5A State

    Consistently meaning??? How long. Don't know how you could forget Chatard. Carmel was weak in the early unitl beating Pike a few years ago, they hadn't won a state championship since 1989, Warren was weak in the 90's, Penn hasn't been to state since 2003, so they've been down to a bit too. Just saying all teams have a period of time when they're "down." BD is "down" now too, Chatard hasn't gone more than 2 years without a state championship since the early 90's.