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  1. They could put Wendy Robinson's photo at midfield, I could care less. I'm just happy to never have to work another game on that goat ranch they called a field.
  2. Good point about the 5 lineman numbered 50-79. This change will make it easier for the wings to determine an illegal formation in that they are looking for more than 4 backs instead of 7 on the line.
  3. In theory, yes an offense could run a legal play with 5 players (1 on line...snapper, 4 in backfield). Players are either on the line or off (in backfield). There can be a maximum of 4 players in the backfield. No change to motion rule or illegal shift rules.
  4. The kid has a no-contact provision with the girls swimmers, and that remains in place. But he can compete again. Because the girls aren't around anymore to have "fear exhibited." Anyone that knows anything about the sport of swimming knows the girls are "still around". Swimming is a year round sport and just because the High School season is over doesn't mean the girls aren't at the pool every afternoon for club practice. In fact the Indiana Swimming Senior Short Course Championships are set for Mar 15-17, therefore there is no time off for boys or girls from the end of High School season to the beginning of club practice. Fishers AD has to be well aware of this in that it's Fishers High School pool that is home to the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers (FAST) club swim team. Using "because the girls aren't around anymore" may have pulled the wool over many eyes, but not those familiar with the sport of swimming. Shame on you Fishers administration and HSE school board.
  5. Northside, South and Wayne all have 30% more enrollment than Dwenger.
  6. 40 second play clock - great change Number visibility, no opinion Legal scrimmage formation - great change Tripping - "....intentionally use lower leg...." could lead to some interpretation differences Horse-collar - good change Illegal kicking and batting - makes sense to change to 10 yards Replay - can't see it being used with exception of state finals. Therefore will never affect me.
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