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  1. Down goes Gump and Coach Bryant, 27-7, to Bobby Boucher and The Fonz. Sounds like Gump might've got loose at least once, but just didn't have enough to overcome the onslaught of MLB blitzes from Boucher.
  2. Believe SC is a great opportunity and they should have plenty of interest. Biggest school in the MSC, have made a sectional title game recently and have only been back up and running for a decade now. Right coach at the right time...would keep them in the mix at the top year in and year out. Postseason wise, if things stay the same, they will have to figure out a way to wrestle the dynastic bear that is East Central. It's a good job with clear objectives and what seems like good community support.
  3. Forest squeeks out a 6 point victory, probably on a game winning drive...toss was called more than once. Boucher with a solid win, 33-13, Sunshine was no match for that defensive prowess. Which leaves us with the original question of Gump vs. Boucher. It was eloquently debated a month prior to this matchup by great logical minds, better known as real men of genius.
  4. I was surprised to see Pablo in this contest, but then again he is one of the greatest 3 sport studs of all time. Mainly known for his prowess on the brick dust, dude had some major power. Rnd 2 is going to be action packed!
  5. Oliver Jones? ...never heard of him. Got any game tape on him? He could be another Al Bundy, all talk. 🤣 We have at least a couple Hudl clips on Forrest and Bobby.
  6. Another reason to take Gump, this guy prowling the sidelines, no green notebook required.
  7. Could Bobby Boucher tackle Forrest Gump? IMO. Believe it depends on the football situation, think Gump's speed in the open field wins. ...what if, A.) Forrest said something about Bobby's mama Or.. B.) Forrest felt like running 🤔 *( we can thank the internet memes for debates like this)
  8. 2A PLAC teams Paoli and Mitchell and MSC teams Eastern Pekin & Clarksville have interesting potential match up's with Indy Howe and Triton Central. Howe going to Paoli would be a loooonnnggg school bus ride. In 3A MSC sectional 31, I will be keeping an eye on which team the IHSAA decides to send over to the all MSC. Southridge or Heritage Hills (the traditional choice). It's a really meat grinder in 31. Lots of good coached football in that one. In 1A, Perry Central/ West Washington sectional would have some hauls too. Especially Rock Creek, closest is WW. That area of the state is always weird anyhow. WW has played in the sectional southwest of them (40 back in the day if I remember correctly), but has had their most success in sectional closer to Cincy with ND and Milan. Looking forward to the official alignments, just means football is one step closer!
  9. Probably still worth the $$. I cannot imagine the amount of research it took to put that together, especially with limited online resources. Agreed, adding all that would be a nightmare of a task. I was just curious when the IFCA started doing their Junior All State. I am interested in any MSC or PLAC players, no one in particular. Just being a football nerd lol.
  10. Just did, it may be worth the $$ to get the book, goes all the way back to 1906. If your a history nerd like me, that would be a good/fun resource to have. The IFCA website definitely goes back to 2001.
  11. I am wondering when the IFCA started doing Junior All-State. The IFCA website goes back to 2001, maybe it was then? IDK, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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