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  1. Seems like it just takes the right HC, and stability like you said. Look at Indy privates. A strong HC that can convince NA, Jeff, Charlestown, SC 3rd stringers to win 1A titles could do some damage. Time will tell tho.
  2. Does he need one? Maybe fresh eyes and a new voice *that can recruit*. Some coaches seem to have 'it' and others don't.
  3. I guess time will tell. The schedule WW plays is pretty weak. After looking up last seasons results and what you all have said is returning, i guess WW is a contender.
  4. Could end up being a big move, had a great record in WV. Wonder how many Jeff/NA kids he will get to come try and win 1A titles. Favorable situation to do so.
  5. I think North Vermillion, Indy Lutheran and probably a couple others would have something to say.
  6. If only Eastern (Pekin) would join PLAC. I'm not sure they would fair any better, but the potential to do better is greater than it is in the MSC. Would help scheduling too. A merger of both, according to the magic 8 ball...highly unlikely.
  7. Haven't heard much on Silver Creek, not that I want to name any names. I would think they have to be getting close to a hire though, going into the summer with little to no plan or worrying about what the new head coach may want to do, etc. That's a problem that can put one's team behind the eight ball.
  8. The current stated rule is the 6 quarter model now, right? Based of your example, JV Joe participated in 2 Varsity (no more than) and 4 Sub Varsity (no more than). Thus is within the rules. If he is not then I really don't know. JV Joe is a helluva RB btw, kids gonna be All State one day.
  9. Illegal participation for the week? Idk, just something I've heard coaches at school talk about. Maybe it's totally wrong, probably just fake news.
  10. I'm not sure the actual rule, but yes, you are correct. The commonplace has been, if you won in varsity and violated the rule in JV, then you forfeit the varsity game. It is also true (in my experience) that a lot of teams when they lose in varsity, they just go ahead and play kids that played multiple varsity quarters. I'm guessing the reasoning for doing something like this varies widely (although most the time I believe it's seen as a busch league move). Maybe they have been violating some not well known rule and skirting the punishment.
  11. I believe this was a quid pro quo move by the IFCA and IHSAA (I could be wrong, just my optics on the situation). State wanted mercy rule, coaches wanted six quarters. Came to an agreement. Quality work by both sides. 6 quarters will indeed be huge in development of better football players, i.e. more in game reps, etc. Sometimes teams have a few tweeners that could help on Friday nights, but still need work in J.V. This alleviates having to choose or worry about it. Better football is the result, if done correctly.
  12. Down goes Gump and Coach Bryant, 27-7, to Bobby Boucher and The Fonz. Sounds like Gump might've got loose at least once, but just didn't have enough to overcome the onslaught of MLB blitzes from Boucher.
  13. Believe SC is a great opportunity and they should have plenty of interest. Biggest school in the MSC, have made a sectional title game recently and have only been back up and running for a decade now. Right coach at the right time...would keep them in the mix at the top year in and year out. Postseason wise, if things stay the same, they will have to figure out a way to wrestle the dynastic bear that is East Central. It's a good job with clear objectives and what seems like good community support.
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