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  1. That really solves nothing with it only like maybe 3 degree cooler at a later starting time. Being down here right on the Ohio River alot of times those first 2 games you feel like you are sitting in a sauna. So miserable in the stands and cant even imagine how it is pads for the kids. Ive lived in both Indy and Evansville and its amazing in that distance how much hotter and more humid it is down here.
  2. What you have makes perfect sense and that would make 32 a very weak sectional outside of GS and Lincoln and 31 would be a very tough one.
  3. I do agree there should be no running clock in the 1st half. Also feel that it shouldnt be left to the coaches because we have had some games where it continues to be a regular clock when it is way out of hand. We play Kentucky schools often here and their rule is at a 36 point deficit the clock runs.
  4. Did I not give them credit? But they used to schedule even tougher, every game. Noblesville and Jeffersonville are the 2 teams I was referring to. I never said anything was wrong with that, just point out the fact of the change.
  5. I am the furthest thing from a Cathedral fan but I do give them credit for scheduling tough games. At the same time there are two fairly easy ones as has been the case the last couple years. They used to schedule the entire season with the best teams.
  6. First year at Henderson was good and went down each year. I dont know about FL but only had 2 wins last year at Richmond.
  7. I think this is going to be a down year for the SIAC. Wouldnt surprise me at all in no SIAC teams made it past regional. Remember Memorial will be 4A so no team in 3A the next 2 years unless Bosse falls back. So 5 of the 8 teams are in the same sectional.
  8. Im not so sure about that. First I dont think he will stick around long enough and second, his success at Reitz was mainly becaause a once in a generation QB he had. Well, 2 in a generation because we had the McIntosh brothers back to back. But Lewis only coached Matt. When that was gone here the success went down and followe dhim to Henderson. 4th job since he left here in 2012.
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