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  1. Yes. Actually got kicked out of the regional game 2 years ago.
  2. Coming from a Reitz person its nice to see the Bowl mentioned on a thread not about them. As awesome as it is I am sure there are some better out there. Just havent seen them personally.
  3. Totally agree. Especially when they call that roll out to his left. Have seen 1, maybe 2 high schoolers that can make that pass. Just putting him in a bad spot. And throw the damn ball downfield. We have some receivers and some height, USE IT. Stop throwing behind the line and expecting to get the blocks after the catch to gain yards.
  4. Not meaning to point out any one kid but there needs to be some adjustments at QB. Way, way too many turnovers and looks like it has blown his confidence up. Even to the point of effecting his punting. He was much better the little he played last year. Poor play calling doesnt help. 3rd and long and call a pass play behind the line of scrimmage. Happens many times a game. Not taking 3 at the end of the half with a short field goal with a very good kicker. However it goes down though will still be there rooting them on but looks like a long year.
  5. I dont know much about them other than they got blown out last week 42-6. Was 8-2 last year but lost 5 games by forfeit because of an ineligible player. Most of their scores last year were very lopsided in their favor.
  6. So if your info is true, which Im not disputing, the IHSAA dropped Evans' suspension from being ejected from the last game he played? I know it was 2 years ago but as far as I know, and under everyone elses rules, that still applies. He was ejected in the regional for 2 personal fouls in the loss to East Central in their last game in state. And if you have no line to block it really doesnt matter how good your runners are. Not going to be very successful. I know it was just 1 game but from that it appears Memorial is head and shoulder above everyone else.
  7. Not sure about 2 but 1 shouldnt have been due to being kicked out of the last IHSAA game he played in. But even missing 2 or 3 or 4 its surprising to get shut down by a less than average THS team. Unless they have made drastic strides from previous years. And the Courier article said they got 4 personal fouls so.... Pretty bad start to the SIAC all around. Only 3 winners.
  8. Most likely so. And they have a much tougher opponent next week. A usally big and hard hitting Owensboro Sr. team.
  9. Not denying their ability but you still need an O line now matter how good. Plus cant go back to getting 4 and 5 personal fouls a game like 2 years ago. Thats ultimately what done them in.
  10. Bosse always has athletes, if they could ever get the numbers to come out that probably would be the biggest boost for them to move up the ladder.
  11. Thats what I was thinking so most likely no time to have participated in anything even if the rule was as mentioned.
  12. Has to be in the same sport. Even the IHSAA wouldnt come up with that dumb of a rule. Was he even at Princeton long enough for that anyway?
  13. I know they only played a partial season in IL but didnt hear the reason.
  14. They havent played at another IHSAA school though but Im not sure how the rule specifically reads. Im sure there will be a special exception for this though. Eisenhower in Decatur, IL is the only place they have played since last being at Central.
  15. Just heard the Evans brothers have been ruled eligible. I wonder how much Owens being the EVSC AD now had to do with that? I think we all know the answer to that.
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