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  1. Long time educator here (37 years). Money has nothing to do with state support. I hear all the time to leave the science to the scientist. State support to me is treating the profession with respect, and leaving the teaching to the teachers. Quit tying our hands and be supportive. Not everything is about money. It should be about the STUDENTS!
  2. Did a little research. Huntingburg HS (The Happy Hunters) began playing county rival Jasper week 1 in 1970. This opening game continued until 1996 when the jamboree was dropped and a ninth game was added.
  3. Sorry to disagree Big D, but for years our opening game was Jasper. That was a tradition. The Jasper game became week 2 when they dropped the jamboree and added a week 9 game. Now with Jasper in the SIAC the two schools no longer play.
  4. Pike Central. After contact tracing they only had 15 eligible players for Friday
  5. Was told last night that the Pike Central game has been cancelled for week 1.
  6. A sleeper team in 2A might be Forest Park. Coach Fuhs does a great job there, and I believe they have a lot coming back. Nasty sectional with Mater Dei and Linton in it.
  7. Does anyone know which is correct week 1 game for BC?
  8. MD-Running Clock Central-Running Clock North-Bounce back Memorial- Getting better each week Jasper- Toss up
  9. Castle Memorial Lincoln North Central-Unless Jasper can quit turning over the ball. Then Jasper has a chance.
  10. Southridge- Toss Up MV-Defensive Battle HH-Patriots getting healthy W'ton- Somebody has to win. Boonville-I like Linton but Boonville has to much of a running game Princeton-Rebels will make it a game. TC-Marksmen are for real.
  11. Central- By 3 scores Jasper- Close defensive game Memorial- Big North- Big Castle- By 2 scores
  12. Jasper-Running Clock Memorial-Game of the week North-North is the real deal Castle-Harrison has a ways to go yet Central-Lincoln may be rethinking the move to the SIAC
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