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  1. 1990. Week 6. We (Pike Central) came from 14-0 down and beat Southridge 16-14. On a personal level fun for me because I'm from Southridge. That is the last time PC has beaten Southridge. Great night. Our players never quit and made the plays we had to make. We sealed the deal with an interception with 30 seconds left.
  2. I made the comment about South Spencer because my wives family lives in the SS school district. The community really wants good FB back. Again IMO community support is the single most important factor in rebuilding a program. Plus, Joh Edge is an excellent coach so I know the last 2 years have been very productive and the players will have a good fundamental knowledge. All this together leads me to believe that South Spencer is a good job.
  3. South Spencer IMO, is a sleeping giant. Whoever gets this job is getting a good gig.
  4. I think the word South is in the name of the school in question. Just not South Gibson
  5. Really sorry to hear this. Coach Beery was first class all the way. R.I.P.
  6. A Hall of Fame coach, and a better person. I tried to post a link to the obituary, but the forum won't allow it. PM me if you want the link
  7. 1A- Hagerstown 2A- Bremen 3A- Jimtown 4A- Jasper 5A- Castle 6A- Warren Central
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