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  1. Considering he didn't move here till High School that's up to you. He's an old classmate and friend of mine. Very good dude. He was also a heck of an athlete. You don't last that many years in the league if you're a bum.
  2. Some of you people just love spitting on those kids and programs this year. Where was all this talk of weak sectionals for 1A-5A before? Newsflash I don't ever recall a sectional ever being under such scrutiny since I've been a member here. That's over a decade of following this forum.
  3. Thank you. Congrats Patriots. Way to represent SW Indiana.
  4. So did Danville play with HH for 3 quarters till the dam finally busted in the 4th?
  5. Have a feeling you'll be LOS bound, HH. Congrats to both programs for excellent seasons and way to represent 3A southwestern Indiana football, HH.
  6. 34-21 Vincennes Down at half. Very late scores by both teams in the 4th. Congrats to the Green! Sectional Champs!
  7. Don't try and take away from these teams. And yes Vincennes was very capable of winning a first round game in 32 like they had done for years prior many times. Who did Reitz play tonight?
  8. Vincennes Lincoln at Princeton. Vincennes won the first meeting 34-10 on October 18th. Prediction. VL 28-14 This would be VL first sectional title since Hidde's final season at the helm during the 06 season. Who you got?
  9. Thank you Bob. Your input is always appreciated and welcomed. They made the right call by not throwing a flag. Always enjoy your perspective so we can "get in the mind" of most officials.
  10. That's just what I see. I'm seeing the defender slipping and then there's the collision. Plus that's an awful nasty Twitter battle on there comment wise. I keep looking and looking at it. Someone with access to the official VL film also said the same (defender is going down first) but there's obvious bias there.
  11. I was 100% with you on an OPI. I argued and argued then somebody showed me a different angle and I changed my mind. Defender slips and as hes going down he takes the WR with. Get like 2-3 frames before this and you can see why no flag was thrown.
  12. You see the other angle on the TD pass? Definitely no OPI. Defender initiated contact. Looks like he slipped and then brought the WR down with.
  13. Yes. Heightened emotions. It got pretty ugly after that TD between family and fans. But the kid is ok.
  14. De Facto Sectional Championship game in round one. Is there a weaker 3A sectional in Indiana this year?
  15. Give credit to the Lincoln D. I thought MC was a better team coming in but looks like I was wrong. Oh well. Defense played tremendous tonight. Really like the strides they continue to make on that side of the ball.
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