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  1. Give credit to the Lincoln D. I thought MC was a better team coming in but looks like I was wrong. Oh well. Defense played tremendous tonight. Really like the strides they continue to make on that side of the ball.
  2. Lincoln is going to lose by 10+. With you on the rest.
  3. Jordan Brewer could be been something special if he could of kept his head on straight. Tandon Doss was amazing. Jewel Hampton was great.
  4. I'm going to go with someone not mentioned and leave out players I have saw at state. Curtis Painter was a STUD at the HS level. Unbelievable athlete and a rocket for an arm.
  5. I didn't see your post. Weird timing. I'm not looking to sling mud, but I'd dread having to listen to them on the radio constantly. Just not my cup of tea.
  6. VL does have a very good D. It should only get better as well with the debut of a certain player next week. Heard he's a stud. That has been the lone bright spot. Considering the strength of the D, if and when the offense gets turned around, I like their chances rest of the year.
  7. Lincoln's offense is pathetic. 0-0 at half. 19-6 to end the game. Lincoln's lone score was on a big passing play. Boonville ran all over them in the 2nd on short field. Congrats Boonville 2 games and has Vincennes even got a combined 10 first downs yet?
  8. So how's Gibson feel about Boonville dropping out at the last minute thus preventing your move to the SIAC? You two were a package deal just like VL/Jasper. I told everyone Jasper was a "No" for the PAC merger but people wanted to pretend it was missing ADs. VL didn't want to get left behind so they agreed to follow Jasper instead of trying to force their hand. VL wanted stability, and this route was chosen by their Principal. Just as they were gaining momentum with football. Hopefully the sectional realignment stays for a long time because I'm not seeing many conference titles in their future.
  9. Hein has been a puppet at VL and has held no real power for years minus scheduling. Crap has really hit the fan when you're no longer welcomed or wanted to make athletic hires.
  10. Lincoln wants this. It wasn't Lincoln wanting more "info."
  11. Vincennes is probably very, very happy with that realignment. I don't like how they did any of this.
  12. Vincennes is probably losing their minds in excitement with that realignment.
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