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  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but there seems to be little talk of the Cathedral Irish here. They return all their skill players sans the QB and majority of OLine. Also advancing is a stacked junior class of 40 players that were undefeated freshmen through arguably the toughest freshmen schedule in the country. Senior depth and leadership at D-Line, RB, WR1, WR2. Our schedule lightens this year too as we only travel to Penn and Louisville Trinity. We did add a big game with Carmel out of the gates and an emerging Westfield team. I believe this is the deepest Cathedral team in a decade. We’ll know more after Carmel.
  2. Kendall Coleman - Cathedral/Syracuse signed with the Colts yesterday.
  3. A huge loss to all Marion County and State of Indiana athletics. He was as influential in wrestling as he was in football at North Central. He hosted multiple tournaments a season and always had a special place for wrestling in his heart. Rest In Peace, legend.
  4. Cathedral should be prohibitive faves in 4A/5A for the next two years. Incoming Junior class is loaded. Line is sick (Wood, Farah, Fowler, Koers), senior skill players nasty (McCahill, Langdon, Cam Fabulous), junior skill players ready to break out (Page, Mentzer, Hughes, Dittoe, Llewelyn) plus a D1 frosh TE (Wooten); and some red ass defenders (Huddy, Guhl, Zane, Scruggs, Ooooooozinger). Thought we had Red Dragons on the ropes for another Irish 3Peat, but they stepped up and stomped on our grapes. 5A on notice. We’ve been doing speed drills in Greenfield Central’s gym during the COVID. Someone tell the Greenfield Reporter.
  5. The 2000-2001 team lost to Plainfield in the Sectional. Arguably more talented than the 1999-2000 team, but lacking the leadership to get past their press clippings. The 1999-2000 team has 3 rings. And, I’ll agree 1996 was probably even with the ‘99-2000 team as far as Cathedral’s best ever.
  6. Well, hard to say he blew up at OSU since he was the cornerstone of 3 consecutive IHSAA titles for the Irish. But, I get your drift. He has stepped up his game at every level. Truly a mentally tough beast. Forget about his 4.35 speed.
  7. If it culminates in a pro career for rankings, Scary Terry McLaurin is about to blow this list up. Jaylon vs.Terry for the Indiana Mr. Football fictional championship of the world IMHO.
  8. I have to throw in a Cathedral team or two in this discussion. I played against the Stephen Holman-led 1991 Ben Davis team. They were certainly stout beating us by 30 and we were State Runners Up in 3A that year. Their O-Line was nasty, but Holman was a freak. That said, the 1999-2000 Cathedral team would have given them all they could handle. 7 - Division1 Players and two long-time NFL veterans in Jeremy Trueblood (OL Tampa Bay) and Mathias Kiwanuka (LB/DE NY Giants). It was certainly the deepest offensive line in Indiana history. 5 of the O-linemen went D1 if you include Kiwanuka at TE. Obviously Otis Shannon held the state rushing record for a decade or two. This team won the state title 3 years in a row. Pretty impressive group. When the NY Giants came to Indy for the Super Bowl, this Cathedral team and the O-Line got to reunite with Kiwanuka and Trueblood for an epic reunion downtown early in Super Bowl week. Great memories. Great night. Great team!
  9. The Roncalli freshmen had a nice year. They gave the Cathedral freshmen all they could handle as Carhedral needed a touchdown in the Q4 2 minute drill to win. St. Barnabas was in the 2017 CYO Final and St. Jude won the 2018 CYO Championship. Both teams had some good linemen to build around (Schwartz, Neu, Butts). I would ask 2 questions: 1. How has the malfeasance of the former/current administration over Archbishop Thompson’s sexual identity crusade impacted enrollment? Combined with other incidents in multiple sports, it certainly has stained public perception. 2. How has the recent emergence of Center Grove impacted Roncalli’s football pool of talent? Seems like a good reclamation project for a coach as there is less downside risk, but they will need to reestablish a brand down there. PS. It all started when they dropped Cathedral from the schedule ;) Had to get a jab in!
  10. I was responding to Center Grove fan, not New Pal fan. Cathedral didn’t play New Pal last year at the freshmen level. New Pal is the undisputed champion this year. They were awesome in the 4th quarter against Cathedral in the Regional.
  11. But they couldn’t beat the Cathedral sophomores on their home field Last season. You want a loaded sophomore class, look no farther than the Irish.
  12. Unless Jon Goldsberry comes out of retirement, Chatard rolls. Two way players aren’t going to be able to keep pace late. Good luck to the Trojans.
  13. Troll. What will you do next week when the season is over and your entire social outlet has evaporated? Will you go back to playing Minecraft in your parents’ basement? Or is there another forum or blog that you try to derail constantly for instant gratification?
  14. Roncalli and the Archdiocese aren’t exactly on the best of terms. An ongoing and open class action lawsuit between former Roncalli staff and the Archdiocese has splintered this relationship and the trust between the two. The Archbishop is too pre-occupied mitigating sexuality In the high schools to also govern a situation like this. I guess the Archbishop and the Vicar Counsel could use this malfeasance as an excuse to shed the leadership at Roncalli, but I think they would be too exposed to a wrongful termination suit for all the missteps both the Archdiocese and the Roncalli administration made during the Fitzgerald fallout and the subsequent staff thereafter. Yucky situation on the southside. You would think after all the sensitivity and inclusion training they have had lately, it might spill over to the athletics program.
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