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  1. The Roncalli freshmen had a nice year. They gave the Cathedral freshmen all they could handle as Carhedral needed a touchdown in the Q4 2 minute drill to win. St. Barnabas was in the 2017 CYO Final and St. Jude won the 2018 CYO Championship. Both teams had some good linemen to build around (Schwartz, Neu, Butts). I would ask 2 questions: 1. How has the malfeasance of the former/current administration over Archbishop Thompson’s sexual identity crusade impacted enrollment? Combined with other incidents in multiple sports, it certainly has stained public perception. 2. How has the recent emergence of Center Grove impacted Roncalli’s football pool of talent? Seems like a good reclamation project for a coach as there is less downside risk, but they will need to reestablish a brand down there. PS. It all started when they dropped Cathedral from the schedule ;) Had to get a jab in!
  2. I was responding to Center Grove fan, not New Pal fan. Cathedral didn’t play New Pal last year at the freshmen level. New Pal is the undisputed champion this year. They were awesome in the 4th quarter against Cathedral in the Regional.
  3. But they couldn’t beat the Cathedral sophomores on their home field Last season. You want a loaded sophomore class, look no farther than the Irish.
  4. Unless Jon Goldsberry comes out of retirement, Chatard rolls. Two way players aren’t going to be able to keep pace late. Good luck to the Trojans.
  5. Troll. What will you do next week when the season is over and your entire social outlet has evaporated? Will you go back to playing Minecraft in your parents’ basement? Or is there another forum or blog that you try to derail constantly for instant gratification?
  6. Roncalli and the Archdiocese aren’t exactly on the best of terms. An ongoing and open class action lawsuit between former Roncalli staff and the Archdiocese has splintered this relationship and the trust between the two. The Archbishop is too pre-occupied mitigating sexuality In the high schools to also govern a situation like this. I guess the Archbishop and the Vicar Counsel could use this malfeasance as an excuse to shed the leadership at Roncalli, but I think they would be too exposed to a wrongful termination suit for all the missteps both the Archdiocese and the Roncalli administration made during the Fitzgerald fallout and the subsequent staff thereafter. Yucky situation on the southside. You would think after all the sensitivity and inclusion training they have had lately, it might spill over to the athletics program.
  7. Thanks, brother. Was starting to think there was going to be a positive post on the GID. Nope. Always someone out there to bring negativity. It’s human nature I suppose. Either way, great night, great football game, wrong result. Good luck to the Dragons the rest of the way.
  8. All pre-sale tickets for both New Pal and Cathedral are officially sold out. Getting the gear on now. Let's go Irish!! I believe that is around 8500 tickets total. A tidy, little income for the IHSAA for this game.
  9. Middle class and upper middle class people only drink White Claws and Trulys these days. I'll have a couple cases of Bud heavies, but unfortunately, they are usually the last untouched soldiers in the cooler by post game.
  10. My middle class tailgate will have many, many cocktails flowing in the New Palestine lot. If only we were friends....
  11. Rumor is this is the same officiating crew that did the Cathedral vs Center Grove game. Can anyone confirm? That would seriously affect the Vegas line...
  12. Goheeeeeeeeen! Gonna need a monster performance out of him tomorrow! What a sweet post, Muuuuuuuda. Thought we’d get something more like Cathedral’s uniforms are so good looking from their private school privilege or something similar. The Irish-ofile you are evolving into is making me blush.
  13. The fastest freshmen player we faced this year was Center Grove’s RB. Don’t know his name, but he was a quick white boy. And CG was the best frosh team we played. Round the Corner is the spot! Rumor is that is where Coach Ralph and his coordinators “debrief” after practice nightly. I was told by the bartender last time I was in there they sit right at the end of the bar and strategize. I’ll be rolling in there before 3p to get the party started. I think you’d be late at 4pm. Let’s go Irish!
  14. IHSAA has been doing it for 30 years. In the 90s, it was Chatard, Roncalli, and Cathedral in the same sectional. Most of those years, the sectional winner won the state or at least made it to the championship game. If there is a chance to get the P/Ps in the same sectional, the IHSAA will certainly get it done.
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