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  1. Shiloh - Forced Fumble, 2 picks, a million solo tackles against Cincy’s best. He’ll get offers soon!! Great game for him, great parents!
  2. Man, what a game. The TE for Elder #11 is a head of the class. Going to Ohio State, he was the safety blanket and awesome. Back and forth all game long. Irish couldn’t convert the first of Shiloh Means’ 2 interceptions for points and gave up a critical late first half touchdown after not running the clock late in the game with an effective ground game with RB Jake Langdon. One of the greatest high school venues in America and fantastic hospitality. Cincinnati Elder parked one of our fan busses right next to the new $5m Kyle Rudolph Weight Center and included all of us in the camaraderie, including their player walk to the stadium after mass. Considering our boys had a 2 hour delay on I-74 on the commute from a major crash, they played magically. 4 Hour bus ride with 30 minute warm-up could’ve crushed most teams. We were resilient. Love the mental toughness of this Irish squad. Keep charging, lads. Destroy the official North side Archdiocesan school next week. Archbishop Thompson said they are the best kissers on the block....
  3. Ps. Battle of the lines. An angry Elder O-Line vs an under rated Irish D line with good run stop. Can’t wait.
  4. We’ll have a bus leaving at 2p with a bunch of parents. Elder has graciously invited us to join their tailgate. “We will be hosting a tailgate party in the Schaeper Center Lot prior to the game 5PM - 6:30PM. We intend to serve some of Cincinnati's finest- LaRosas Pizza and Skyline Chili. Your fans are welcome to join us.” I believe this is the lot between Elder and the girls school Seton, right next to stadium. Show some Irish love See you at the Pit. Go Irish!
  5. Gross. No way this guy is a Cathedral supporter or grad. Please don’t engage with any of his garbage going forward, especially if you are a Cathedral fan. Thanks, boys. See you at the Pit!!
  6. I know, I know. Lots of tears for a freshmen game yesterday. Loved the passion. Great tradition never graduates. Brutal trek upcoming too. Let’s go youngsters.
  7. Elder should be the big test. Probably the favorite in the Cincy GCL this year. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/ohio-high-school/2019/08/06/cincinnati-elders-division-level-offensive-line-tops-fall/1916909001/ https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/05/07/elder-high-school-footballs-offensive-line-filled-di-talent/1126211001/
  8. Cathedral plays at that stadium Saturday night against Moeller. Warm the field up for the Hoosier state please.
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