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  1. Waiting for an old-timer to comment "back in my day"
  2. That 2 hour drive for kokomo to Bloomington/terre haute would be terrible. Otherwise I like the conference scenario
  3. Not sold on noblesville while I agree they play a very strong schedule, they have only scored 69 points on the season. Would they have the firepower to get in a shootout game with one of the fortwayne teams?
  4. I like snider to make a statement. Should be a classic dwenger snider game.
  5. Trai Essex, Jason Fabini, James Hardy, Jaylon Smith, Anthony Spencer, Rod Smith, Tyler Eifert.
  6. I think snider will win but I agree about Northrop. Snider better come to play.
  7. Don't mind me just eating my popcorn reading the stupidity🍿
  8. Didn't get out first win in 2013 until sectional. Guess we will find out still plenty of ball left to play.
  9. Have family that live in Berne and played for South Adams in past they have a solid program down there. Look good this year in 1a
  10. Can you imagine if South Adams and homestead matched up
  11. Indeed always a good one when they line up
  12. Id have to agree. Goode is very good.
  13. I picked homestead number one beginning of season. Just surprised Snider couldn't hang with them as tough is all.
  14. Also congrats Southside on their first win sense 2017. Hopefully a step in the right direction.
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