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  1. What a week 1 game for the Miners. I’m sure Sullivan is happy with their outcome too. I think we’re in for another doozie this week. Southridge was still Southridge, but they were definitely down compared to some years. I thought Linton’s defense played well the whole game, and the offense played pretty decent the second half. I will say Southridge seemed to be out of shape which I was surprised to see from a program like that. The second half Linton would pound it a couple times then run a counter and it was nothing but green grass. I expect Sullivan to be a better team and to be more disciplined than Southridge was the second half. Would like to see Linton get their passing game going a little more, but with that said can’t be mad about the week 1 performance they had. Hopefully they clean things up with the turnovers and come out with the energy they had in the second half last week. Go miners!
  2. I agree with kingtut that this should be the best team since the 2016 team. From what I saw in the scrimmage I liked the defensive change to a 3-4. It should help with the pass defense, and like the fact that Gennicks is playing one of the safety’s. He’s our best tackler in my opinion and I think he’ll be a playmaker there. I liked the move of Drew Smith to OLB. He’s a smart discipline kid that I feel will always do his job and it allows Brenamen to play ILB where I thought he looked really good when he filled in last year. As for the offense I thought our first set of plays was rusty, but seemed to kinda click after that. Passing game was hit and miss. I thought it looked like Eslinger and Gennicks have made big jumps. I don’t know much about southridge and would hope somebody that does would come on here and give us a little information from their side.
  3. Not going to predict a score, but I will say based on the past 2 years and this year I feel like this year is the best chance Linton has to compete with Mater Dei. This is the first Linton team since probably the state team that I’ve looked at and said this team is playing some solid football. I am not saying they’re near the caliber of the state team or that they’re going to beat Mater Dei I just feel they’re playing really good right now and can definitely be competitive. Obviously that could all change in an instant with covid and talking about 16-18 year old kids.
  4. I was kind of same boat as king tut yes they had kids out but I only saw one kid out on the offense unless I was wrong which I could be maybe a tight end too. On defense I saw 3 kids out one being a corner and it’s not like we threw all over them. Again I could be wrong, but yes we did get beat by 4 scores to southridge but that was with a different player at QB and 2 wings that no longer play wing and still managed to have it 0-0 at half time. Like I said I could be 100% wrong about kids that were out just what I thought not trying to argue just didn’t feel like Linton was getting much credit even before that game.
  5. The only thing I’ve been able to find to compare at all was Washington. ND beat them 34-20 and boonville beat them 48-6 or somewhere around there. I would say Linton and boonville are pretty evenly matched considering the went to OT and both got beat by southridge 28-0. Sort of a long out of the way comparison, but I myself was trying to find out if they were actually good or just played a weak schedule and that’s really the only thing I could come up with.
  6. In past years I would not be a bit concerned about boonville’s running game but it seems the last couple games Linton has had trouble defending the run up the middle. Not sure what that’s all about hopefully they turn it around. As for the offense the running game has looked much better the passing game has also been getting better each game, but I’m curious how it will look against a better team like Boonville.
  7. I will say he hasn’t necessarily done a bad job although Sullivan is much worse than southridge. I was still trying to figure out where the Padgett kid is. I heard some good things about him leading into the season and he showed good speed on both sides of the ball in the scrimmage still haven’t heard his name the last 2 games.
  8. Linton seems to have the same problem they’ve had the last 3 years. No sort of honest passing game to keep teams out of the box and running the same handful of plays they’ve ran every game for the last 6 years. It works against most teams but gets completely exposed against teams that are the same skill or better. Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I’m tired of people always sugar coating it myself included. If north Knox is down and comparable to a North Davies or Eastern Greene (most years) it could be close or Linton could win by a couple scores. If North Knox is decent like last year I’d say we’re gonna have some Trouble on offense like last week. The way the D played last week I’m not worried about them either way. Just my opinion. Go miners and good luck to both teams.
  9. Anybody know of anyone streaming the game? I know GCSN usually does, but I saw they are doing the Eastern game.
  10. I heard Goodman’s jersey ripped and he had to wear 22 for most of the scrimmage. That may be why you saw 3 different QB’s.
  11. You forgot the part where Brian Moore still can’t beat Crabtree. NV wins in a close one.
  12. Also another thing I wanna throw out there as someone did earlier according to Max preps Mater Dei’s QB has 10 interceptions. To me Mater Dei is still the favorite I don’t care what any rankings say, but I don’t doubt the miners can play with them at all especially with those stats. Just speculation and opinion but if a QB was to come into a game like this and throw an interception or 2 early that could be a HUGE momentum swing especially if the miners could capitalize on them. Not saying the miners couldn’t do the same I’m just pointing out something that could definitely help them in this dog fight they got coming up.
  13. Word on the street Linton will be without MLB and leading tackler Gabe Eslinger. Gonna be hard to replace that athleticism.
  14. I thought for the First time last night Linton came out fired up and played like they’re capable of on offense. I liked the way they spread it out on offense some and changed some things up. I know providence wasn’t up to what they usually are, but I was glad to not see all the penalties and fumbled/bad snaps. Also I only watched the first half. Assume there was a lot of subs in second half.
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