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  1. This is one game I’m curious about. NV’s offense is setup to beat Linton by spreading it out and throwing the ball. I don’t see the miners having any problem moving the ball or scoring, but I also don’t know much about NV defense so I could be wrong. I like this Linton team and think this is a good test for our pass D because I think NV pass game is better than Sullivan’s. Im gonna take Linton 35-21 just cause I’m biased, but we better not come out slow and sloppy because I think NV is capable of beating us.
  2. I’d assume Linton will be in their traditional 4-4 instead of the 5 front they were in last week. Hopefully that will help the passing defense, also expect the offense to look a little better than it did last week. Linton by 2 touchdowns.
  3. Oh I agree you’re probably right he wouldn’t have agreed with my opinion, but he’s also seen a lot more of the team than I have he knew what to expect . I didn’t know much about them besides who they returned and how they looked last year. My personal opinion I expected a sloppy offense no I didn’t expect them to commit as many fumbles as they did, but they did play better than I expected. I think they looked like they had good potential, and I’m excited to see how they learn from this and how the rest of the season goes. Go miners beat Sullivan!
  4. I thought Linton honestly played really well for the most part. Gotta cut out the big play on defense and the fumbles but that’s expected week 1. I would like to see us establish the run a little more, but the pass game I thought looked good. Think this team has a lot of potential once they get everyone healthy and clean things up. Should be an exciting year!
  5. Any predictions on this game? I actually don’t have a score prediction, but I do think SR wins this one. However, I will not be surprised if Linton finds a way to win. Either way I don’t see either team winning by more than 2 TD’s. I do think this Linton group has good potential, but I think it will take a few games before the offense gets in a good groove.
  6. I watched the Linton scrimmage seemed like it took a minute but the offense eventually got into a decent flow. Obviously hard to tell a lot with all the switching in and out. Defense looked decent at times. Heard something about southridge’s QB from last year quitting to focus on different sports. Don’t really know how true that is but if it is I’m sure they have another good athlete to replace him with. Just ready to finally watch some football. Good luck to both teams and go miners
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