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  1. Should be all chalk this coming weekend. Most importantly I hope all teams can stay healthy because the following weekend should be fun.
  2. No, it means you know nothing about Jasper and Memorial.
  3. I doubt the Evansville Courier will write up an article on it, but I’m thinking of heading up to IU on Saturday to tailgate.
  4. There’s already been a lot of love shown Linton’s way so this seems fitting.
  5. It should be a snooze fest but u never know. I’m more intrigued with the fall festival half pot. If I win I’ll buy u a case of ski. U won’t find a better deal or more generous GID member than that.
  6. I for one am not impressed by GS. I think they smell like stinky cheese. Every year since about 2013 their posters come on here proclaiming this is the year they win state and all I ever see is them running back to Gibson southern after an embarrassing loss and crying and complaining about how they have the wrong Hart as coach. I would put money on Gibson northern, eastern Gibson, western Gibson, or even Gibson central to win state before these down right smelly Titans do. Mt. Vernon might even play their JV squad just to make things interesting. Fear the Wildcats!!!!!! Gibson Southern by 30+
  7. Private donors???? Is that another way of saying Illuminati, the pope, secret private school recruiters, or even Russia? A lot of people on this site know these mysterious funds come from one of the above.
  8. I’m not too concerned about MD yet. There’s a good chance they were just distracted wondering whether or not the Fall Festival would be cancelled this year. This season will hopefully be like a high school romance. The first few weeks with the chick are pretty cool, then you find out they have way too many cats and their family is weird, but then u realize prom is coming up and she’s cool with dates to weinzapfel’s tavern and it would be nice to have a date.
  9. That’s interesting because I heard inside info that is making me pick America’s team as usual. In fact I heard that Jasper will be losing a coach if they lose. Word on the street is John Goebel misses MD and is tired of coaching at Jasper because they don’t know how to play basketball up there…so if they lose on Friday he promised mike he would come back. He also said Jasper smells…again, this is just what I’ve heard.
  10. Thoughts on tonight’s game… Memorial cheats and I have a feeling Dominion was involved MD must have thought they were playing Memorial’s soccer team Memorial’s D line is legit
  11. Apparently coach Hurley received this today. I can’t confirm it…it’s just what I heard.
  12. If Memorial gets lucky and wins this weekend I’ve been told that the west side nut club members will ban them from the fall festival and if any of the players or fans dare try to show up that they’ll be sprayed with ski through a fire hose…this is just what I heard
  13. Bears over Alices by 7 Knights over Warriors by 30 Panthers over Huskies by 7 Wildcats over Bulldogs by 35 game of the week America’s team over the Cake eaters by 4
  14. Physical injuries or emotional injuries? I can’t speak to any physical injuries they might have but they definitely have some emotional injuries. Starting a season 0-2 can have a snowball effect. They might already be listening to Melissa Etheridge songs before the games.
  15. I would love for Bosse to get some poll love. Even if it were just a few votes…that program deserves it. Over the years they’ve had some great players but haven’t been able to put it all together. Watching players like Mack Jacob, Levron Williams, Carrington Crutcher, and Jalen Pendleton has been really cool. I don’t think most people outside of Evansville realize what talent has walked down the halls at Bosse.
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