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  1. I think I should be considered. I'm under 40 and am currently 8-2 in fantasy football this season. I've had a few weeks where I was the underdog, but pulled off the upset...some people in the league say I have wisdom beyond my years.
  2. It could have also been this kind of wink, but I was hoping not...there are just too many winks.
  3. Their hands weren't too full...probably had room for more.
  4. The ice bucket challenged originated in 2014...hence my comment. That's ok though.
  5. I was a little surprised by Harrell's prediction too. North Knox is on a 4 game winning streak though, and haven't won this many games since the ice bucket challenge became a thing. Regardless, I still think MD wins by 2-3 touchdowns. Then again, I really thought Manti Te'o had a girlfriend.
  6. Reitz Bowl is the best...I would suggest everyone to at least experience it once. Enlow field is cool too, but it can only be Lex Luger. The bowl will always be Sting.
  7. Mater Dei's "0-8 going to state" team in 1990 was impressive. Technically they lost at semi-state to Scecina but that was their motto/slogan...whatever you want to call it. They went winless in the regular season but somehow rattled off 4 wins to almost make it to state!
  8. No way, the biggest knock on them this year is interceptions. They need Jake or Adam Schiff to have more eligibility and go ahead and throw in nasty Nate Wildeman too. Add those guys and then Goebel will be cooking with peanut oil.
  9. Here's Harrell's prediction for the first round... Linton-Stockton 38-17 Sagarin 6 vs 44 MD 59-0 Sagarin 5 vs 63 TC 24-21 Sagarin 33 vs 41 North Knox 35-21 Sagarin 17 vs 52 So based on the ratings this sectional did almost turn out as if it were seeded.
  10. Oh I agree, having them in separate sides would have been even better! Neither team should be pushed too hard in round one but more importantly you want the game to be injury free. I'm with you on the TC pick too...but yesterday's game is throwing me for a loop. FP just beat them 14-0 but I didn't see the game so I don't know what happened.
  11. North Posey @ Linton-Stockton Mater Dei @ Crawford County Tell City @ Forest Park North Knox @ South Spencer Not a horrible draw....at least the Miners and Wildcats aren't meeting in the first round! It's weird not seeing Southridge though.
  12. Mater Dei didn't' get the memo about the running clock
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