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  1. Am I the only one that’s thrown out any predictions? Come on now, Miner_Pride has wrote a few novels already about LS but no guesses for this weekend. I like that this thread has picked up some, but where are the meat and potatoes? I haven’t seen this much talk on Tell City since my dad proclaimed Tell City pretzels were the best thing since Thunder on the Ohio and Miss Budweiser.
  2. Are we voting for which one we like the most? I guess I’ll take the bottom one...I prefer left to right. The touch of color is nice too.
  3. I’m sure COVID will screw up my picks since I’m doing them this early, but I don’t care...I’m bored. I’m on my 2nd episode of finding Bigfoot tonight, and Bobo just isn’t as entertaining as usual. I have a sneaky suspicion that they don’t find Bigfoot again on this episode either. MD 28-14 over NK This could be a barn burner, but I’m sticking with the homer pick. LS 35-14 over NP
  4. LS and NK had some statement wins tonight. I thought the Miners could roll if the pretzels were out some players and they certainly did just that. It was a rough end to the season for TC.
  5. This should clear things up for all of you. https://youtu.be/34Em8BkZYnI
  6. That’s a good point and I think it has to do with Reitz not being the Reitz we’re accustomed to. I’m not necessarily proud to say it, but i don’t mind the Reitz faithful. They’re unlike any other SIAC fan base. When they’re having great seasons, those fans think they can take down any of the giants out there (CG, WC, Cathedral) it doesn’t matter. Personally I think it’s better for the SIAC when they’re at the top of their game. Every now and then you’ll see a Central, Memorial, or MD poster that’s drank too much of the punch and think they’re team is the best ever, but it’s not as common.
  7. Not a lot of predictions, so I’ll throw some out there. NK over FP MD over SS NP over CC TC over LS I felt a lot better about the last game before Friday night. I’m assuming the kids TC had out with Covid will be back. If not, those Miners might be rolling.
  8. I’m a westsider. We only know the Main Street Turoni’s and the Kentucky ave Roca Bar. I was gonna throw Parkway Pizza out there, but I knew that would really confuse people.
  9. That’s a pretty cakey response, but I do appreciate the love for midget links. You might not be too bad after all...even though I have no idea what Pangea pizza is.
  10. I’ll throw some predictions out there. I feel like this SIAC season has been more unpredictable than usual but with the fall festival being cancelled last week I’ve had more time to ponder on these matchups. Castle 20-14 Memorial Central 35-7 North MD 16-14 Reitz Harrison 28-21 Bosse Jasper 27-14 VL Ski over Mt Dew Roca Bar over Turonis Midget Links (rip) over walthers
  11. I’ll get this party started. GS over HH The Ridge over The Vern NH over dem Bulldogs Salem over CC Semis The Ridge over GS Salem over NH Championship The Ridge over Salem Now i don’t want all of you falling in love with these picks. I’m doing really shitty in my NFL pick em league and I ate a gas station cheeseburger last night.
  12. I think that was before Levron. I believe Mac Jacobs was the running back then...he was a bad dude too. I want to say levron started at running back on varsity in 95 but I could be wrong. I agree with the randle el comment though. I was at IU when they were there and they were as exiting as it gets. They actually brought some fans in the stands.
  13. R u serious, Clark? Come back down to reality. If Harrell’s site is correct, MD is 8-6 against Southridge since 94. Lay off the Smirnoff Ices, MD is just fine sharing a sectional with Southridge.
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