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  1. I'm not sure what that means but, if so, it's a road less traveled. 🙂
  2. As you know, Linton is playing a much stronger schedule now than they played a few years ago. An inexperienced group could still post an impressive W/L record against the teams we were playing. Not many "show up and win" games on the schedule now.
  3. I don't know much. Of course we graduated 17 seniors from last year's team and that is lot for a small school. JV was pretty good last year so there will be some quality replacements. Two starters from last year have chosen not to come out. A three year starter on the defensive line and a two year starter at DB. All the backfield except the QB will be new. The top two receivers are also gone. So I really don't know what to expect for this year. Scrimmage at home against Bosse two weeks from tomorrow. First two games on the road at Southridge and Sullivan will answer some questions.
  4. Linton has to get good enough to win a 2A sectional before they can get in the "win it all" discussion.
  5. Thanks much. No cane but I'm a bit unsteady on the bleachers, especially without a handrail. We'll be hitting the road in about 15 minutes.
  6. This may seem like an odd question but it's not really for an 88 year old. Are there hand rails on the bleacher steps at the Reitz bowl. I looked at the field on Google Earth and couldn't tell for sure. Certainly a great looking field BTW. If I don't get an answer soon, I'll find out for sure in a few hours. :-)
  7. Both flocks of Thunderbirds are badly crippled this season so it's only fitting they can end the regular season going at each other. Eastern's Sag predictor rating is 2.6 while NC is at 4.2. Eastern is winless and NC has one win, that over the Indiana Deaf School. The two teams combined for 39 wins over the past two seasons so such a fall must be unusual to say the least. John Harrell has the game 28 - 27 Eastern at home. Sounds about right to me.
  8. That is true. It was his successor, Travis Wray, that was not renewed after one year.
  9. I have no idea about the future prospects the PH football program, but if this year's success is an indication of future success, then yes, I agree PH would be a nice addition to the Miner schedule. But as someone previously stated, PH had the opportunity but declined. I don't personally know that to be a fact. FWIW, I think the Miners would have the edge this year.
  10. The Eastern program has always been very fragile. This latest coaching change fiasco along with senior graduation losses has caused a real setback.
  11. Well, you all know how I love the Miners, and I would love to see us make a long run in the playoffs but realistically I think the season would be a success if we could win our first 2A Sectional title. Anything beyond that would be icing on the cake. We have a good shot this year but Mater Dei will be a tough out, not to mention a couple of others.
  12. I think the Miners will begin to pull away with their first offensive possession. Look for running clock in second half.
  13. In the West Vigo game, North Daviess QB Tanner Reed was injured and carted off the field on a stretcher with about 7 minutes to play. Anyone know his status?
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