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  1. So players should only be allowed to play half a game for a game they put countless hours of work into? As a past player who put countless hours in, there was no way I was only going to play half a game. In past seasons I think it hurt some pioneer teams do to the fact they only played half to 3 quarters and when playoffs came they weren’t conditioned to go a full game. I will forever stand by the pioneer coaching staff for keeping players in to get them ready for the playoffs! As for KH maybe you should get the players putting in the work instead of crying about the amount of points that are scored on Winamac on a weekly basis!
  2. Pioneer has lost 15 home games out of 119 since 2000. They have won 88% of home games. Since 2000 they have played 241 games total and have lost 34 of those game. They have won 86% of games since 2000.
  3. I know you think you have everything figured out on who is who but I know for a fact you don’t know who I am! You might want to gather a little more evidence before you go assuming!
  4. South Newton may not be as fortunate with the athletes that step on the field but from my experience the last couple years of playing those teams Coach Durham has made them extremely respectable and hardworking men and to me that is what really matters on down in their lives rather than how many HIGH SCHOOL football games they won!
  5. Note to self: It is perfectly fine to humiliate your players as long as you win the next game. (Not true) Instead of telling players to wear their jerseys inside out, how about working on an offense and being able to execute in games! On top of that, try to get players committed and willing to work hard every play! I feel that this is a more logical approach to losing a game and preparing for the next!
  6. Laville over Bremen, 21-14 Pioneer over Cass, 30-28 Culver over North Judson, 28-21 South Central over Triton, 28-14 Knox over Winamac, 35-7
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