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  1. They were around 0800 this morning per the IFOA email.
  2. I did not realize that, it has never pertained to me or the crew I'm on, so I hadn't paid much attention honestly. But I thought you must work a semi-state the year prior to working state. I guess it's a moot point either way from this year forward.
  3. I too think this will be interesting in terms of "legacy" votes and how the removal of those will effect the "same guys anyway" that @Dirty D may be referring to. I also recall reading something to the fact that crews on the "old" side don't necessarily have to work a semi-state the year prior to being eligible for state. This will make each year much more competitive on the "old" side.
  4. Here's a video on Twitter I just found. https://twitter.com/WIBCKurtDarling/status/1444075504164737026?s=19
  5. I don't have any pictures, but we were on it on Friday, very soft. Well done by whomever put it in. Its also two different shades of green every five yards which makes for a unique appearance.
  6. Looks like Manchester will be hosting Winamac on Friday @ 7:30pm. Not sure what happened to Wabash and North White (Manchester's and Winamac's original opponents).
  7. To further expand on the penalty options. R may also choose to back up K 15 yards and re-kick. It's also important to note, that if R chooses to enforce the 15 yard penalty from where K caught the ball in flight. They are also awarded a fair catch and may line up in a free kick formation themselves and attempt to kick a field goal off a tee without a rush for 3 points. I've never seen this option used in my 15 + years of officiating, but it does exist in the rule book.
  8. If this is the direction from the IHSAA, there needs to be some sort of communication sent out to the crews because I could not imagine throwing a flag for this type of action. This seems to be a game management issue not a referee issue.
  9. 2 minor things and one more significant thing that just seems really awkward with the mechanics. We did two games this past week and had the opportunity to follow the mechanics to the letter and I'd like to provide feedback on these 3 things: The 2 minor: 1) The opening mock coin toss mechanics. It says for the Umpire to have his back to the press box while facing R. Yet the U brings in the visiting team. Which means he has to walk by the R who is standing in the middle of the field waiting for the teams to arrive. Then when the R is doing his re-enactment, he is on the opposite side of the home stands. This most likely will make it difficult for the press box to see the R. From the way I'm reading it, it looks like this: | Press #12 #15 #25 #64 R Visitor | | Box U < < < < < < < < < < < < < Sideline | | Sideline #22 #56 #67 #88 | Why not have R on the Home side of the captains and the U stop on the opposite side facing the pressbox? This means the U wouldn't have to walk past the R and awkwardly have his back to the press box during the re-enactment. It would also allow the pressbox to see the R better. This is how we did it in prior years to my knowledge. Something minor, but felt super awkward when we did it. 2) The pre-game script for 2021 has the Umpire checking the game balls and the manual has the Referee checking the balls. Again not a huge to do, but when being observed we want to ensure the "correct" person is doing their job. The more significant (in my opinion): 1) When the ball is snapped from the 11 yard line, the manual says for the Back Judge to be on the goal line. This makes it very very difficult to cover the end line on quick throws to the back of the endzone. Corner fly routes where the QB takes one step and releases. If the B could split the difference (5 yds from the EL and 5 from the GL) then they would have a better chance to be in position to rule on an end line play and still have enough time to come up and rule on a goal line play (since it's 5 yards either way). Maybe when the ball is snapped anywhere from the 15 to outside the 10, the BJ could line up in the middle of the EZ. Just wanted to provide some feedback after experiencing the mechanics.
  10. At our scrimmage we didn't have any issues with the above points of emphasis.
  11. In response to what Bob said above I think is extremely important to "control what you can control". Our crew too has been disappointment by lack of advancement for many many years (started our crew in 2008). We were observed week 1 in 2016. Our observer was completely honest with us. He said our crewed was over weight at certain positions and that we appeared to be slow because of the weight some of our guys carried. So you know what I did, I went and looked at our films. That game and of every game throughout the year. We did look slow, we were out of position at times. I challenged our crew. I said, "if you want to get to the promise land, we need to change our perception of being slow". So that summer our crew made 1 personnel change and 2 other guys lost a combined 125 lbs. It hurt at the time to hear what the observer said, we were pissed and we moaned about it for weeks. We complained about other crews and how far they were advancing. But in hind sight, it was exactly what we needed to hear. The following year we were observed and received excellent reviews. I continued to break down every game. And I don't mean looking back to see if we got the calls right or wrong, I'm talking about watching every play. Looking at mechanics, looking at positioning, looking at our eyes, where our focus is / where it should be. Controlling the things we can control: preparation, fitness, hustle, and appearance/perception. Challenge yourself and your crew. Even if you don't care about the tournament, it will bring yourself satisfaction to know you are doing everything in your control to officiate to best of your ability on any given Friday night.
  12. Is there a separate thread to post the 5a score from tonight? I'm teasing. 🤓😎😜
  13. I had heard a rumor that this year, due to COVID, the stadium may need to be emptied between each contest. Any truth to this?
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