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  1. Ahhhhh....I heard this was left on a table at Connies, STC can you confirm?
  2. that will cover...and leave a surplus. Dirtyburg Tigre will drop at least 35
  3. TL....Move on....or you will end up in one on one with "Z". Would love to hear from the Casketville Crew about their battle with Foghorn this week. A win could send them confidently into the 2nd season. I'm sure that's part of the plan this week....not so sure it would work out. Stewy would love a ground and pound game...if they can stay close.....???
  4. Is there a bail bond? Or penance? #Free_Z If I was to guess...the PC culture... #Bringback_FoghornLeghorn
  5. It's one thing to get beat by a superior team...but what happened last Friday...at home...boy oh boy. We may not here from KFI till next year!
  6. Only M8B predicted this one!!! For KFI....this has to be devastating. I know they had two on the bench in PF/Ejection Jail & the fair may have cast a distraction...but certainly for a team/program that is up and coming they should do better than that. They couldn't even get a clean snap off in Q4....Hopefully their QB-1s knee is OK and he'll be ready by sectionals. C'mon KFI....pull it together!
  7. Coach, I sent my donation in last Thurs....I'll PM you the confirmation.
  8. East Central has a two female kickers, the starter is only a sophomore. She has very strong leg and I believe has hit from 35+.
  9. No STC replies.... No KFI post... Z in GID Jail... TL2 with hurt feelings... Trojan nation bored about playing Sparty.... Man this thread is way to quiet.......
  10. I believe there were two players ejected during the EC game Friday...not sure if they were the two. IHSAA By-Laws 2018-19 8-4 Contest Ejection a. Any contestant, coach, Contest Administrator, School Administrator or Fan, who is ejected from a Contest for an unsportsmanlike act the first time during a sports season shall be suspended from the next interschool Contest (Home Contest for a Fan) at that level of competition and all other interschool Contests (Home Contests for a Fan) at any level in the interim, unless an IHSAA sport-specific rule or policy provides a different protocol or Rule 8 - Conduct, Character, Discipline 34 penalty for ejections. (Amended pursuant to emergency by-law amendment of Executive Committee, on June 21, 2018.)
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