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  1. You obviously don't know who Chris Morgan is....maybe you should look him up....and heed your own advice on taking a joke. 😅 Please continue....
  2. I agree, traveling by car is a straight through drive of about 2.5-hours.....but by Charter-Bus, add 15-min to drive time then 15-minutes sitting before departure....the players will be on that bus for more than 3-hours. If it's a couple school buses....then add more. I also agree that leaving by noon should give them plenty of time get there and prepare. Does anyone know if this game will be streaming live? If so, please inform.
  3. Great advise M11..."be the first" Hopefully your team will depart early in the day to have time to knock off the cob-webs before game prep.
  4. Alright...so lets get this straight. You injected yourself into an EIAC thread with ridiculous comments and post attacking another EIAC team....that makes you fair game! Then you lay down some silly comical threat about getting on your bad side? So Chris Morgan...it is you who initiated the angry-man comments and it is you who continues this behavior. I'm happy to walk away....But, that's up to you! Long bus rides clouds the mind, may be worth a TD...but "could be" the contributing factor of a loss. When two teams are evenly matched...the "could be" can become "more likely". My earlier comment in this thread was a joking analogy to someone else's post...."certain defeat" was never part of the discussion. However, implying someone is ignorant when the facts clearly support the effects of the topic, was not warranted.
  5. P74, the EIAC fans give every team they face a nickname to kinda get under the skin....calm down. The seasonal records mean nothing! 12-0 = 0-0 this week and the next....and the next! Don't hang your hat on the last 12-weeks and don't let our style fry your shorts. Hope you make the trip to Stinktown this weekend...I promise you'll enjoy the EIAC hospitality.
  6. No way I'd ever compare a team I've never seen to a team I have. My take and point is only that LB faces great ground and pound teams all season long....some run a version of the Wing-Bone-T, some don't....The Stinktown Crew knows how to prepare for it...and plan to defend against it. Whether or not that translates into stopping the mighty Pats Wing-Bone-T....we shall see. Athleticism and talent looks to be the main factor. The Pats D is ranked #2 in State in points allowed. No denying they are good. LBs QB has a gun and fast wheels...once they ID a weakness they will exploit it....again and again. BTW...my reference to the Wing-Bone-T is not meant as a knock...It's just easier to roll those mis-direction type offenses up into my "Wing-Bone-T" phrase . When executed properly they are a thing of beauty!
  7. AVD, just go away! Quit following me around the GID and taking snip-its....then commenting a half-witted attempt at an insult. BTW, Milan has played in 3-Regional's since 2000....2 were on the road for more than a 2-hour bus ride....both ended in lopsided losses. Believe me the long bus ride, then right to game prep affects the outcome. I think you should look up the definition of ignorance before applying or implying someone else is.
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