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  1. I can only imagine the results of this discussion if we were talking about the posters here.
  2. Good schools? I know plenty that left the community because of the schools. Who doesn’t want to live outside of Warren Township on the east side of Indianapolis🤣. Who doesn’t want to go shopping or to a restaurant on East Washington st?Sounds like affordable housing to me. I became a critic when I noticed Multiple comments on social media making reference to God creating football and NP being the reason. How arrogant! New Pal wants to compare itself to Carmel, Greenwood, and Avon and that is hilarious. The east-side is The arm pit of Indianapolis and if you live outside of the highest crime area in Indianapolis the only way is up. Quiet? Have you checked the police records in your local paper lately? I understand having pride in your program and community, but the majority on the east side need to come down to reality
  3. Cathedral definitely has the better team. NP’s schedule is awful, but they are not changing conferences because they had a run of good football teams over the past 7 or so years. We probably are seeing an end to their run. Unless they have some transfers coming the pipeline is not looking good for the Dragons. Probably need to consider a change to a different nickname too.
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