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What's up with the Tournament?

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3 hours ago, itiswhatitis said:

Saw a news report this morning that the IHSAA is having a meeting to decide if fans can attend games or if the tournament will be suspended due to the corona virus.  More to follow.

So according to that, players. their family members, coaching staff, and team managers can't get infected with it.  Right.

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Estimated $5k-$9k hit for Frankfort and Lafayette Jeff:  https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2020/03/12/basketball-tournaments-frankfort-lafayette-jeff-affected-ihsaa-announcement/5031921002/


Safety first.

That's the immediate response from athletic directors at Frankfort and Lafayette Jeff, both scheduled to host upcoming boys basketball postseason tournaments.

Indiana High School Athletic Association commissioner Bobby Cox said at noon Thursday the IHSAA will adhere to Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations to ban gatherings of more than 250 people to hopefully limit the rapid spread of COVID-19.

"The IHSAA is making the best decision it can with the information we have and I support what Bobby Cox and the other commissioners are deciding," Frankfort athletic director Ed Niehaus said. "We have to take the health and welfare of the kids before everything else. We're trying not to cheat the kids from important things they feel like they need to have right now.

"We're going to do the best we can to give the kids the best of what we can at Frankfort, the opportunity to participate in a regional. It is unfortunate, but also I think necessary."

Saturday's gymnastics state finals at Ball State University's Worthen Arena will continue without fans. 

The IHSAA boys basketball regional, semistate and state finals will have limitations of 75 allowed entrants per school, including school administrators, coaches, student staff and immediate family (parents, grandparents and siblings) of players. The 12 roster spots on the team are excluded in those 75.

Cheerleaders, pep bands and other spirit groups will not be permitted.

It is suggested those fans spread throughout the gymnasiums, Cox said.

A 2 p.m. teleconference will provide more details to host sites for upcoming boys basketball tournament games. 

"These are unprecedented measures and we are sympathetic to our loyal fans that support education-based athletics in our state," Cox said. "We appreciate your understanding and support during these challenging times."


Host schools for regional and semistate tournament games receive the revenue made from concession sales for their athletic departments. Ticket sale revenue goes to the IHSAA.

"We're concerned with everything going on in the world and the IHSAA is making the decision and it is their call," said Lafayette Jeff athletic director Joe Hernandez, who was hired for the position in October. "We're fortunate that at this point in time we are able to host semistate games. That is what we want to do. Unfortunately fans aren't going to be able to watch it."

Regionals consist of three games and semistates are two games at each host site.

Financially, that could mean an estimated $5,000 hit for Frankfort's athletic department, Niehaus said.

"It will affect us a little bit in what we need to get done, but we will find ways to make that up," Niehaus said.

Former Lafayette Jeff athletic director Peyton Stovall estimated that concessions revenue is between $7,000 and $9,000 for hosting semistate, depending on the participating schools.

"It is certainly a financial hit for us," Hernandez said. "The good thing about Lafayette Jeff is that it's in pretty good shape financially. We'll take a hit, but not as hard a hit as some of the smaller schools that are hosting. It is obviously all about the safety of the student-athletes and the fans. We'll abide by what the IHSAA says."

Covington, Southwood, Blue River and Cowan are scheduled to play in the Class A regional at Frankfort on Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m.

The participants at Lafayette Jeff's semistate will not be decided until the conclusion of the regional tournaments.

Tickets already purchased for the regional round will be refunded by the place of purchase. The IHSAA will refund all presale tickets purchased for the gymnastics and boys basketball state championships.

The permitted attendees for the remaining boys basketball tournament events will not be charged admission, Cox said.

I guess no field turf for the Hot Dogs this year........................


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5 hours ago, Greene County Coach said:

Only staff and players on the roster... 75 person limit per team... immediate family... No Cheerleaders or Pep Band... No shaking hands before or after the game... Teams will enter and exit from different spots.  I'm guessing the IHSAA will live stream the games.

Yes, I saw all of that earlier today.  I still have to wonder who thinks the team members, their families or the coaching staff can't be infected.  It only takes one class mate/student at school or one adult to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  It's about as bad as the warning they are posting to NOT attend an event with more than 250 people.  250?  Does that mean that any number less and you are safe?  Who's the genius who came up with that number???  Never mind that 1,000's died last year from the flu.  I don't recall them shutting down the world because of that.  I get that it's a new virus and there is no vaccination for it yet, but people have gotten the flu even after they've had a flu shot.

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