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For those who feel strongly enough that rumors should be allowed on the site, keep in mind a couple things.
1. These standards were the same standards that Tim Adams, the creator of this site had in place. 

2. This is HIGH SCHOOL football, not college or pro football where athletes and coaches are paid very well to do what they do. We are talking about kids, teachers, and parents. Posting rumors of those people puts indivi9duals in a spotlight that they do not necessarily deserve. 

As far injury rumors, every student has a right to privacy. Posting of possible injuries to specific players without their knowing is a significant violation of their right to privacy. This is not the place to break news. If there is a story or a public post from an injured player or a parent of one, or if there is a news story...ok. Feel free to discuss that here. 

TA actually limited the discussion on coaching rumors; but mostly from the standpoint of coaching jobs. The change came when a parent saw a post on this site about a possible candidate he thought had interviewed. That coach's current employer was informed of it, and called the coach in to discuss it. A coach should NEVER be put in that position because f what is posted on the site. Again, keep in mind the vast majority of coaches are getting paid pennies per hour for the work they do. There are coaches' families to consider in these spots as well. 

Other rumors about coaches can create problems as well. I would suggest people look up terms like libel and slander. Again, if there is a news story, a public statement from the coach or district about a topic, post away. 

Perfect example of this is the story about Hammond Morton. No rumors, and it included a link to the story. 

But the one that was posted that prompted me posting this was a BIG deal. Not sure how it plays out when the dust settles, but it is important for a story of that magnitude to wait for confirmed sources. 

Typically, if your post starts with " I heard...." think about it before hitting submit. 


Hopefully that clarifies things even for those who have read the first post here and wondered what was up. In many cases, like the one that led to me posting the reminder is hidden or deleted before many have seen it. 

As always, if you have a question feel free to send a message. Now, if you feel so strongly that these standards are wrong, you can let us know that as well, and we can work through a solution, agree to disagree, or take other needed/warranted steps. 

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On 8/29/2022 at 7:16 PM, Irishman said:

If you have a news story or link to an actual story, like in the case of Hammond Morton, it's ok to post. But to just post "I heard....." regardless of what the topic is......is not acceptable on this site. 

Rumours has sold 40 million copies world wide since 1977 making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. 

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