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'They attacked her. It was chaos.' Girls basketball game ends in fight; refs involved


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Multiple referees were struck during an altercation at a girls basketball travel team tournament Sunday at Triton Central. No arrests have been made, but the Shelby County Sheriff's Department is investigating. One person reported an injury and was checked by medics, according to a news release. 

The incident occurred following a Next Level Classic semifinal game between Dynasty Sports Performance Heat (Owensboro, Ky.) and Cincinnati Indians Elite. A video originally posted to Facebook by a DSP Heat player's father shows a referee being struck in the head during an altercation and a group of people gathering around her after she falls to the ground.

Another video posted to Instagram Reels and shared anonymously to a Facebook group Tuesday, shows the woman being kicked and punched while on the ground. 

Earlier in the clip, the same official is seen throwing a basketball at an individual before a girl in a Cincinnati Indians Elite jersey comes in from behind, grabs the woman by the hair and begins punching at her as others try to pull her off. 

The video pans away briefly, but when it turns back, the referee and a woman in a red shirt (believed to be an assistant coach) are in a tussle. The two are pulled apart, just long enough for the referee to run toward the baseline as a group of players give chase. The person filming drops the phone, and when it's picked up, the referee is seen on the ground being kicked and dragged. 




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15 minutes ago, Goose Liver said:

Is this what travel ball has degenerated to?

It’s what youth sports have turned into. 

No one is more competitive than I am, I want to win. That being said when I coached we talked a LOT about perspective. Win, lose, or draw, the sun will come up tomorrow. Their people dying in a war in Ukraine, natural disasters all over the world, people losing their lives, their homes, etc., and we get to play a game for fun. Perspective! 

Oh and rest assured the kid and the parents involved…..ain’t gettin no scholarship!

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