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  1. Coach Fisher is not only a great football coach, he's a great person. The Warriors are lucky to have him leading a great program!
  2. Whiteland - James Sleighter Field Mr. Sleighter was a long time principal at Whiteland Community High School
  3. There is truly only one person this move needs to be good for, and that is Coach West. He has stated it is what's best for his family and that is really that is all that needs to be said. He has proven that he is a great coach and a great motivator of young men. FC, not only got a great coach, but also a great person who will get them competing at a high level in a short amount of time. FC hit the jackpot with this hire.
  4. Also something to think about, if you don't like the state of your program or how it's being ran, get involved and volunteer your time to be a part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem. I don't know anything about this program but I guarantee these coaches spend a lot of time and effort away from their own families to try and instill, not only football lessons but , more importantly, life lessons into these young men. Everyone who is not in the locker room and on the practice field wants to be critical of what's going on and they don't take the time to do anything about it, they just sit behind a computer screen and complain about how other people are doing things. I'v been coaching a long time and have been a part of some pretty successful teams and I have also been a part of some not-so-successful teams, if you are only looking at the almighty win. But, I will guarantee you one thing, these young men were better people because of it, and that I can live with. So, you must first determine what success means, I truly believe learning respect, accountability, teamwork, discipline, and selflessness is far more important than any win you can put on a scoreboard. Don't be an armchair quarterback, be a part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem, the choice is yours.
  5. So, you do not force your children to say "please and thank you"? You force them until they start doing it for themselves. Kids only know what they're taught, and obviously some of them aren't being taught at home, so it is our job as coaches to teach and instill such character traits. I realize there is a difference between little kids and high school students, however, they are still impressionable young people and need guidance and modeling how to do things the right way, sometimes we're the only positive lessons they get all day.
  6. It is not the end all be all show of sportsmanship, simply an extension of it. I believe teaching and coaching sportsmanship and respect is one of, if not the, most important lessons we teach as coaches. If we (they) are not doing that, it is a disservice to the young people they are coaching. This doesn't sound like a handshake problem, this sounds like a coaching problem to me. I think we both believe that teaching sportsmanship, as well as respect and accountability, should be non-negotiable in coaching. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.
  7. I could not disagree with your statement any more. The post-game handshake is a way to show respect to someone you have been battling and leave it on the field. It's such a teachable moment for the these young people. It is a way for us to teach humbleness in victory and fortitude in defeat. It takes character to do your best, fall short and congratulate your opponent with dignity and grace, even when you are disappointed and may not feel like it. It is imperative that we don't keep skating around things simply because they're difficult. After all, aren't the difficult times the times that teach the best life lessons? Represent yourself, your family, your community, your school, and your coaching staff with dignity. Just because a few idiots can't control themselves doesn't mean we take this out of the game, and all games. If we are truly getting these young people ready for real life, it is so important that we teach them self-control and to learn through tough experiences. I know I'm old-school and I'm good with that. We must guide the person first, and the athlete second. Just one man's humble opinion. I LOVE THIS GAME!
  8. Dropping a football program is not the answer and would be doing a disservice to these young men that have committed to a TEAM. If these young men are learning discipline, respect, teamwork, and accountability, this football program is a success. Some of these young men will not be taught these imperative life lessons anywhere else.
  9. Monrovia is much improved and heading in the right direction for sure. Their staff has them playing hard and getting after it!
  10. 😂 I'm a wrestler by trade, but do enjoy some good hoops.
  11. I am well aware that this is a troll situation. However, just because there are not a high number of students in your school, doesn't mean you should not have the opportunity to learn the endless amounts of life lessons taught through the greatest game ever created. If you're learning the important life lessons such as accountability, responsibility, work-ethic, teamwork, and discipline, the brand of football you're putting on the field is secondary to these ever so important lessons. If these lessons are taught and followed through with, the wins and losses take care of themselves and society is better because of it because many of these young men are not taught these lessons anywhere else. Just one man's humble opinion.
  12. It was a bad situation for everyone. We were there, warmed up and ready to go when they called the coaches to the middle of the field about 15 minutes before kickoff. It was a crew. Not sure how this happens without communication.
  13. The refs confirmed three weeks ago. Not assuming this, heard it directly from the Athletic Director on the field as we were trying to figure out what to do. He also told me that he had confirmed with one of them last Monday. How does one confirm and not show up?
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