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  1. 1. Be patient...your time will come 2. Don't be afraid to work your way up the ladder 3. Make connections and don't be afraid to pick the brains of established coaches 4. Go to clinics....some of my best memories are sitting in a hotel room while Al Harants, Frank Amato and Rex Bowser schemed X's & O's 5. Establish a support system...wife, family, friends, assistants 6. Hire good people that are great teachers....good assistants make a good head coach 7. Don't jump at the first job...there is a reason it is open....will admin have your back? will school board give you time? community buy in? How will you be evaluated? is there a job description? 8. If you are married, your wife must understand what she is getting herself into....time, commitment, fans in the stands, etc
  2. Our endzone cam needs replaced.....looking for suggestions
  3. Still looking for teams to fill out the field....lunch, t-shirts, competition and Amish country!
  4. Lakeland will host a 7 on 7 competition and lineman challenge on June 22. See the attachment. LAKELAND 7 ON 7.docx
  5. 200 athletes competed in the 15th NECC Weight Lifting Championship at Lakeland High School Saturday. Churubusco edged Angola 112-106 for the championship. Lakeland was third with 70, Eastside 59, Fairfield 33, West Noble 31, Fremont 28, Central Noble 15, Prairie Heights 10 Big lifts of the day Neal Kathary of West Noble set meet records in Bench (360) and total pounds (1170) Angola Junior Kyle Trick set a clean record with a pull of 315
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