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  1. Actually I did not miss the fact pertaining to Western Boone QB graduating. I’m just saying in my opinion they will be preseason Class 2A #1 heading into the start of the season based on being state champions last year and last two years. Yes they lose a very good quarterback, but they are a well coached program who will have another quality young man waiting in the wings. If my memory serves me correctly they had a pretty good defense last year too. They won the state game 44-7. Eastbrook can possibly be #2.
  2. I think Western Boone should be ranked at the top of any 2A top ten lists until someone proves they can beat them. Two time defending state champs. They are at the top of the mountain til proven otherwise.
  3. It was a great interview, but I actually like this one better. Chris and Nathan really calls him out. https://www.regionsports.com/2020/06/09/football-four-down-territory-6-5-20/
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but with Andrean’s dramatic drop in enrollment all the way down to 414 students, could they be eyeballing 1A football in the near future?
  5. I am curious how basketball is not considered a higher risk sport in terms of likelihood of transmission. Seems to be a lot of close contact in that sport. There is the constant defensive pressure where two guys are in each other’s face. For every shot you have several players converging making physical contact trying to gather the rebound. Not saying football shouldn’t be in the higher risk category, but in my eyes basketball seems to be just as risky.
  6. Actually it is. No electronic noise makers are allowed. Unless that cowbell is attached to an extension cord, you are good to go .
  7. I believe their enrollment was 414. About 120 students from 3A.
  8. You might be correct on that statement but he did have you guys losing to Andrean in the sectional semi-finals and even had you guys scoring some point 35-14. In reality the score was 27-0 Andrean won and you only had 100 yards of offense. So in this particular prediction he gave you too much credit thinking you guys would score twice. I guess he does make a mistake or two in his predictions 👌https://www.usa-365.com/Mr_Picker_Week_11_Football_Picks_10-28-2019.htm
  9. According to Mark Smith who is usually pretty accurate, Cass might be in some trouble! https://www.usa-365.com/Mr_Picker_Week_13_Football_Picks_11-11-2019.htm
  10. Then I read about the amazing stats being put up by their skill players and an article about The Pancake Posse (thttps://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/football/football-notes-it-all-starts-up-front-for-boone-grove/article_f6365a82-4fb5-5ae8-b3f9-5e4a4751999c.html thinking this team might make a serious run at LOS. Schedule being changed in near future?
  11. I just saw on the Hoosier Conference thread that Boone Grove had a total of 101 yards of offense. That peeked my interest so I looked more closely at the individual stats. #13 Vann who I had heard so much about had 11 carries for 35 yds and the QB Mayersky had 7 carries for -9 yds and was 3-9 passing for 26 yds. This was supposed to be the game of the week in the region. What happened??? Sounds like Andrean took them to the wood shed. Any insight on the game Graphic Context?
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