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  1. Yes that is correct. At that point in time we had 521 students. With the current classes at high school now the enrollment is 480. Then with two middle school classes around 80 kids each, look for the Bombers to close in on 400-420 students next cycle.
  2. Rensselaer enrollment is currently 480. They have two extremely small classes coming up with around 80 kids on each one at middle school. Varsity team this year is primarily sophomores.
  3. In 3A North I agree with you. No idea why they didn’t leave Knox in Sectional 25 where they are relatively close and been in that sectional, leave West Lafayette in Sectional 28 where they have been and relatively close to those schools and put Tippecanoe Valley in Sectional 26 where they are very close in mileage. Very weird how that played out. Tippecanoe Valley has no business being in Sectional 28.
  4. You are making too much sense. I think they get off on making us wait.
  5. So at this point I think you can ask why is there such a huge turnover in head coaches at KV? It pays well, very nice facilities… Why do coaches run from there so quickly?
  6. Lights out!!!! Andrean can run clock out. Andrean will win 17-14
  7. Andrean up 17-14 and Andrean has the ball at Eastside 36. 2:16 to go 2nd and 2
  8. Better make it a 2 seater because Andrean is will have a major say in this too!
  9. From what I have seen in the past the host school will agree to a set fee for use of the facilities. It could be paid by the host school or come out of the money generated and shared by the sectional. From my experiences the school that is hosting the event will get all concessions and the rental fee. The workers are all provided by the school requesting the rental.
  10. I believe North Knox will be a serious contender in your sectional as well as I believe they have several players back from last year’s team.
  11. They seem to load up on a lot of small schools with their non conference schedule. They play Rensselaer (2A), my school Wheeler (2A), North Newton (2A), and South Bend Washington (3A). Only conference wins were Highland (4-5) and Munster (1-9). Lost to Andrean, Hobart, and Lowell. Lost in first round of sectionals to Culver Military. They finished 6-4 and Sagarin was 111. I really like a lot of the evaluations you make DT at times but I don’t see it on this one. I think you would agree for 4A KV to take a true step up they should strengthen that non conference schedule with a few 5A/6A schools. How about Crown Point, Michigan City or even Mishawaka? Just my 2 cents. Merry Christmas!
  12. I agree with you that Wheeler has the horses to compete for a state championship next year but I also thought they would be playing for a sectional championship this year til they got hammered by Rensselear so not really sure anymore.
  13. Or 1A. Word on the street is they had 376 students on count day.
  14. I have read that Andrean’s current enrollment is in the 370s. Correct me if I am wrong but that number is approaching 1A. Andrean I believe would dominate 1A football.
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