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  1. That's not even close to what I said. Do I think that Linton could hang with them. Probably for a while. Do I think Linton would beat Jasper, Memorial or Castle? Nope. Cold they beat North? Maybe, but I'd favor North for sure.
  2. How so? You flip schedules and MD is undefeated and LS likely has 3-4 losses (Jasper, Memorial, Castle and maybe North).
  3. Agreed. It should be an automatic 1st down. You could have 3rd and 25, have a guy beat his defender and then get molested on the catch in order to avoid a big play. Now you've still got 3rd and long.
  4. Reitz has beaten the 2 worst teams in the SIAC. They get to swim in the deep end against Jasper Friday night. That game will go a long way to showing us if Reitz is for real or not.
  5. LCC in the 2A south seems ridiculous. Potential 4 hour drive for semi-state if LCC and MD are fortunate enough to advance that far.
  6. I think MD and Memorial will be neck and neck, just like they have been the last 2 years. MD starters returning: QB - Wunderlich RB - Pierre and Humphrey WR - McDurmon OL - Boots, Carter, Wells DL - Boots, Ralph LB - Martin DB - Mayer, Humphrey, McDurmon, Martin Fill in the gaps with a JV team that beat Memorial JV 36-0 and I red and gold colored glasses gives the edge to MD. Also, Castle will be right there as well.
  7. Not sure WeBo's defense was super fast, but they did swarm to the ball and they didn't miss tackles, seemed very disciplined. I think they scouted us very well and executed their game plan on defense extremely well. their lines are not big, but they seemed to out-quick MD on friday night. MD was able to get a little pressure on their pass plays, but we really seemed to have no answer for #41. And when you key on him, they run out wide for big chunks.
  8. Last two games against Linton: MD Starters 81 Linton Starters 7 MD JV 0 Linton starters 33 MD has a lot coming back next year as well. I expect another sectional match up between these two.
  9. Also, Linton beat Providence 27-7 and TC beat Providence 35-7. MD beat Linton 37-20. Not sure what this tells us other than Linton and TC had similar games vs Providence and MD blew out Linton. Are Linton and TC actually similar? Any Providence fans on here that want to weigh in?
  10. I think they did go up the night before. Maybe it was just starters that did. I also think there was a fender bender that backed up traffic and kept the team from arriving as early as they usually do.
  11. Not true. MD had a running clock against them last year as well. MD went up 44-7 last year late in the 3rd quarter to get a running clock.
  12. I think the roster on MaxPreps is incorrect. I see two listed that did not play this year. They added 11 freshman to the roster for the post season. Several of those kids didn't dress against North Knox. We did not dress 75 and then increase it with the freshman.
  13. I don't have the roster in front of me, but there are only a few kids on the team that didn't have family attend MD. All these kids grew up in the MD feeder leagues. They did not choose MD just to play football. That's what you aren't understanding. These kids grew up wanting to wear the red/gold, but they would still be attending MD even if there was no football because that is where their parents, aunt/uncles and grandparents all went.
  14. I would say it is likely more a financial thing than a political thing when kids decide to attend one of the public schools vs MD or Memorial. None of the feeder schools have 30 in their class. My son's 8th grade class had I think 20 kids. I would guess that most 8th grade classes that feed MD have 15-20 kids.
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