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  1. So those us us who cannot afford private school or are able to stay home with our kids because of a job supposed to do? That is why those option you give are not actually possible for an over whelming majority of people. Public school is the only realistic option for thousands of kids in Indiana.
  2. So if public teachers leave the profession who will educate our youth? We are already in a teacher shortage in Indiana!
  3. You do realize that turf reduces yearly maintenance costs (water, mowing, fertilizer, and paint) and allows other sports/activities to use the same space without destroying the field. Worth the investment in the long run.
  4. You do realize turf helps reduce yearly maintenance costs and allows for the community to utilize that space more often and for more than football. Well worth the cost in the long run.
  5. Adams did not win a game last year. I would say they got "pushed over" a lot last year. Plus, they lost their D1 QB and were out scored 400-144. Northridge had only 4 wins against teams with a combined record of 5-37....Seems like they are push overs. With that said St. Joe has a long way to go if they will bounce back and have a winning record.
  6. There is no "good fix ." Either put in the time and grind it out with a family that is understanding of the time and financial short comings. Or, have a short head coaching career... The districts are locked into what they get from the state and referendums. A lot of times districts want to pay more but fiscally cannot. It will only change if the state legislature will pony up and actually fund public education appropriately or communities invest more into their community's children's education.
  7. Clayton Lundy wrestling for Elkhart Memorial will play football for Elkhart High.
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