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  1. Spoke to a Bremen administrative team member who said their enrollment number was more than 110 students higher than what was reported to the IDOE. They are right at about 500 students 9-12. Fully expecting to stay in 2A.
  2. A couple of coaches a short drive to the east on US6 at Laville that have past ties to JG. I understand Laville's football program is in a better place for the next seeason or two, but long term? I do agree with an earlier post about the path through the tourney for John Glenn being brutal. That 3A sectional is always going to be a tough out with Marian and Jimtown.
  3. If the roster on Max Preps is close to correct, 13 of their total of 28 players are juniors. And they have good quality in that group for sure. 6 or 7 kids each from the sophomore and freshmen classes. The Qb, TE and a two way lineman are sophomores that start, may be others or at least others who get quality time on at least one side of the ball. Plenty of OL and DL listed in the sophomore class, but would venture to guess not with the overall potential of the junior class. They could improve technique and strength for sure over the next two years, as could any freshmen. I think a good question is what is happening in the middle school program at Laville. Are there players that will be in the high school program that can contribute once this current junior group graduates? There is bound to be some drop off when this current junior group is gone. That is just the nature of the numbers at a smaller school. Will the drop off be slight and short lived or are they looking at a longer period of rebuilding? It is hard to put together sustained back to back strong classes that bring long lasting success at 1A and 2A schools. There are certainly exceptions to this rule, but to this point I don't think Laville has been in that situation much in the past. I give them all the credit in the world for what they have grown recently in the past two or three seasons. Maybe if they can pull out a championship tonight or next year it will help further that momentum. I think Triton is in the same phase with their program, maybe a year or two behind Laville.
  4. Culver @ North Judson Hanover Central @ Knox Triton @ Adams Central Those 3 seem fairly obvious. I agree that Culver could stick with North Judson if the Bluejays are not ready for a fight. Pioneer @ LaVille --- Going with Pioneer only because you stick with a winner until someone proves they can beat them. I would not be suprised at all if Laville wins this. They might even have more overall talent and athleticism. Can they get over the mental hurdle of beating Pioneer though.
  5. Not much grass left on one half of the field especially. At least it should dry out and not be a slippery slop. Footing should be better with less chance for injury then last Friday.
  6. If they did not move the game last week with a steady rain on game day, they shouldn't be moving the game this week with no rain forecasted.
  7. Pretty evenly matched teams in poor playing conditions. Tough games to pick for sure. Pioneer wins by 2. Bremen finds a way to win by 6.
  8. Penn by 3 Michigan City by 14 St. Joe by 10 New Priarie by 21 Jimtown by 17 Marian by 14 Bremen by 7
  9. Adams at Goshen -- Goshen will keep it close early on, Adams pulls away late Riley at Kankakee Valley -- KV by 3 TDs St. Joseph at Logansport -- St. Joe can make this a game if they play defense like last week vs. Marian. Plymouth at New Prairie -- Plymouth's season ends thankfully for them. Culver Academy at Clay -- I got to hand it to those few Clay players that show up each week. Has to be difficult. Lakeland at Glenn -- Glenn by a couple scores West Noble at Jimtown -- Jimtown easily Marian at Washington -- Marian way too much for the Panthers. Bremen at Manchester -- Manchester will move the ball early and keep it close into the second half. Bremen wears down the Squires defense and takes control late.
  10. Jimtown Glenn -- Rooting for Washington to pull it out Penn Bremen New Prairie Marian
  11. Really going out on the limb there with those 2A North private schools with 5A talent. No private schools should be playing in 1A or 2A.
  12. Hearing other reports that Glenn is not playing for internal reasons not related to COVID. Has anyone else heard this? I would think it must be fairly serious to not play a game that is a guarenteed win.
  13. I cannot envision a scenario where Bremen would leave the NIC for the HNAC. The NIC is a greatnmix of competition for football, soccer, baseball, softball and the country club sports (swimming, tennis). The NIC is a killer for the boys basketball program though. I a change in administration occurs soon, a change of conference may be more realistic.
  14. Caston @ Winamac -- Warriors fairly easily at home. Pioneer @ Culver -- Interested to see if Culver can grind out some drives and keep it somewhat close. In the end, Pioneer should win by a couple scores. LaVille @ North Judson -- Laville's defense and offensive line will keep this game close. Think NJSP has too much in the end , especially at home. Triton @ Knox -- No idea what to expect with Knox. Think Triton has progressed their program enough to go on the road and pull out a victory.
  15. Some potentialy interesting games that make me feel a little unsure about my picks Others wll be over quickly. Bowman at Washington -- If this was a basketball site, Bowman would be a good bet. But it is not, so Panthers get a much needed win. Bremen at Riley -- Riley hasn't played for a couple of weeks. Did they practice or workout during that time? Got the Lions in a fairly easy one. Elkhart at Marian -- Too bad Elkhart has had so many season ending injuries. Would have been a battle. Marian pulls away after halftime. Penn at New Prairie -- This has become a huge game with Penn's recent success. Penn takes control of conference with a win. NP needs it to get back in the hunt. Think Penn will get it done in a close one on the road. Would not be suprised though if NP holds serve on it's home turf. Adams at Jimtown -- Jimtown is battle tested and will not be intimitated. This is a toss up in my mind. Would love to see the Jimmes win this, but Adams has a little too much size and speed I think. Clay at Glenn -- Oh my, I give those few kids on Clay credit for showing up each week. Glenn has some issues, but Clay is so beat down. Glenn early and often. St. Joseph at Culver Academy -- CMA will win this private school match-up. I think!
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