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  1. Adams Central with a special teams score. Let’s see how Coach Pasch and Lutheran respond. AC’s defense played well but was tested on that first series. Great start.
  2. If I’m either one of the Catholic schools in the SAC I tell the IHSAA we volunteer to stay in 5A or 6A. I wonder if there is such a thing as a volunteer bump up? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. That’s insane to me. Best pure running back in the area IMO. Honestly, there’s a lot of talent here in the Fort Wayne area with little to no offers 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Columbus North is a solid win no question. It’s never easy to beat a 6A team as a smaller school. New Albany had a tremendous run this year but going into the year was New Albany considered a team to watch in 5A?? No. Kentucky Warren. Great pickup on the schedule. Love that GS picked up an out of state juggernaut. Heritage Hills is another solid 3A program and Southridge a solid 2A program. Agreed also that the schedule is much better than it had been in years past. Kudos to GS for that. I just feel that Brebeuf plays better teams is all. I truly believe this will be the best game of the weekend, I just think SOS plays a part, albeit small.
  5. 1A: Adams Central: IF AC can control the line of scrimmage and churn out long scoring drives, I like their chances. 2A: To me this is a coin flip. These teams are very similar in what they do and how the program is run. Mater Dei is probably pumped they don’t have to run into Luers at state again to ruin their fun! I’ll take MD by 3. 3A: Brebeuf Jesuit: Another good matchup, I just think the level of competition that GS plays in the regular season shows here. Still a close game but Brebeuf takes it. 4A: Mt. Vernon: Any team that can take it to Roncalli and that mammoth offensive line is pretty darn good 👍🏼 Northridge has been impressive but the run ends here. 5A: Cathedral: I think these last 2 games are easier to call. Zionsville will make it a better game than last year but still not enough. 6A: Center Grove: See above ⬆️: Although LN did make CG look human a few weeks back 👀 it’s still CG by 2-3 scores. Good Luck and God Bless to all players and coaches this weekend!!
  6. There’s a few different problems with the SAC as it sits right now. I think everyone in this thread can and has acknowledged that fact. First thing I’d like to address is is that as a Luers guy, I would rather play a 9 game schedule where We’re playing the absolute best of the best every week. I can’t and won’t speak for players and coaches there now but 15-20 years ago, we wanted those games and hated that we couldn’t play teams like Chatard, Cathedral, Carmel and Warren. Does Luers benefit from playing in the SAC? Yes. But only 4 of the other 9 teams. The other 5 schools have 0 benefit from a competitive standpoint. Fort Wayne football used to have no problem competing with Indy. That was also almost 2 decades ago. I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of kids in each school (Bigger sample size) but I also think it has a lot to do with teams moving away from a more physical style of play. Physicality used to be a staple here. Now, not as much. Another thing I thought of, someone in another thread spoke of what Adams county football would look like if AC and South Adams were 1 school? What if the SAC were to do something similar? Combine schools to create a couple 6A schools with 2500-3000 kids a piece. I bet that’s a big enough of a sample size. Just my thoughts 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Eastside played their absolute best game tonight. Their clock management and offensive line play was top notch. Defensively, that was about as perfect of a game as a team could hope to play against Luers and I don’t think I’m being facetious when I say that either lol. I mean really, that was about as perfect of a defensive game as it gets.
  8. Agreed. We have the athletes in Fort Wayne, we just can’t spew out 6’7 290 linemen at all our schools like schools down in Indy metro. Even the small schools have big linemen down there. That’s where Fort Wayne is behind IMO.
  9. I saw things in the Snider game that concerned me. When we play a good offensive line and good power run attack, teams chew clock and keep our offense off the field. Was it motivation? Yes. Did I honestly think Eastside had a chance to win? Yes. They have what Luers has had trouble with and as we know, there’s always that chance. Well, the chance happend 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Congratulations to the Panthers on a hard fought win!! Will be pulling for you the rest of the way!
  11. Forgive me! It’s been some years since I’ve made my way down that way. I do know it was nearby, that’s all I can safely say lol.
  12. Been there a time or two for a basketball regional. I remember having time between games and we ended up at a bowling alley. I think it was the only thing to do in Tipton. If I remember correctly though the food wasn’t bad. Any Tipton folks that would like to send any good eat spots my way that’d be greatly appreciated 👍🏼😆 Now back to the game. Some questions I have…will Tipton be able to neutralize Eastbrook at the point of attack? Can Eastbrook’s secondary contain the pass game of Tipton? Will turnovers and special teams become a huge deciding factor? I think if Tipton offensively can run the ball efficiently up the middle of the defense early, that’ll open up the pass game. Defensively, I’m not sure what Tipton runs but I’d run an adjusted 5-2 that way your covered up front but also covered on the off chance of a play option pass.
  13. Similar play changed momentum in the first Snider-Dwenger matchup. BD blocked the kick down 3 late and had momentum. The officials called roughing the holder and gave snider 1st and goal. It’s a good call, you just hate to see a game decided by a call of any kind.
  14. I’ll say this, I’ll never count Chatard out. This is a game where you throw out the records and the analytics. I think the outcome will 1 thing. Whether or not Chatard can neutralize Roncalli up front.
  15. Yes it would!!! Gives new meaning to the term “bulletin board material”! 😆💪🏼
  16. That’s the sign of a program with that’s in a good spot 👍🏼 I agree with you 100%. There is always that team that you have to really come out and get them down a couple scores in order to have a shot. 2A North seems to be filled with teams like that.
  17. Championship Mentality ✊🏼 Those were some great teams! I had the honor of sharing the field with the seniors on the ‘09 and some from the ‘10 team. A lot of great players but even better people ✊🏼 I always felt bad for the ‘08 team though, losing up in Baugo Twp like that. Should’ve been the first school in state history to win 6 straight football state championships.
  18. No shame, yes. Satisfied with 8-1 and a shared Victory Bell?? Not a chance. My Luers team in 2007 went 5-4 in the SAC, we lost those 4 games to Harding (2006 2A Champs), North, Snider and Dwenger by a COMBINED 20 pts…knowing we were that close to the Victory Bell still haunts me and I have a blue ring! While I can’t speak to the mindset of these kids I would imagine they wanted that 15-0 mark. The key now is to stay humble and realize that every week is championship week. If they do that and play 48 minutes of Luers Football, they’ll be just fine.
  19. I’m not taking anything away from a good 8-1 SAC season. It’s a gauntlet no question, so kudos to the knights for only slipping once but the goal is to win them all. Especially when your the smallest program and town always playing with a chip on your shoulder. I agree that the knights can lose on any given Friday. I though, unlike some, am not ready to just anoint them State Champions because they “seem to be the most talented”. I always go back to Dwenger-Elmhurst in 2003 to open the season. What a game! E-hurst snapped a 74 game losing streak to the #1 ranked team in 4A. Luers needs to stay humble and hungry every week if they want to win the State Title.
  20. It could just be me here in the minority on this but I really feel this game is gonna be much closer than a year ago. The thing that I think separates Eastbrook from everyone else left in 2A is their tempo. The time between end of one play and snap of the next is unreal fast 😰
  21. Very good points made for each game! I’m of the same camp who believes Coach Haydock will turn Wayne around so Kudos. I think all of these games are worth going to/streaming. All are good matchups. I’ll be tuned into all of these games on Friday! Good luck to all teams! Warsaw @ Carroll: Carroll by 17 Snider @ Bishop Dwenger: Snider by 13 Wayne @ Mississinewa: Ole Miss by 6 Eastside @ Bishop Luers: Eastside by 7
  22. No, not when your a 2A school. It’s supposed to happen? Or at least is the old adage 🤷🏻‍♂️ So would you call that a good loss? Is the loss to Luers for Carroll a good loss also then?? I obviously can’t speak for the coaching staff at Luers but I’m willing to bet they’re not satisfied with a “moral victory” of sorts. I know I wouldn’t be 💪🏼
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