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  1. Going to be in Frankfort Saturday and might need to kill some time. Is there a "can't miss" place to eat?
  2. More about Terry McLaurin. Urban Meyer loves him. Proud of the way he represents Indiana. https://twitter.com/OSUCoachMeyer/status/1104153690020212736?s=19
  3. I'm a big fan of Terry McLaurin. He's very highly thought of in the football program at the Ohio State University. http://://www.landgrantholyland.com/platform/amp/2019/4/27/18520115/video-ohio-state-terry-mclaurin-washington-redskins-draft-pick-phone-call
  4. Luke Fickell has done a great job with the Bearcats. Cincy is a good place to be right now.
  5. It's a tough job if you have balls and/or integrity.
  6. My post above wasn't meant to say one stance is better or worse than the other. If your kids are coached up they both work fine. We communicate our play calls by using signals, and we like to change the play sometimes after the defense lines up. It's easier to do that out of a 2 pt stance, so that's what we use. I don't think it matters what size the school is, we all have to coach against dudes relative to our level, especially in the later rounds of the play-offs.
  7. We have our guys come out of a two point stance on offense. We're a run-heavy spread offense. Throw it maybe 15 times a game. Inside zone, power, counter, stretch. 2 pt stance hasn't hurt our run game at all.
  8. I met Coach Schnur and his program this past year. From the outside looking in, I think he's doing a great job at Bosse.
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