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  1. I’ve found that with Hudl, phones, texts, weekend meetings don’t necessarily have to happen anymore with a few exceptions. It can also be easy to confuse being busy with being productive. Just from my experience, I’m a better coach when I’m rested and I take time to recharge.
  2. Good stuff Coach. Always good to affirm the things we’re doing by looking at great programs and coaches.
  3. One of our stations in our weekly tackle circuit is a strip drill. It teaches first defender to the ball secure the tackle, second and third defender help with tackle, strip the ball and recover the fumble. It has had a very positive impact on our defense. We strip multiple footballs per season and recover the football.
  4. I get the sentiment, but I’m not sure it matters DT. I know a program that hasn’t “live tackled” more than 5 times in the last 8 years. They’ve won 85% of their games over that period, put rings on fingers, and they haven’t lost a kid to injury during that time due to contact at practice.
  5. Did you full 360 on counter option or did you open opposite then 180 back to the play side? I’ve seen it done both ways.
  6. Clicked the topic to say the same thing. Dude is a legend, coming from someone who has never met the man. He’s done Indiana coaches proud.
  7. There was a time in the not so distant past, where Valpo had the opportunity to prepare for this very match-up by adding a class to their curriculum dealing with the slaying of Dragons. However, they passed on the opportunity to train their men with the “Dragon Slayer” course. Sure people laughed about it back then, but tonight the Vikings face the Dragons. Will this missed opportunity come back to haunt them?
  8. Lights on at North Vermillion for the Bowsman family and West Washington community
  9. I’m a coach who has been in the situation you’re talking about multiple times. I always say we’re going to take a knee four times and give them the ball back. I don’t care if they score again because what difference does it make? And when those teams have scored, it doesn’t raise my blood pressure at all, because who cares? We won the game. Still don’t get what the big deal is, but I am trying to understand where you’re coming from. Oh, and also, I’m as old school as they come. Doesn’t get more “old school” than Wayne Woodrow “Woody” Hayes lol
  10. So Triton Central was not supposed to keep playing when they got the ball back? What difference does it make if the score is 35-14 vs 35-7? I’m just trying to understand your thought process. Thanks!
  11. There’s not a better high school football coach in the state of Indiana than Tim Able.
  12. Hey Coach me and Big Santa were talking after our loss last night. We need to get together this off-season. We’ll do whatever we need to for that to happen.
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