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  1. Not many things could beat a cool crisp evening down at Turkey Run High School in the WRC. The smell of camp fires from the camp grounds just across the way and a setting sun. Being able to shake the hands of your fans behind you and the official doing the game at the same time.
  2. Having coached in many 1a games we, love the work done by all the officials that have worked these games and put in time in to help better our sport! We have started a class this school year "Advanced Team Sports" that is going to focus on helping seniors work to become licensed in sports that they play. By doing the sport in class we will work some of the mechanics of the specific sport, help the students with rules and interpretations, and how to handle issues with fans. We have had contact through the IHSAA who has been very helpful and has helped pass along some materials to help in teach the class. We are planning to have the students do some youth games in the area to get first hand experience. Goal is to have them graduate and be able to officiate next year in the sports that they have chosen.
  3. One idea we have had at our school is to try and recruit officials for all sports from within out halls. We have looked at creating a class in the PE department that will look at team sports, rules, and game play. This class will hopefully be on the schedule for next school year. One part of this class will be helping students with the skills and information needed to take and pass officiating tests to allow them to be licensed officials after they have graduated. We have a lot of students who love the sport but may not want to or be able to play at the next level. Giving them this skill and comfort level in knowing rules, situations, and how to handle situations with coaches and fans will hopefully draw a new and youthful group to officiating in all sports. The goal it to have them look at two or three sports they may be interested in to help add depth to the officiating pool.
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