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  1. Look at the positive. Only 353 more days you have to suffer the humiliation of losing to such a bad team until you get another shot.
  2. Trapper

    NSC Sectional

    Pro's and con's to both methods. Also takes the pressure off a coach having to choose to pick one player between the board member's grandson, the head coach's son, the popular senior class player/homecoming king, and the kid who probably deserved it most but wasn't liked by anyone. We'd see threads complaining about who the coach selected....
  3. Trapper

    NSC Sectional

    Coach: That has been suggested many times over the years. It was always shot down. The theory was if you had 10 deserving, you should get 10. If you had none...you should get none.
  4. Trapper

    NSC Sectional

    Combes ran behind a new fullback and five new offensive lineman and a new tight end. None of them started the prior year. So who made who better? Did Combes make Glenn's line look good, or did Glenn's line make Combes look good? So I would answer your question...yes, all of those guys would have rushed for more yards. All of them are seniors with at least two year's varsity running back experience that are talented enough to create plays on their own. I thought Jones improved as the season went on...definately once they started to utilize him more as their feature back. He needed help opening holes though. Combes, Olsen, Weller, Hansel, Scheiber...those guys can create plays when nothing exists. As far as any snub on all-conference, those coaches want the best players to represent the conference. Some years there is a lot of depth...other years not. I'd say this year there was definately a lot of talent in the skilled QB/RB positions, Offensive Line, and Linebacker positions. It just so happens that is also the positions where the players Triton put up played.
  5. Trapper

    The New NSC

    I can see the banner hanging now... NSC Hockey Champs 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 ...