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  1. I can name at least 3 players on Marian who were a one time in the Bremen program. It's only a short drive north on 331 from Bremen to Marian.
  2. Central over Saint Joseph- it will be interesting when Central plays Mishawaka and Penn. Knox over Glenn- Knox recently has had great regular season success. Marian over Jimtown- Marian in the drivers seat to win the NIC south. New Prairie over Mishawaka - I'd had hate to see what NP would have done in the NSC with this team. Penn over Adams- should we start a thread for who the next Adams coach will be? Bremen over Clay- Bremen is no Hammond Riley over Washington-should be close between two 3-1 teams.
  3. I does seem ironic that Nagy left Marian the Monday after Powlus was injured on the previous Friday.
  4. Ben Downey knew when to leave Saint Joseph. The talent was drying up fast and Coach Downey bolted. If the talent was still there Coach Downey wouldn't have left using the age old excuse of spending more time with my family. Coach Whitten has a big job ahead of him.
  5. The Northern Indiana-North is a much stronger conference right now than the DAC. Even with Marian replacing Mishawaka there's not much of a drop off. So why change conferences?
  6. Clarification: I saw a game Friday night where one team had 34 points in the 3rd quarter. They scored a TD later in the 3rd period to give them 40-0 lead. With clock running when they scored their 40th point the clock never stopped and continued to run during the X-point. Is this correct?
  7. The "Mercy Rule" is the best new rule added to high school football since the legalization of the forward pass.
  8. What a difficult schedule for Saint Joseph especially the next four conference games. New prairie, Elkhart, Mishawaka and Penn. Saint Joseph could be 0-7 after these games.
  9. South Bend Riley and South Bend Clay play for the Keven Powers Memorial trophy
  10. Washington High School under new head Coach Stammich brought the number of players on the team to 51. I don't know how many the other schools have on their team, but this is an improvement. After reading the article about the sportsmanship between Washington and Jimtown I would think that Washington is on their way to being relevant again. Maybe Saint Joseph could learn something from Jimtown and Washington(over 100 yards again in there last game against Northridge. Yes I agree Clay should disband their whole athletic program.
  11. In the first year of the new 13 team NIC, if you take Penn out of the mix, 11 of the remaining 12 school would have won a conference title. That to me show good competitive balance. I admit none of the 12 school outside Penn would be able to beat Penn in many sports.
  12. I'll agree with you on Adams, Clay, Marian, New Prairie, Bremen, and Glenn. Disagree on the rest.
  13. Is Washington still in the NIC. They frequently get overlooked. They played Jimtown tough up till the 4th quarter.
  14. nictigerfan07 you are turning into Lou Holtz right before my very eyes.
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