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  1. Lets let TurfToe tell us what he meant tell us what he was referring to when he mentioned Washington's eligibility of players in football. Most of the factors that determine eligibility can be determined long before the season starts. Grade are one of last factors that can be determined for eligibility. I'm betting TurfToe was referring to grades.
  2. How do you know Washington will have eligibility problems? I don't think the semester has ended and grades have not been determined. Maybe you have inside information about Washington that no one else knows.
  3. Went to a Clay/Washington game last fall and there were 2 female officials.
  4. The NIC is more than a football conference. Adams, Riley, and Washington have each won a conference title since reorganization. Riley and Adams are each rated in the top 10 in basketball this year. It's been a while since Penn and Elkhart have won a conference title. Also Washington girls is one of the top teams in the state. South Bend schools more than hold their own in two of the big 3 sports. I also think LaSalle Lion is living in the past if he thinks Penn has a following of fans like they used to in the 80's and 90's.
  5. I hate seeing football stadiums and gymnasiums named after Administers. If you want to honor a principal name the principles office after him. Even the poorest coach has made a bigger contribution to the program than any Administrator has.
  6. Great for your sons. How many of their teammates also did ballet and played sports? I bet not enough to build an athletic program at your school.
  7. I don't understand why a "Fine Aarts Magnet" would want sports at all. They don't attract many athletes.
  8. I like Coachmen also. Many were pushing for "Crimson- Blazers" which would have taken a part of the nickname from both Memorial and Central.
  9. Is Lions the best nickname the new Elkhart High School could come up with?
  10. Bremen always seemed like a quality school system and athletic program. Could you explain to me why the number of Bremen students go to Marian?
  11. I've heard the same thing said by Saint Joseph fans. There used to be many 1st and 2nd generation Polish kids who loved to compete for Saint Joseph and were tough hard-nosed kids. Now there are to many players @ Saint Joseph who have direct connections to Notre Dame and they and their parents think they're good football player because they are connected to ND but are really soft.
  12. Last year both the starting quarterback and leading running back missed the Chatard game due to injuries. With both back I hope that Marian can put some points on the board this year.
  13. 1985 was probably Adams best chance. They were ranked #3 in the state that year but lost to #1 Hobart.
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