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  1. Culver Military over Bremen- I won't listen to Marian fans anymore who told me to predict Saint Joseph over CMA Jimtown over Clay- contraction time for Clay New Prairie over Elkhart= NP can go a long way in the playoffs. Congrats on NIC championship. Mishawaka over Penn- Mishawaka's Defense is better than I first thought Glenn over Riley=Hard to motivate the Wildcats with NP coming up next week. Saint Joseph over Adams- if Armstead isn't back SJ will win easily. I don't understand how a team with a D1 quarterback can go 0-10. Remember Elkhart is coming up in playoffs for Adams. Marian over Washington- After losing to Glenn, Washington is playing much better football. However Marian to good for the Panthers.
  2. Another alternative for Clay might be to drop out of the NIC and go independent. That way they could schedule team closer to their ability level. Michiana schools they could play might be Trinity, Community Baptist, and Career Academy.
  3. I have to agree with you on Clay. Their whole athletic program should be dissolved. DT you should get on that immediately.
  4. The overall quality of basketball in the NIC would drop without Riley, Washington, and Adams. Riley, Washington, with the addition of Marian have dominated the NIC. You would be taking away 2 of the 3 best teams in the conference.
  5. Great Friday for football in the NIC. There will be a lot of close games. I feel 5 of the 7 games will be within 7 points. Bremen and Jimtown, Elkhart and Penn, Mishawaka and Marian, Adams and Washington, and Saint Joseph and Culver Military.
  6. Memorial over Wawasee- I have not good reason why. Plymouth over Goshen- Thank goodness for the mercy rule Concord over Northridge- Minutemen will bounce back from a tough loss vs Plymouth Warsaw over NorthWood-Bart ball will prevail. Revenge from last year.
  7. Jimtown over Bremen-although Bremen appears to be getting better Penn over Central- I'd add this game to the best game of the week list. Glenn over Clay - Glenn hung tough with a good LaVille team. Mishawaka over Marian- I was impressed with Mishawaka last week against Saint Joseph New Prairie over Riley- It appear Riley is going backward. Adams over Washington for the first W of the season. Adams plays a much tougher schedule Saint Joseph over CMA- also first W for the Indians. CMA makes to many mistakes
  8. Marian over CMA- these two(2) school are developing a rivalry in many sports Central over Adams-Central will bounce back from a tough loss to Mishawaka LaVille over Glenn-a great neighborhood rivalry. Mishawaka over Saint Joseph- Mishawaka just has more talent than Saint Joseph Penn over New Prairie- despite it's record Penn is still Penn Benton Harbor over Clay- Clay should reevaluate it's football program after the season is over Jimtown over Riley- Sharpe field is a tough place to win for visiting teams. Washington over Bremen-Washington has to be ready to play this Friday.
  9. Just because Mishawaka travels well in football doesn"t mean they travel in all sports. It's like saying Riley travels well in all sports because in basketball their fans travel.
  10. The NIC North is powerful conference. The average Sagrain rating of the NIC north is higher than the average ranking of the Duneland, Norther Lakes, and the Summit. If Penn would join one of those they still would be playing teams like Lake Central, Goshen, Wawasee, FW Wayne, FW North, etc. Why not stay in the NIC North and with 4 dates you can choose your opponents. Also Mishawaka may travel well to Penn, but that is the only place their fans follow their teams. Also Mishawaka has a few powerful team but a majority of them are average at best.
  11. I think CMA would be a great addition to the NIC south in all sports. What a basketball conference. CMA, Marian, Riley, and Washington all in the same conference. The South has dominated all the NIC in basketball.
  12. I was under the impression Saint Joseph/Lakeland began next season. I could be wrong it they have a 4 year contract.
  13. I do know that Saint Joseph and Northridge will no longer play in the 2nd week. Saint Joseph has picked up Lakeland.
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