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  1. It was a very entertaining game with a lot of action. The Region of NWI should be very proud with their athletes and coaches performing very well. Andreans Zach Merrill was MVP of game and was easily the most exciting player on the field. It will be interesting how he does with the Hoosiers next year. Chestertons VanEekern kicked the game winning field goal. Laporte's Seibert opened up o holes on the Oline, and I thought that Valparaiso's Tyler Bukur, Lowell's Jansky on the DL, and Whiting's Barbosa all stood out defensively for the north. Also, River Forest's Joe O Connell and Valparaiso's Sam Bernardi were part of the Norths Coaching staff.
  2. Cathedral might not be attached to one parish, but they are certainly attached to the Archdiocese of Indy, as seen by this link. Whether or not that makes them parochial or not I dont know, but they certainly operate by different rules then public schools. https://www.gocathedral.com/about/news-marketing/school-news/news-post/~board/homepagenews/post/dear-cathedral-family
  3. The first step is to deciphering ISHAA classification and sectional assignments week by week
  4. Penn 1-3 after first 4 games this year?
  5. Carmel with over 5000 students versus Valpo with 2000 in 6a 2018 semi state ...score 14-10....is this really a fair system???? At what point does Indiana have to recognize the obvious about the numbers......i dont understand how this is justified by anyone
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