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  1. That is a lot of kids. I didn't realize the number was that big.
  2. Great game, great run, great teams . Things have changed, drastically, on the WS since that time. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is not 1 CRHS alum on the current coaching staff? Compare that to other Catholic HS' in the city. Support from the HS level staff down to the "feeder" programs is almost non-existent. Kids that years ago would have enrolled at CRHS are finding other alternatives, Cathedral, BCHS, DCHS, Avon to name a few. The pipeline is collapsing. That, plus other factors, will bury a program. Year to year good/great teams come and go. It was a great long run for CRHS football. I fear it may be coming to an end. A lot of good kids and parents in the program. Feel bad for them.
  3. "The state of Indiana has never produced a 5 star athlete. " Jaylon Smith. "Extreme rarity" Do you even think about what you've typed before you push submit?
  4. TC don't let facts get in the way of a man babbling.
  5. "Not sure this is a very attractive job, unless the money is just over the top." You really just need to stop. Your foolishness is just over the top.
  6. You really have no clue.
  7. raiderx2

    2016 Colts

    GB, based on their play so far, I don't think you have much to worry about. They are not good, but they'll keep chopping that tree, stacking the wood, build the monster. Pagano needs to be gone.
  8. Why are Ritter and Scecina not in this conference. Not invited? Invited but turned down? Any insight?
  9. raiderx2

    The GID Mount Rushmore

    CJB ahhhh..... the Flamingo Motel. Fond memories of this little piece of heaven on earth. Bro-in-law got married off one of those back roads near Arcadia in a church by and by near this little jewel. He booked this hotel for all of his soon to be in-laws. Had the distinct pleasure of resting my head on what they called a pillow for the evening there at this -1.5 star motel. The smell of swine excrement and marijuana smoke left a lasting impression.
  10. raiderx2


    What's wrong with a coach, one of the best in the state ever, praising kids? Asinine statement.
  11. raiderx2

    ICC 2014 Version

    #33 is this a college/pro thread? While I care about Wabash football, until the last regular season game, nobody gives two large piles of dog dung about the Huskers or the Cowboys. Huskers get rolled this week by Sparty. hehehe.
  12. raiderx2

    DAWG's Dandy Dozen

    Agree with Dale. Welcome back Dawgie. In regard to your Brownies: Since 1999, Jaquars 99 Cleveland 73. Say no more about the Mistake by the Lake.
  13. So we can argue about 59. Come on man!
  14. raiderx2

    ICC 2014 Version

    Great post WC. I got to the game midway through the 3rd. Great game. Ritter gutted this one out. Monrovia, to me, looked like they wore down in the heat in the 4th after a very gutty effort. Still scored 40 points in the game and lost. Got to be tough. Ritter's defense needs to improve. Cannot continue to give up that many points in a game and expect to win. Triton beating PT that bad surprises me as does Speedway over Greencastle that big. Good luck to all the rest of the way.