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  1. Travis is a good friend of mine I give him a hard time every time i see him about losing in 89
  2. Coach Brunes (defensive Coach) is one of the best in the state in any class. We are lucky to have him on our side...
  3. Western Boone Defense is starting 1 Freshman and 6 Sophomore's. The talent is real at Webo lots of good things to come
  4. Boone County could also send 2 of 3 schools to State Zionsville and Western Boone.
  5. Do you know if there will be a online Broadcast of the game?
  6. Enrollment and Success factors are done in the same year correct? Is that total enrollment or do they go by gender? Just curious
  7. How often is enrollment realignment done every 2 or 4 years?
  8. I believe Pelley will go back to calling Offense
  9. Western Boone will be in rebuild mode (IMO). They lost a lot of kids,the 9th-10th grade have a lot of talented kids.
  10. Hope they can find a good person to take over the Strength and conditioning. He was also the Head track coach so they will be looking to fill that position also
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