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  1. Western Boone has been doing all of the games on WBTV you Youtube
  2. X Star not sure how much of a upset it would be Talking to a couple of the Webo coaches this week they said Danville has a lot of talent. Hope we don't have to worry about it and Stars win by 90 LOL
  3. Zionsville used to be on the Sagamore Conference, Correct?
  4. Western Boone has a Freshman girl that is as tough as the boys
  5. What do they make a game out of curiosity
  6. Believe I counted 7 on the sidelines last week Injuried
  7. Still putting in drainage, is what I was told last night. 1st scrimmage is tonight on the practice field
  8. Roy is a great guy and has a great family. I have known him for over 10 years and nothing but respect for him he will do great things
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