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  1. Let's just hope the next 6 years they stay in 2A 😁
  2. Hope they can find a good person to take over the Strength and conditioning. He was also the Head track coach so they will be looking to fill that position also
  3. I know the 8th grade is down on #'s so that should keep them down for next cycle count
  4. That is with only playing 2 Quarters in most games the last 2 years
  5. I dated Woodson's Cousin's stepdaughter in high school so I'm almost related to him haha. True stroy
  6. Hope he gets some decent offers, he is a true athlete and could have a big impact on college team
  7. Chikezie Okeafor West Layfette, Purdue 10 years in the NFL
  8. Where did you find this Stat would be interested in seeing it
  9. Western Boone Pre-sold 2600 tickets. With 520 students I would say that was good numbers
  10. After watching Last weeks game feel bad for the Andrean Kid at the end. He got the onside kick just beyond the 10yards and it got called back. Could of been a different outcome
  11. Report post With each and every passing day and the more film I watch, I’m more inclined to think that the Stars will be victorious this Saturday! I just don’t think that the Panthers will be able to keep up with Western Boone's team speed and tenacity through four quarters of play! The Panthers are a good team, I just think this Western Boone team is built to outlast good teams! Should be a great game, until Western Boone starts to pull away late! Good Luck Stars! Finish Strong!!
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