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  1. On 12/13/2022 at 12:46 PM, Bash Riprock said:

    Looks like former IU player Dasan McCullough lands with his brother Daeh in Norman, OK.  Surprises me a little...thought at least one of the boys would end up with Dad at ND.


    Not sure either qualified

  2. 4 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Which explains why the rest of the state can't catch up. Not only does Central Indiana have the largest enrollment schools, now you're telling me that they have no boundaries whatsoever? Fort Wayne has open enrollment, but there is a limit and it's supposed to academically motivated. Does it get abused? Sure. But the difference here is that there is a "limit." 

    You keep mentioning 4A enrollment schools dominating 5A. Since the inception of of 6A, only two 4A enrollment schools have won the 5A tournament. During that same time span, four 5A enrollment schools have won the title. There have been 20 participants in the 5A title game, only seven of which were 4A enrollment schools. And we keep talking about the same two schools here in Cathedral and New Pal. I would hardly call that 4A dominance over 5A as a whole. 

    Cathedral and New Pal have combined to win 6 of the 10 5A titles, Columbus East also won a 5A title but memory escapes me if they were up due to enrollment or SF from 4A. Either way, when 60% of the state titles have been won by schools who aren't 5A by enrollment its why you get mass people suggest the class is watered down. 

    Look I know you're a Snider guy and you have to defend 5A. I'll be the first to admit that Cathedral in most years had an easier time winning 5A than they would have 4A if the SF wasn't enacted. 4A in my opinion is much stronger in Central Indiana than it is in 5A as well as the Southern part of the state and that is the draw Cathedral would have had.

  3. 1 minute ago, hhpatriot04 said:

    Put all small P/P schools in 3A and all 3A+ P/P schools in 5A. Then use the SF from there.

    I don't support that, but I think it would solve most of the complaining.

    Also, I've long supported the 1A/6A ~32 teams (probably less), then evenly distributing 2A-5A (5A wouldn't be a 32-team class). But take it a step further and go to only four classes -- 2A and 3A would need an extra week of tournament games.

    Start with top 32 enrollment teams in 6A and bottom 32 enrollment teams in 1A. Those classes are now set.

    Bump the remaining top 32 enrollment teams in classes 1A-4A up a class and you have your new classifications. No clue what the official breakdown per class would be but you get the picture. 2A-5A would all roughly have ~64 teams. 



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  4. 2 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Every time you brag about Cathedral........."4A enrollment schools running away with state titles (New Pal and Cathedral)".................I'm going to kindly remind you that they have zero boundaries. You're blind as a bat if you think they don't have an advantage over their 4a counterparts (and pretty much all of 5a). 

    Brag? I'm stating facts. 4A enrollment schools have dominated 5A. There's literally no argument to be made otherwise. Cathedral has the same boundaries as every other public school in Central Indiana. How many times and from how many posters do you need to be told that open enrollment absolutely kills any argument to the contrary? 

    Cathedral has plenty of advantages over their 4A and 5A counterparts and none of them have to do with "zero boundaries". And by the way, they're still technically a 4A enrollment school. When the IHSAA 

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  5. Just now, BTF said:

    You keep playing the small school card with Cathedral. Do we have to keep doing this? Kudos to them for winning where the IHSAA puts them, they are a great program for sure. But c'mon, you and I both know they are not a 4a program. Based on their advantages, I'd call them a 6a program, but I'd settle for 5a. 

    New Pal on the other hand? That's a true smaller school that competes with the big boys. And they can only do that by playing their best athletes on both sides of the ball. But that's what they do and kudos to them for having the endurance to compete that way. 


    They're a 4A enrollment school. You can use whatever rationale you need to tell yourself otherwise but they would still be playing in 4A if the SF didn't exist. 5A has been dominated by 4A enrollment schools since the SF. That is fact. This year was the first time in 5 tournaments that a true 5A enrollment school won the 5A championship. 5A became a watered down division when the large class split in two and it's been dominated by non-5a enrollment schools ever since. There really isn't a counter-argument to be made. 

  6. 1 hour ago, BTF said:

    I'll ask again. When New Pal and Cathedral were winning 5A while Snider, Valpo, and Merrillville were playing in 6A, how come there was no talk of 5A being watered down? It's somehow watered down now without the presence of two major players. But three major players were added. Again, why did the talk of 5A being watered down only begin this year? I'll tell you why. No one wants to admit that a class is watered down when the champion is from Indianapolis. When the best teams are from the north, it has to be watered down to fit the narrative that football is awful outside of Indy

    LOL...4A enrollment schools running away with state titles (New Pal and Cathedral) is the exact reason WHY 5A is watered down. 

    Before 6A was formed, there were 3-4 schools who dominated the large class. When those schools moved to 6A there was hardly any separation between the top schools in 4A and the top schools in 5A. 7/10 5A title winners since 6A was formed have been schools with 4A enrollment. They didn't miss a beat in 5A after being bumped up. It's not meant to be a dig at the current 5A schools, it's just the reality of the situation. If you made 1A the smallest 32 schools and bumped up the top 32 schools in 4A to make 5A a 64 team class, the outlook on 5A would be completely different than it is today. 

  7. 5A was always going to be the watered down class when they formed 6A. Since the Success Factor was implemented, 5A has been dominated by 4A enrollment schools taking their turns at title runs. Another poster had it right, make 6A the top 32 enrollment schools and 1A the smallest 32 enrollment schools and 5A would look like a much better product top to bottom. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Grover said:

    Try to rise above the level of a middle schooler. I have no narrative other than pointing out the fallacies of your takes. It is a position award. The position is running back. 

    It matters, substantially. He’s ineligible for Mr. Football now. Everyone on this board knows that Drayk Bowen is going to win Mr. Football and everyone knows the selection process is going to factor in both his offensive and defensive prowess into the equation. 

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  9. I dislike Roncalli's football program as much as the next guy, but pretty egregious for him not to win this award. With Wheat going down and Coyle picking up the slack on top of Thomeson running for an additional 1000 yards, think it might be safe to say it's Center Grove who can afford to pick and plug whomever they want into the lineup. And that isn't a knock on Coyle either, just a testament to how stacked Center Grove is.

    Also Walker over Tibbs? Unless MaxPreps is wrong, Tibbs had almost double the catches, more yards, and more TD's. 

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  10. 15 hours ago, hhpatriot04 said:

    How did Cathedral all of a sudden turn into a basketball power? It seems to have happened over night. 

    Would caution about categorizing Cathedral as a basketball powerhouse. They've always had "good teams" over the years but only one team a year gets out of sectional with LN, LC, Warren, North Central, Tech, and Attucks. Cathedral has the #1 recruit in the country right now which obviously would make any team a state title contender. Before last year, Cathedral had lost every opening round sectional game since Delaney was hired. 

  11. 42 minutes ago, Coach Nowlin said:

    its all fun and all, 

    just hoping we hit our goal, and if you want to help then you know how, but if you are relying on others to pay up and not pay it forward that is your decision, but for someone who continues to want to be in the forefront of our community with your threads and whatnot, you'd think you'd show your appreciation monetarily as well.   

    But to each their own 

    I got Temp and I's donation for this year

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  12. 1 minute ago, Coach Nowlin said:

    Cycle started over this year:   (not going to do 1 point sectional champ)

    6a, doesn't matter 

    5a:  Valpo earned 4, Whiteland 3, Castle 2, Snider 2, 

    4a:  East Central 4, NP 3, LaPorte 2, Roncalli 2, 

    3a:  Chatard 4, Lawrenceburg 3, WL 2 Monrovia 2 

    2a:   Mater Dei 4, Andrean 3, Linton 2, Luers 2, 

    1a:   Lutheran 4, AC 3, Judson 2, 

    without looking on Harrell's I think that is it 

    Cathedral won 6A regional so will stay in 6A through 2025

  13. 1 minute ago, Yuccaguy said:

    Well I guess it's down to 'spell check' now.

    Yeppers.  I am a terrible official, I have no idea of the rules, no idea of the situation that exists in the IHSAA's currently employed systems used to move crews forward, no idea of how to properly adjudicate an Interscholastic Athletic activity. 

    A total idiot!  You win. 

    And of course, you still have to pay to attend ..... I don't...  I GET paid.  If I don't...I get in free.

    I watched the game on TV tonight just like you did skip! You aren’t that special.

  14. 1 minute ago, Yuccaguy said:

    IGNORAMUS = @Footballking16

    Yes you have... the player is ejected!  The coaching staff should sit him to cool off.  

    Personal fouls are ejectable. As YOU see them in this situation.   

    The player is not 'teachable' by the educators on the Coaching Staff.  He is not looked upon as a major part of their ability to participate in an Interscholastic Athletic event, due a few minor transgressions ...which were penalized. 

    It's all about YOUR implicit ability to psychologically make a decision about a 17 child at an athletic event, and be absolutely correct in your assessment.

    You truly are a GOD!

    Oh the horror for suggesting that the coaching staff of a player who has committed two personal fouls for late hits out of bounds in about 6 minutes of game time sit out for a series or two to regain his composure.

    Forgive me God.

  15. Just now, Yuccaguy said:

    Oh so now you are coaching also?  

    Damned shame he won the Phil M. Eskew Award also?

    Guess you are an administrator and IHSAA Commissioner also.

    Just give it up! 


    Winning the Eskew Award is irrelevant to the fact that two dumb…and reckless penalties were committed. Coaches don’t sit kids who make repeated mistakes? Does making a mistake on a football field automatically disqualify you from being a high character person? Have I suggested any of this at all?

    You’re reaching.

  16. 5 minutes ago, Yuccaguy said:

    RULES!!!  And the subsequent administration there of....are of primary importance as to the adjudication of an ejection of a participant....

    Again...learn the damned rules and applications thereof!

    I never called for the player to be ejected jack**. I said he should be standing on the sidelines for a series or two to calm down.

    Learn to damned read.

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