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  1. 5 minutes ago, Grover said:

    You can't be serious.  Roncalli had been poaching CG kids for decades.  I played in CG's bantam league with the Corsaros in the 70s.  They were fine with playing until they started losing every year and realized the kids they used to get would rather play at CG.

    You’re reinforcing my point lol. I didn’t say Roncalli did a smart thing, just alluding why they dropped both Center Grove and Cathedral. Both CG and Cathedral were the two biggest threats to Roncalli in terms of where they drew their kids and the thought process behind dropping both schools was to mitigate the loss of feeder school kids.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Boilernation said:

    I thought that was the case. I'm kind of out of the loop nowadays on the hot Coordinators. I know the current AD played for Alvarez. Curious to see if he sticks with Leonard or goes outside of the Wisconsin family tree.

    I think it's Leonhard's unless the team just falls off a mountain this year.

  3. 45 minutes ago, Piratefan101 said:

    Is it easier than ours though?

    Awfully comparable.

    # 109 Perry Meridian 27/32 class 6A

    #169 Tech 29/32 class 6A

    #216 Southport 31/32 class 6A


    #139 Hammond Central 22/32 class 5A

    #224 Munster 31/32 class 5A

    #238 Hammond Morton class 5A

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  4. 15 minutes ago, Irishman said:

    The story was there were a couple schools considering him before the extension was signed. I don't believe they were in a power 5 conference though. Outside of the buyout, at that time, it was the right move. It's easy for some to look back now and say that was a poor choice, or even not the best choice, but it really was a good move based on the results of that time. It had even been discussed here that the constant turnover of coaches, including the head coach was a factor in IU's problems. 

    I do think an extension and raise was warranted, but you don't give out those numbers especially if your competition isn't a P5 school. I do wonder how much of Allen's contract was leveraged by him and his camp vs IU having an AD who at the time had never been tasked with this kind of situation? 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    it's interesting as what starts out as being a deterrent for other schools to come in and "get your guy", becomes a possible deterrent to your own program in making a move.....

    And I don't actually recall anyone taking a long hard look at Allen. Usually these ridiculous contracts come on the back of a coach being potentially poached, but I don't ever remember that being the case with Allen. Agreed he had earned a contract extension and raise after the 2019 and 2020 seasons, but to this extent? No way. 

  6. 35 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    Tom Allen's buyout.....are you kidding me?  Tops in the Big 10.  IU made their bed.


    Allen's buyout is $30 million through December 1st 2024 and then it drops to $15 million. IU may not win another game this season and then it becomes decision time for the AD. Do you really want to keep Allen for the 2023 AND 2024 season just to save $15 million? I just don't see how IU can afford to keep Allen for two more years until his buyout decreases.

  7. 31 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    Totally agree....in fairness, NP did for a couple of years with CG and won those games....I would have liked to have seen that series last much longer.

    Also, we all know that Roncalli and CG had a series for years.....but CG started winning the majority and it was dropped quickly.  I hated it because of locations and the huge gate draw for both schools.  Made zero financial sense.  Same for Whiteland and CG....played a number of years dominated by the Trojans.  But with Whiteland's growth, would love to see that series come back.  These schools are so close to one another....

    This was a though-provoking strategic move from Roncalli's standpoint as Center Grove and Cathedral were the two most likely schools to poach kids from Roncalli's inherent feeder systems. 

  8. 20 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    100% truth......

    I will also add a head coach as well 

    That's really my point. I don't think it matters who IU hires as head coach (unless they can pry a huge name from a stable program) if they can't hire and retain quality assistants. Deboer and Wommack really masked Allen's deficiencies as a head coach and game managing abilities. Allen trying to split head coaching and defensive play calling duties has really back fired and while Walt Bell is an upgrade from Sheridan, he's nowhere close to Deboer. 

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  9. Just now, temptation said:

    My point was that folks overreact way too much and Allen’s 2020 success was fraudulent.

    The other stuff was just extra topping.

    2020 is looking more and more like a fluke with each passing game, but 2019 also happened and IU was a botched onside kick away from beating an SEC team in a bowl game to win 9 games for the first time in forever. 

    It's pretty clear Allen is in over his head, and he hasn't yet recovered from the loss of offensive coordinator Kalen Deboer and defensive coordinator Kane Wommack who are both doing extremely well as head coaches on their own. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter who IU hires until IU decides they want to play big boy football, and that won't happen until IU decides to pony up and not only hire quality assistants, but pay the necessary money to retain them. 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Boilernation said:

    Not sure what to think about this one. Is Leonhard considered to be a hot HC candidate this year? Seems like either: 

    • Wisconsin made the difficult decision to let go of one of their own before his downslide continued to get worse and lock in a hot commodity who happens to also be one of their own


    • Wisconsin just pulled a Nebraska (Solich or Polini) and things are about to get even worse in Madison.

    Chryst and Wisconsin have clearly lost their edge. They had a stranglehold on the West and haven't been getting it done the last few years. Wisconsin has finished in the top 25 just once the last four seasons and currently sit 2-3, and has one West division title since 2017 (2019). 

    Leonhard is widely considered one of the best defensive coordinators in the country, but I think there has always been the feeling that he was in line to take over for Chryst when that day came. He'll get a 7 game audition for the head coaching position. 

  11. 7 hours ago, MonkeyButt said:

    This ending schedule is exactly why I believe Roncalli, especially after the decisive win last night, should be ranked in the top 2 above CG and Carmel and HSE for sure. I believe that if they beat Elder then they should definitely be moved up. IMO New Pal and Roncalli are the two best teams in the state. But I am being told by some folks on another thread that pointing this out doesn't matter. Roncalli doesn't play in the MIC or HCC schedule, therefore, their place in the rankings will never put them above those top teams. Doesn't make sense to me in a multi-class power ranking.


    Both New Pal and Roncalli can beat any team in the state on any given night. However, to date, neither have anywhere close to the resume that Brownsburg does. New Pal has one “good” win and that’s against a 4-3 Westfield team. Roncalli got their first good win of the year last night. Beat Elder next week and then Roncalli belongs in the conversation of best team in the state.

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  12. 13 minutes ago, Bobref said:

    I’d really like to know what the big attraction for recruits is at Texas A&M. I mean, they haven’t even won their division in recent memory, let alone a conference title, let alone contend for a national title. Yet they get a real blue chip class in the Top 5 almost every year. It’s got to be more than Jimbo’s sunny disposition.


    Sorry didn't see your post as I was typing my above reply. Want to say A&M's first recruiting class post-NIL tallied over $30 mil in endorsement deals. 

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  13. 13 hours ago, temptation said:

    Heard this one today…blew my mind.

    If you look at the 247 composite recruiting rankings that assesses talent on each teams roster.

    The gap from Alabama (1) to USC (11) is the same size as from USC (11) to Florida Atlantic (69).

    Totally believable if you really look at how 247 does their rankings. In any given year, 247 only rates 30-35 players as 5* and then about 300-350 4*. Pre-NIL, Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State were typically raking in almost 20% of the total 4 and 5* in each class, there's not much talent left to evenly disperse once they dust settled. And there's still teams like LSU, Oklahoma, Penn State, and Clemson who recruit extremely well themselves.

    NIL caused a huge shakeup in last years recruiting spectrum. Be interesting to see how things play out going forward. UA, UGA, and OSU only accounted for 9 of the total 35 rated 5* prospects which was way down from the last few years. 

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  14. 11 hours ago, SenatorFan said:

    I don’t see this team winning another game this year.

    Might eek out 1, maybe 2 more as neither Rutgers or Purdue is very good, but very well could have seen IU’s final win last week.

    Last 2 minutes of the first half has been a microcosm of Tom Allen’s career and really IU football in a nutshell for the last century. Down 14 with the ball on 4th and inches and you blink and IU is somehow down 28. It’s incredible how poorly coached IU is.

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  15. 10 minutes ago, Slobberknocker said:

    According to MaxPreps Tibbs is listed as 17th in class 6a in receiving yards with 281 yards. Ben Davis has 2 receivers in top 10 at 3rd and 8th. Heck Center Grove receiver Is 2nd and has more yards than Tibbs and Wooten combined. Tibbs will need a heck of a second half of the season and a deep run in the state tournament to get into the Mr. football running (IMO)

    Tibbs has played one less game and has had a running clock in 2/4 games they've played in. Will likely only play a quarter, two at the most, tonight, and I don't think the ball is going to be put in the air much after the first couple possessions. Brebeuf has the potential to be a running clock as well. Going to need a big state tournament to be in consideration. 

  16. 45 minutes ago, crimsonace1 said:

    Correct - Whitestown is in Lebanon's school district. Most people *think* it's in Zionsville because of its proximity, but Lebanon's district lies west of Zionsville's (basically, the middle third of Boone County) and stretches all the way south to Fayette and the Hendricks County line. 

    Because of where Lebanon HS is located - basically in the middle of a neighborhood north of town that's a good distance off I-65 - Whitestown's growth is going to be a bit of a traffic nightmare for students getting to/from the school. 

    Is Boone Co open enrollment? What % of the affluent communities in Whitestown send their kids to Zionsville over Lebanon would you say?

  17. 28 minutes ago, MonkeyButt said:

    I found that interesting because Kyle Neddereip (sp) mentioned in his preview of week 6 that the QB made a decision to go to WR to help out the team. He said it was an unselfish move. That is confusing to me. A WR still needs a QB to get them the ball. How is this an unselfish move if he is the best QB? I wonder if there had been a QB competition and the back up one out and so they moved the starter, an athletic football player, to WR because they lost a great WR last year? I don't know. If you can fill a spot at WR with a better athlete, that is great. But at the expense of losing your starting QB? I don't know. Sounds weird to me.

    I'm guessing that's the case. Perhaps this is the best way for Brebeuf to maximize its talent on the field.

  18. 3 hours ago, temptation said:

    FWIW:  ESPN’s FPI has the Hoosiers dropping their final 9.

    Win probability:

    at Cincinnati:  12%

    at Nebraska:  37%
    vs Michigan:  8%
    vs Maryland:  36%

    at Rutgers:  34%
    vs Penn State:  14%
    at Ohio State:  2%

    at Michigan State:  10%
    vs Purdue:  25%

    I am on record is saying the Hoosiers will win one more but I’m starting to second guess that as some of those numbers seem low based on what we saw these past three weeks.

    I could honestly see a path to 5-6 wins.


    Ohio State and Michigan will be blood baths and Penn State will still be a tall task given the talent disparity, but I think the rest of these numbers are way off. I’d say:

    Cincy 30%
    Nebraska 50%
    Maryland 45%
    Rutgers 50%
    Michigan St 35%
    Purdue 40%


  19. 25 minutes ago, gonzoron said:

    Fishers and all the schools I mentioned had a football team and practiced as a team before 1 class was ever taught. That's what I'm talking about. It's not a personal beef, it's facts.


    The Fishers High School football team exists because of the new Fishers High School. Period.

    Citing Fishers practicing in the summer before the official start date of class isn’t the “got ya” you think it is. 

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