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  1. So, if a player is an OG, they must wear a lineman number (50-79), correct? But what if a team wants to use that same player as a FB (like Fridge)? Would they be required to switch jerseys? Or just report eligible? Sorry if it seems like the same question. I am just a bit confused.
  2. In HS, what are the number restrictions? I know that 50-79 can not line up as QB, RB, WR, etc. However, are there further restrictions? Can an offensive lineman wear a "non-lineman" number? What if you have a OL who is also used as a RB in short yardage? Two jerseys?
  3. Ok, this topic may not be in the right place, but I really can think of very few places where a guy can get these answers. First off, my son is finishing his freshman year right now (playing spring HS football in Illinois right now), so I am thinking I am premature on this. I am curious how to go about starting to get my son on the radar for colleges. I was contacted by someone from NCSA (I clicked a button during registration on the 8to18 site). They informed me that I was already behind in getting my son's name out there. My question is this: what is the process to get
  4. My son is an Illinois freshman playing football this spring. Most teams are playing 6 games, with no playoffs. The odd thing is the lack of JV football teams. Most schools have less players this year, which has lead to more schools not having a JV team. My son's school is one of only 3 schools in our area (and conference of 😎 to have a full JV roster. Other schools seem to have taking most of their Sophomore, and even some Juniors, and put them together with the freshman. So far, all three games my son has played are against JV/Freshman teams. Going to be beneficial for thi
  5. Few thoughts. First, just take your ball and go home, huh? Second, good luck keeping the top coaches. Coaches have competitive drives just like players. They want to play the best competition, so they will long to play the whole state. This doesn't even address the message you are sending. Lastly, those schools mentioned that will be stronger (Luers, Marian, Concordia, St. Joe's,etc) will be thrilled that they will be treated "fairly". What happens if Penn or Snider find their previous dominance? Do they get multiplier or just kicked out?
  6. Fair point about the sectionals, but how do you achieve that? Even though Chatard or Cathedral and Roncalli are on opposite sides of Indy, that typically is close enough to legitimately be in the same sectional. I think if you intentional separate Chatard and Roncalli next year, there will be plenty of complaints from the other 4A schools that feel they shouldn't have one or the other in their sectional
  7. I am glad to see that the P/P debated has shifted away from recruiting/cheating. I can acknowledge that their is an advantage at a private school that doesn't exist at public schools. For instance, a few years ago, at my 20th reunion, we did a tour of the updated school. Included was a run down of student body information. It was stated that 91% of students at Chatard participated in at least one extra curricular activity (fine arts or sports) What I hear very clearly from this post is that fact. What I don't understand is why we can't acknowledge that the SF is at least a very
  8. Maybe not a message that all would get behind, but Batesville should for sure go with Batesville Undertakers! That could really make for some cool pregame intros!
  9. Is this for Indiana HS players only? Or can someone from Illinois attend?
  10. As an Illinois resident now, I know it was talked about quite a bit. My son, who is now a freshman, and I joked about me sending him to leave with his grandma in Fishers to play football this fall. I would think if someone really wanted to make the move for 6 months, there isn't much IHSAA could do about it, assuming it was a full move. People get new jobs all the time.
  11. I don't. My knowledge in each of his sports (Football, Wrestling, and Baseball) is not enough to coach the HS level.
  12. I coached my son in baseball until his 8th grade year, all in Rec. We both loved it. I will say, I had the benefit that he was legit one of the better players each year. Not sure I would want to coach him in "school sports" One if the things I developed early on with him was the minute we got into the car, he would start talking about the game. I would stop and ask if he wanted to talk to dad or coach. He almost always asked for coach. He wanted to get better. He is now in HS, and plays three sports, and while I miss being on the field with him, I love to just watch. I would never
  13. Winter sports will run November through mid February, then they will squeeze in the moved fall sports from mid February though start of May, and traditional Spring sports will move to May though late June.
  14. I think everyone involved here knows that is likely. IHSA is trying to get all sports at least something this year. You have valid points. I don't think there is any great solution out there right now. We will have to roll with the punches and see what happens.
  15. Football will run until mid May. Playoffs past the first two rounds of what is Regionals here, is TBD based on conditions. Baseball will start mid May, and run through the end of June. My son will be playing freshman Durham this year, and I personally am a little concerned about the quick turn around to his sophomore football season, but I would rather this option than cancelling the season. Should be an interesting year over here.
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