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  1. I just received a notice from the local HS (Illinois) that some schools are going to light up their fields Friday night at 8pm in honor of Healthcare Workers. If there any similar plan in Indiana?
  2. There is another proposal that will be bright to the table. The whole idea of districts was to help prevent the 3-4 he drives for first and second round playoff games. Right now, imagine a team from Anderson area having to go to Evansville in the first round. That is not unusual in the first few rounds in Illinois. The new proposal will in essence go from just about 50% of schools making the playoffs, to almost 75% of schools making it. Hopefully, it would create a better travel distance.
  3. The school is in Illinois. I agree with most of what is being said here. A few points I made to the mother who posted. -I think it is important for her to have her son take the lead on talking to the coach/AD. She should feel free to be involved, but at this age, I think it is vital that the player be in charge of the situation. -talent of said athlete should not, and I don't believe is, the issue here. HS is where many athletes decide the commitment is not worth the time required. Lifting is practice, period. Unless there is a reason, like another sport or similar, that the player is not at lifting, it is an issue. -I am never ok with bullying, but I have seen way more times where words between a more intense teammate and one who is on the fence about fully committing has been termed bullying, when that is not at all the case. This happens a lot when the parents of the kid is not use to the HS sports mentality. I agree that this is a great chance for the young team leaders to step up and explain to all teammates what is expected, both as the player not coming to lifting, and to those trying to pressure the kid to get there.
  4. Today I saw this posted on a Facebook page for the town that I live in. I am curious how people feel this should be handled by the player/parent, in regards to addressing with coach/school. (This is a text the player sent to his mom when she asked why he was upset. Parent posted it on Facebook asking for advice) "Kids on team [football] won't even let me in the locker room because of my attendance to lifting. But then this one kid pushed me and told me to grab my *hit after making fun of me for after adhd. And making fun of where I grew up and *hit. I don't want to even be on the team if the team "role models" are going to be treating me like that" Now, I don't know anymore, like who the kid is, though I do know he is part of the current Freshman class at the local (and only) high school in town. The current Freshman class has been highly talked about around town for two or three years as the group that will bring a State title back to town, and started their high school careers by going 9-0 this fall. I am just curious how you would advise player or parents to proceed.
  5. Completely for personal reasons, but I would love to see my Alma mater, Bishop Chatard play Morris Community HS in Morris, IL. My son will be a freshman next fall. Both schools have the same hard nose football mentality, blocking through the echo of the whistle. It would be a great game to watch.
  6. Is there somewhere I can see the box score for this game? Just curious some of the stats
  7. It doesn't really seem to be about the teams that didn't make it. It is sorta like saying that all the games should be played in an outdoor stadium because it should be the same as every other game. The fact is, it is not like any other game. I am not saying they should automatically start using it, but the argument against should not be based on it not being used in other games during the year.
  8. This is just sad on so many levels. First, a one game suspension?? Really? The coach, the player, whoever, couldn't stand up a be accountable for one game?? Of his Junior year no less? And then to go with the, we didn't know excuse? And the player changed jerseys on his own!? Wow!!
  9. I played, well stood on the sidelines, against that Roncalli team for Chatard. I was a sophomore WR/DB who had just decided to go see what football was all about. Learned a lot, enough to know I was not tough enough to play HS football. Lol. But I learned valuable lessons from that team and coaching staff. I regret not sticking it out and playing the last two years of HS.
  10. Morris, IL. About 20 mins SW of Joliet. Nice town with a decent football tradition at the HS. I honestly don't think I will ever move from Morris. What about you?
  11. Ok, I am a Hoosier who relocated to Illinois 15 yrs ago. Now I am stuck here! Lol I don't have a ton of knowledge yet on HS sports here, mainly football, but my son will be entering HS next year, and it has made me start paying attention the last few seasons. First off, the Illinois season starts one week later than Indiana. So any changes to the playoff format, would likely simply be addressed by moving the start of the season up one week. The new proposed plan has many parents scratching their heads here, as most fans truly don't understand the idea of more teams making the playoffs (God forbid they all make it). The high number of High Schools in Illinois is balanced out with 8 classes of roughly 32 playoff teams in each class. So basically cut out one round of Sectionals (which here is Regionals the. Sectionals). The ultimate goal is to cut down the amount of travel in the first two or three rounds of playoffs. I personally believe they all end of pre-assigning Districts of 8 teams, and the top 4 in each will make playoffs. I do NOT think they will ultimately end up having a set deal where those 8 teams will be required to play during the regular season. Lastly, some asked why football playoffs should be set different than any other sport. The answer is simple. You can play 4-5 heck even 6 basketball, soccer, baseball, etc games a week. 3-4 wrestling meets with a wrestler having 10+ matches in a week. But playing more than one football game a week is too much to ask a HS kid. My kid plays 8th grade football and is starting on both Defense and offensive lines. Even at that age, he takes at least two days to recover and ice the bruises. We have all either seen or felt that exact thing.
  12. I live in the far SW Chicago burbs (Joliet area). Prior to this year, most schools in this area, to my knowledge played two games Friday night, Sophomore game followed by Varsity. However, in this area, this year they switched from Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman model to Varsity, JV, and Freshman. The change no or means Freshmen play Friday night before the Varsity, with JV playing Mondays. I thought the change was made across the state, but I can't confirm that. I am not sure if the same crew does both games, but I suspect they do.
  13. Someone asked on the Copper Kettle thread about the origins of the Kettle. Made me wonder how many other trophies are played for. So: Teams involved? What is the trophy? Why? Maybe, how old? I believe Lawrence Central and Lawrence North at least use to play for the Bell trophy. If memory serves me, it was named after a coach who had been at both schools during his coaching career.
  14. I couldn't believe it when I moved over to Illinois to find that a nearby high school had the names Injuns! Lemont High School were named the Injuns until 2005.
  15. As a Chatard alum, and one who has been relocated out of state for 15 years now, this comes with a large grain of salt, but I think it is fair the say whichever 3A school wins Sectional 28, should be the favorite to hoist the hardware at the Oil Can Thanksgiving weekend.
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