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  1. Creed played and ran all over Knox broke a 71 yard TD run, 53 yard TD run, 3 yard TD and threw a 67 yard TD pass…28-7 final.
  2. Doesn’t help when you take the opening kick off to the 40, 3 plays later you break a long run to the 10 and can’t punch it in. TE was running free into the end zone. Then Jimtown drives it down and you pick it off on the 15…. 3 plays later you throw a pick 6. It was Glenn’s game to lose and mistakes cost them. Penalties stopped drives. 2 weeks in a row they killed themselves.
  3. Bremen- Ole Marshall county said Bremen should be full strength but what does that truly mean. Seems they are still lacking fire power. I’m going to go with the Lions by 14. Glenn- From what I hear they’ll have their entire Oline back. People are thinking last year was a fluke but I’m picking the Falcons. Glenn gets back on track and stays undefeated in the South. New Prairie- Noah breaks 1000 yards for the year on Marian. Recruiting can’t win this one this year. NP by 21 Riley- two god awful teams. I give Clay credit they keep fighting. But who will be taking the snaps this week? Riley has an identity crisis. What happened to the solid offensive scheme Jarvis left behind. I can’t tell if they are running a watered down version of a beginner pop Warner Flex/Navy offense. Riley by 14 Adams- if Adams can bring pressure and minimize St Joe’s run game. The Eagles will take this one by 13 St X- Penn will need to bring out the quick Crete and try to patch up the holes in their defense. This one gets out of hand 48-6 men at Triton, 7 pm Glenn at Jimtown ©, 7 pm Marian at New Prairie ©, 7:30 pm Riley at Clay ©, 7 pm St. Joseph at Adams ©, 7 pm St. Xavier at Penn, 7 pm
  4. Defense is solid. They have put the offense in very good field position. Week 1 the offense never started from its own side of the ball besides the opening kickoff which was run to the 40.
  5. Hammond Central will take this toilet bowl by 5 scores. Elkhart if they can find the end zone Jimtown by 21- they would be able to get outside on OG defense . Glenn- will have to play mistake free ball and grind this one out. Falcons by 10 Marain- can Marian finally put a W on the board. What a disappointment with all the repeat hype. From the looks of it they won’t make it out of week1 of sectionals. Cathedral- The Kingsmen have surely fallen. Maybe they should add back some more SB schools to bolster their records again. Adams- takes this one easy if they don’t forfeit again… Kankakee Valley- Washington is too one dimensional for decent teams.
  6. Brings me joy to see a little mild banter in this room…A ways to go to get on Turfs level but there’s hope yet!
  7. A few surprises last week let’s get week 2 rolling: Bremen/Washington- I think this one will be a tight one. Washington will slow the game down with their ground and pound offense. Question is can Bremen contain Washington’s speed. Bremen is going to have to play mistake free. I like Washington by 6. CMA/Marian- I’m going with Marian in this one. I don’t see CMA overpowering Marians defense. Look for Marian to take this one by 17. Elkhart/Mishawka- Going with the Cavemen here. Elkhart has been licking its wounds since the injuries have been piling up. Cavemen by 14 Concord/Jimtown- Either Northwood defense is stellar or jimtown is one dimensional. The Jimmies will start off 0-2. Dunlap by 13 Laporte/Penn- What is going on in Granger? Is the yeoman era coming to an end? There are rumblings around the area of being on the hot seat. Something tells me different but Kingsmen +1 Adams/Fairfield- Adams should be able to handle this one quite easily. Fairfield seems to have lost some fire power and it definitely hurts their #1 QB moved out of state. Adams by 30 Clay/Goshen- not much to say Goshen by 40 Riley/Glenn- a little conference matchup. Riley was declawed by Michigan City by 60. Glenn came out strong from the first whistle. Glenn’s Defense held Boon Grove to negative yardage through 3 quarters until it appeared they put in the JV Team. Boone Grove totaled 62? Yards of total offense and only had 1 first down because of a penalty in the first half. Look for Glenn to soar Friday night by 24. St. Joe/Northridge- going with Northridge. ST. Joe appear to lack firepower. Northridge grinds this one out by 14 Twin Lakes/NP- Cougars offense runs wild Friday night. NP by 21
  8. Well…..Hopefully everyone finished up last night healthy. Seemed like there were a few tight games and a couple blow outs. The Penn score was rather shocking. Adams was a big disappointment and wasn’t expecting Washington to get the W. Glenn looked impressive. The Howe kid is a special teams nightmare. Had one called back and was 3 turf monsters from breaking others. They had 4 different players score in the game including Howe, Creed, Jolly and Patrick. 1st play of the game was a 50 yard TD pass from Creed to Jolly. Defensively Boone Groves offense had no answers. Nearly every play was a TFL. anyone else attend Bremen/Laville…Jimtown??
  9. 5? Seniors…or is their roster not updated on Maxpreps. Don’t see any of the guys from last year on it.
  10. Boone Grove V Glenn - The Falcons shutout BG in this one. Glenn only allowed 40 yards of total offense to them last year and are returning 9 of 11 defensive starters. Falcons keep them under 3 first downs this year. Look for Creed and Howe to have a big impact on offense. Falcons by 40 Concord V Elkhart - Lions have to replace 18? Starters and a Stud at RB after his summer session injury. Concord puts up a fight but Lions prove to be too much. Lions by 21 Central V Washington- Newly combined school from the region comes to battle on the west side. Can Washington’s ground and pound slow down the clock to keep it close. Central by 14 Jimtown V Northwood - Andrews teams are always well prepared. Besides Johntu Jimtown doesn’t seem to have any other weapons. Panthers stack the box in this one. NW by 21 Lakeland V St. Joe- I’ll go with the NIC here. Don’t know much about Lakeland other the going 2-8 last year. Hopefully the Indians new positive outlook will clean up their costly penalties from previous years. Indians by 10 Laville V Bremen - Laville appears to have a decent line with a good sized fb. Two young teams battling it out. Losing Dingus proves to be too much for the Lions. Laville spins past Bremen by 14 Mishawaka V Marian- Marian loses a big senior class with many weapons. Who will win the QB spot this year? Caveman kick the rock away from Atkinson in this one “hint” and their run game runs wild. Cavemen by 17. New Prairie V Laporte - Another year removed from Radkes reign. The cougars start getting comfortable in their new scheme behind a decent Oline. Cougars by 7 Northridge V Adams - Adams speed and massive Oline proves to be too much for NR. If Jones can keep the run game alive. Adams takes this one by 14. Osceola Grace? V Clay - is there such thing as a Tie? I’d have a better chance of scratching off a lotto ticket. Clay by 1. Penn V Valpo - going with the black and gold in this one. If they can control the ball and capitalize on Valpos mistakes. They take this one by 7 but after their Twitter photo shoot. I’ll say plus 14. Riley V Michigan City - wildcats sporting a two platoon system this year with freshmen/sophomores. With Luuga making a Left on to Ewing Street and into Caveman territory. The wildcats lose any experience on the defensive side. Let’s hope the pittsburg Steelers can keep it close in the 1st quarter. Michigan Cities Ballarina offense by 50.
  11. Welcome to week 1! Hopefully teams had a productive evening last night and finished healthy. Let the banter begin!!!.... Boone Grove V Glenn Concord V Elkhart Central? V Washington Jimtown V Northwood Lakeland V St. Joe Laville V Bremen Mishwaka V Marian New Prairie V Laporte Northridge V Adams Osceola Grace? V Clay Penn V Valpo Riley V Michigan City
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