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  1. Central...Adams has 0.0001 percent chance of winning. NP - Their won't be any mud to slow NP push. NP 55-Riley 7 CMA - Time for a revamp at Clay. Kids still not knowing where to line up and coaching staff still sending out 12-13 players multiple times during a game. ST. Joe? Wash....Wash has some players hurt but I believe Tippey had 2 players ejected last game. Jimtown by 7 Marian easy Glenn in a tough battle by 3 Bremen by 14
  2. CMA over Bremen Jimtown - 42-0 NP over Central 20-13 Mishawaka over Penn 21-20 Glenn 21-14 Toilet Bowl- If Ira is out. St Joe 20-6 Marian no question 40-0
  3. Jimtown wins easy 35-7 Central- predicted last weeks Penn score going to say Central 17-13 Glenn 40-0 Marians run defense is stout and their passing game will prove to be too much. 28-14 NP big. Riley couldn't stop Washington. 55-0 Adams.....Iras arm is too strong and Washington allowed Clay to burn them twice for passing TDs. Adams 30 Wash 24. Could be wrong Toss up between St. Joe and CMA. Could be the battle of the toilet bowl next week between Adams and St Joe if the both lose Friday.
  4. They weren't scoring anymore which they didn't in the second half. Besides the 1 obvious pass interference on the Falcons. Laville had 0(?)completions and the Falcons Saftey came done hard and snagged one with one hand in the 2nd series? Glad they stuck to running the ball #10 was getting mauled for 6-8 yard loses when he dropped back. Hats off to Laville though. On to week 8...
  5. I try to lite a fire in this thread. But it seems we have more HNAC members commenting in here like they are relevant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 maybe that will add some liter fluid 😈😈
  6. Marian -Marian proves to be too much 30-6 EC- Adams can't stop the run 40-17 Glenn 28- Laville 7 Mishawaka - ST. Joe doesnt have a prayer 34-14 New Prairie pulls this one off 21-17 Benton Harbor 21-0 Jimtown- no chemistry on South Side 36-6 Washington 21-14
  7. Nothing wrong with a little banter. I was enjoying it lol
  8. He must of stopped at the wrong McDonalds on 6 and the Ice cream machine was out again🤣
  9. Sorry our games don't look like blowouts playing Caston and Green Acre Middle School. All love... See you Friday!!!! Visit the concession stands lol
  10. O Oh come on now. You were on week 6 thread and said how did John Glenn beat Washington and didn't respond till the week 7 thread. NOW your saying you were there make up your mind. Everyone had Glenn losing to Washington and now that Glenn beat Washington it's oh Washington played sloppy. No Glenn just flat out beat them. Bunch of kids with heart and half the size of most teams on the field on any given day. Who calls cover 3 on the goal line when they are spread out and you have the skill guys to go MAN?? Lol TD...That's how you win by being out coached.
  11. You mention HNAC like your a homer...Possibly Ulitimate Warrior??
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