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  1. Who cares....Not all coaches are teachers nor administrators. Do you want the $1.48 you might contribute to that particular teachers/coaches yearly salary back? Don't be hypocritical people answer texts, emails and social media content when they are on the clock in every profession. This isn't 1990 when you had to walk to the pay phone in the schools lobby to call home, lol.
  2. Even with a vaccine it's not going anywhere. Tuberculosis has been killing 1.5 million people a year with a vaccine. But no one is freaking out about it.
  3. All in fun. Good luck to your Cats and stay healthy.
  4. Clay- If they can get all 11 players on the field consecutively and shy away from the Diamond formations with the NCAA 14 routes. They could possibly challenge Riley. 1-9...
  5. Football is finally here!! With that being said.... I don't see a South Bend School going .500 this year... Adams- Ira was their entire offense last year. I really didn't see anyone that will fill his shoes in the passing game. Their Defense is suspect. 2-3? different D-Coordinator changes last year? They wont be able to compete with the likes of Elkhart and potentially 2-3 through the first 5 games. Riley wont be any competition for them this year and St. Joe could be their second win. Jones is going to have to do something he isn't use to doing and that's running the ball. Riley- Old Marian JV coach at the helm now. Nothing exciting coming from last years younger kids. They still have a Luuga and Lee. I don't see them winning more then 3 games. Maybe Washington, Bremen...Clay could potentially beat them this year. I see them reaching deep in to Reggie Glon's old playbook and trying to run the rock. Hopefully they have more wins then the coach's Podcast does listeners. Washington- loosing 22 seniors is going to hurt. Will see how this coach can develop players. It wont be as easy as getting handed a deep senior class. Will he use his inside edge and pull a few kids from Jefferson away from Jones/Adam's. Time will tell. Week1 determine if how their season will go playing a weak Hammond Team. Elkhart week 5? Who scheduled that match-up😨. Being one dimensional is going to cause them a bit of trouble. Jimtown- Solid team with a new coach at the helm. QB is suppose to be a player. They might cause some trouble for the South Teams. Jimtown has a good shot at winning the South Crown. Bremen- believe their QB is a Junior. He didn't look too bad last year. They're losing a solid TE who played both ways. Bremen won't be much of a threat this year but will find some success against the South Bend Schools. 3-4 win season. Glenn- losing 15 seniors. They lose a solid DT and a SS. QB is a junior and a two year starter. Is this the year he puts it all together? Can the Tri-County school cause some fits for Jimtown...St. Joe? Glenn soars past Washington, Clay and Riley. Heard Glenn's freshmen JV team beat Riley's 56-0? last year. Glenn could be a big surprise. Time will tell. St. Joe- a few question marks here. Whose going to fill in for their RB. Are they going to run 3x1 and flare the rb to the trips side for 25 plays? We will see how creative the playbook has gotten with all this time off. .500 team. NP- Radke's gone...Will they continue with their one dimensional offense or start utilizing some more pass plays. They won't be able to compete with Elkhart and PENN if they continue with the heavy run game. Marian- They won't have the success in the regular season as they did last year. Key loses Penn, Elkhart, Lima Central and NP. They should have no issues with Bremen but Whiting is a toss up. They have a solid RB in #25 and the QB isn't too shabby. Their offensive line is questionable for the North conference. We will see if they pulled any talent from the surrounding area. PENN- Did the pandemic help PENN in keeping some players from sneaking over to Edwardsburg? If Laporte is unable to play week 2. Penn could open up 0-3 again...Valpo, Cathedral and St. Xavier. Three tough match ups for a big school who lacks talent in the skill positions. Elkhart- Will this be the bigger and better Penn of the 90's? Talent at all the skill positions with decent size. This could be the team to finally put the North on the map down South. They could vary easily go undefeated into the sectionals. Again, South Bend Washington 3A with 700 students. Hopefully Elkhart puts in their JV team. No offense to Washington.
  6. Central...Adams has 0.0001 percent chance of winning. NP - Their won't be any mud to slow NP push. NP 55-Riley 7 CMA - Time for a revamp at Clay. Kids still not knowing where to line up and coaching staff still sending out 12-13 players multiple times during a game. ST. Joe? Wash....Wash has some players hurt but I believe Tippey had 2 players ejected last game. Jimtown by 7 Marian easy Glenn in a tough battle by 3 Bremen by 14
  7. CMA over Bremen Jimtown - 42-0 NP over Central 20-13 Mishawaka over Penn 21-20 Glenn 21-14 Toilet Bowl- If Ira is out. St Joe 20-6 Marian no question 40-0
  8. Jimtown wins easy 35-7 Central- predicted last weeks Penn score going to say Central 17-13 Glenn 40-0 Marians run defense is stout and their passing game will prove to be too much. 28-14 NP big. Riley couldn't stop Washington. 55-0 Adams.....Iras arm is too strong and Washington allowed Clay to burn them twice for passing TDs. Adams 30 Wash 24. Could be wrong Toss up between St. Joe and CMA. Could be the battle of the toilet bowl next week between Adams and St Joe if the both lose Friday.
  9. They weren't scoring anymore which they didn't in the second half. Besides the 1 obvious pass interference on the Falcons. Laville had 0(?)completions and the Falcons Saftey came done hard and snagged one with one hand in the 2nd series? Glad they stuck to running the ball #10 was getting mauled for 6-8 yard loses when he dropped back. Hats off to Laville though. On to week 8...
  10. I try to lite a fire in this thread. But it seems we have more HNAC members commenting in here like they are relevant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 maybe that will add some liter fluid 😈😈
  11. Marian -Marian proves to be too much 30-6 EC- Adams can't stop the run 40-17 Glenn 28- Laville 7 Mishawaka - ST. Joe doesnt have a prayer 34-14 New Prairie pulls this one off 21-17 Benton Harbor 21-0 Jimtown- no chemistry on South Side 36-6 Washington 21-14
  12. Nothing wrong with a little banter. I was enjoying it lol
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