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  1. Been saying it all week Marian was the real deal. Riley is just average. They have a few players but that's about it. Adams? Is there a job vacancy about to come open. The way their coach was bragging on tv after their scrimmage you would of thought the were a legit contender.
  2. That's a generous 14 your giving the Cats on Marian. I personally think the Washington game will be closer then most think. Wash only put 22 on a JV Hammond team. I think Clays win last week gives the kids a much need confidence boost and this game becomes a grudge match. What do I know though lol. No love for Glenn after the thrashing they gave y'all last week? Lol
  3. There right next to St. Joe Michigan lol. Kidding.... They are ok. EC shouldn't have to much trouble with them.
  4. The banter is alive and well in the HNAC. When are you guys letting John Glenn back in the conference. Asking for a friend. NIC forum is quite boring lol
  5. It's a culture issue and it starts with the head coach. He's got to set the tone from day 1 or he'll continue to have players costing them games or parents coming down and trying to confront the refs like last year. As for Johnny U maybe he should coach up the players he has. Learn to win with what you have. There wasn't superior talent at ST joe they just took what the defense gave you. Even back when Matthews and Aresenault were playing. They would eat you up with slants and deep outs.
  6. Word around the gridiron is he asked something that's not in the Eagles vocabulary. Can I RUN the ball....just sharing what I heard. Feel free to comment if it was something different.
  7. Adams were moving in the right direction with Redmen. Seems like Jones' winning ways at Washington had to do more with his players and supporting cast of coaches. Any of his teams break .500 since he left Washington? St. Joe hasn't been right since the Downey brothers departed
  8. Many programs are struggling. I know for a fact Glenn's 7 and 8 grade teams both have missed games because teams can't fill their teams. Think several factors have hurt athletics...school choice and alternative schools. Jimtown could also be down because soccer is a choice where in the past it wasnt.
  9. Glenn is in the same boat. Maybe 7-8 seniors who start 2 juniors and the rest sophomores. Sprinkle in 1-3 freshmen that play special teams
  10. Is 289 yards short or long field? Glenn #9 in he first half came down hard on the hitch, tackled and stripped at the same time. Bremen was lucky the ball rolled out of bounds 1 sec too Soon. That wasn't a fumble on the opening kick off it was a forced fumble. The kicker #16 just straight up ripped it out of the returners hand. Defense had a pick in the 3/4? Don't recall and would of had another one if the saftey hands were just a 1/4 inch longer. He read the play and undercut it beautifully. Glenn only punted because they were penalized on one and the other there was a miscue I believe. But I do believe I saw Glenn go for it on 4th and short within their own 35? And held Bremen to a 3 and out? Either way they did t score on the short field
  11. I think it was the 289 yards Bremen D allowed on the ground to their 18 carries for 11 yards rushing on offense. Glenn had 6? Plays to Bremens 30. Glenn is a better team then most would like to admit. But Bremens special team didn't cost them any points the D allowed 35 points. Same argument could be made about Glenn VS Boon Grove, where Glenn was in it and their special teams cost them two returning TDs to a now 3-0 Boone Grove who will soon slide up to top 10 once Laville slides down. It wasn't so much that Bremen played sloppy. Glenn just came out and played. Their only two punts pinned Bremen inside the 10 twice. Glenn just played physical and were penalized for doing so.
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