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  1. Sorry, didn’t mean to keep you waiting. Since, you ASSume it had to do with grades and now I need to clarify a question I asked. I’ll ask it again...Will they have enough eligible players to play? Being you have an issue with my question and are defensive do you know something? Other wise keep scrolling by. Washington is now the new Clay. They can’t field a girls softball team or soccer team this year, but clay could. Their wrestling program ended the season with 3? wrestlers. A few short years ago the football program 65-75 during summer workouts. Numbers have dwindled. So it’s a bit concern
  2. Welcome back Marshall County !!! Jimtown/Bremen will be fighting for 2nd/3rd in the conference. I don't see Bremen as the favorite IMO. They lost 4.5/5 of their offensive production. Most of the teams in the South were young last year. Clay well its Clay. They had difficulties just having 7 men on the line of scrimmage. I don't see Riley doing much. They lose their best player in Lee and Luuga transferred to Mishawaka. Besides the HC and OC, I don't think any coaches stayed. Jarvis was suppose to come back this season but was somehow pushed out. Think you'll be seeing Riley running Marion's ol
  3. Can’t say that I didn’t warn ya at the beginning of the season lol
  4. Ouch! That tough and don’t understand why your best runner is not in 90 percent of the time. Glenn housed a 50 yard fumble recovery 1st half and receivers caught some deep balls to set up the second TD. Had it until the last 2 mins of the game. 4th and 14 and they call pass interference. Saftey has his hands up and never touched receiver. Ball then hit the back of the safeties head.
  5. It was a good game. 17-14 Laville. But Glenn starts 2 freshmen on Offense and 1 on defense as well
  6. No faith in your team? Or is there some internal turmoil in Redskin country?
  7. Stinger wouldn’t of held him out of the game. Kid played 9 games as a freshmen with a torn labrum and got surgery after the season.
  8. He’s a good sized kid. I know their two guards are decent too
  9. Especially, teams with little depth and no off season to strength train
  10. Besides 28 gruesome injury. Who else got hurt?
  11. Got to have fun with the predictions and change it up once in awhile. For the longest time anyone playing Penn around here was predicted to lose and the past few years this forum was dryer then Martins supermarkets deli Chicken. Plus, I Enjoy the petty arguments, lol.
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