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  1. Wow the projection and insecurity is strong in this one, back to the kids table for you on Thursday.
  2. So tradition, culture and history are meaningless? Got it. 14 rings say otherwise.
  3. Gets what again? Chatard has beaten Danville 18 out of the last 20 meetings.
  4. Concordia was a very good team and gave Chatard all they could handle.
  5. 😂🤣 Regions Rats have disappeared from the thread for some reason especially Whiting89 Big runs from the line of scrimmage thru gaping holes. Pretty good for a bunch of deanery kids against D1 talent.
  6. Busted coverage on one play, obviously u didn’t watch the rest of the game. I see your arrogance and childishness knows no bounds.
  7. Game live on Chatard’s Facebook page. Marion Co is limited to 1,000fans so moving it to LOS wouldn’t change anything.
  8. What’s your preview for the game with Chatard?
  9. So u belittle Chatard for winning titles in 3A, the class they’re suppose to be in per enrollment, so funny. While Cathedral has a recruiting advantage over everyone. It’s comical u consider Cathedral in the same breathe as Chatard and other Catholic schools anyway. I always find it laughable that Cathedral never shows the middle school that it’s athletes come from on the game rosters while Chatard lists the deanery schools. Chatard is the reliable Honda that everyone respects while Cathedral is the Tesla that everyone knows the driver has intimacy issues.
  10. 80 on JV varsity roster, 35 on freshman. 710 for enrollment so u have 16% playing.
  11. Football is a huge tradition at Chatard obviously. About 30% of the boys are playing football. We’re deep. Everyone wants to be apart but only so manymget on the field.
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