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  1. 80 on JV varsity roster, 35 on freshman. 710 for enrollment so u have 16% playing.
  2. Football is a huge tradition at Chatard obviously. About 30% of the boys are playing football. We’re deep. Everyone wants to be apart but only so manymget on the field.
  3. HH overmatched in every way as most of us knew and pointed out. Where’s the HH backers?
  4. Other than the Normal Ill game was at Chatard that dissertation was a full mic drop moment. Awesome.
  5. And what are those reasons because you’ve listed none and forgot Cheek and Sowinski for Chatard? Glad you’ve got so many two way players bc they’ll be gassed when the third quarter rolls around.
  6. No doubt EM had a great game plan and forced turnovers. I would suggest some bad play calling and decision making on chatards part but that’s the way it goes. We were beat that night.
  7. When have seven tournovers in a game you’ll lose to everyone. Chatard hasn’t had 7 all season I bet. We’ll see how they hold up in the third quarter when they’re playing both ways and getting pounded on every play.
  8. They don’t, just us dads. They do need sized for their rings though.
  9. 😂😂 sure Cathedral, and some of the 6A teams we’ve played might have something to say about that. Check MishMarian last week, gave up 7 point on average all year and lost 45-0. Next.
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