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  1. I don't understand the prejudice towards gamers? This isn't the 80's any more. I would say 90% of high school kids nowadays have played or play video games regularly. You may not agree that it is a sport, but there is no reason to bash people that play and say that this is a way for them to "justify" their behavior.
  2. The definition of sport from dictionary.com: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc. I am not arguing either way, just throwing it out there.
  3. I plan to attend the game. I am hoping for some good weather!
  4. Here's some of the gentlemen that play for Andrean: 60 Adam Warren G, DE Sr. 6-2 270 64 Charles E.A. Russell III OL, DL Jr. 6-5 275 65 Dylan Dubiel OL, DL Sr. 6-0 240 71 Caleb Cox OL, DL Sr. 5-11 270 72 Ahmad Laster OL, DL Fr. 6-0 245 73 Nacei Henderson OL, DL Sr. 5-8 230 75 Chuck Roberson OL, DL Jr. 6-5 315 78 Jacob Anderson OL, TE, DL Jr. 6-4 255
  5. I do agree that our strength of schedule this year is weak, all I was saying is that it is not always the case. I wish that the teams in the conference were not having down years is all.
  6. We play a traditional 2A schedule with 2A, 3A, 4A, and one 1A teams. Most of those teams have had good years in their history. Take Whiting for instance, who has been to the state title game in recent years. They just happen to be in a rebuild year, and were not as strong as years past. We cannot control if the teams in our conference as well as outside of our conference are not having good years.
  7. First of all, Andrean had to outweigh us by 1000 lbs on each side of the ball. They were big and physical. The field was a mud pit. The only way that we were going to be competitive was if the field was in great condition, and unfortunately, that was not the case. Our track stars were slipping, and could get no traction. We were able to play some solid defense for most of the game, but we were worn out by Andrean's sheer size. If this game was played at Valpo, the outcome may have been different. Even on kickoffs, Brae'ton was unable to get the proper footing to make a move and push it to the endzone. Simply put, classic physical football won the day. With that being said, we were able to showcase our Sophomore QB who appears to have a very bright future ahead of him. He looked very promising as he picked Andrean's secondary apart in the fourth quarter, but just wasn't able to get the ball into the endzone. Maybe the game should have been played this way from the second half, but no one would know how a Sophomore QB would react to the pressure of a sectional game of this magnitude. I give all credit to our boys, they played their hearts out, but at the end of the day, Andrean was just too big for them to handle. I am not sure how big Rensselaer is, but they have their work cutout for them up front.
  8. Our kicker is solid, but it is really hard to compare him to someone like Andrean's kicker. Our kicker actually starts on defense and offense as well.
  9. Andrean's running back actually was supposed to go to Boone Grove! He played with all of our kids in Pop Warner.
  10. For the "Home" field debacle, we have struggled with trying to obtain funds. We originally tried through the school, which did not work, and then our AD tried to set up a fundraiser for it but that was shut down as the school stated that we could not promise a stadium. We also do have a middle school team, with a good amount of eighth graders coming up! I am not sure if this will lead to a JV squad, but we will see. We actually tried to play two JV games but were not able to for outside circumstances. One of Hanover Centrals scores came off a muffed punt at our own 5 as well. No excuses, just throwing it out there!
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