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  1. I guess time will tell! I don't want to answer this question and then be completely wrong about it later. 😂
  2. This is a solid take. I know in Boone's situation, there are no excuses for the rout that took place. However, losing our QB/K early and not having some of our big men up front did not help us. Another factor is having minimal time to prepare with a very young team. I cannot imagine what its like for other teams that are losing starters to quarantine as well. I definitely think you are right with waiting until week 4 to get a really solid grasp on these teams. Best of luck to everyone!
  3. Why'd you pick Wheeler? If you don't mind me asking.
  4. No details on that yet. I will post again when I know.
  5. I am entirely all for leaving these decisions up to the individual. I am not a fan of these season cancellations by these school boards. Everything is voluntary, as it should be. Just my two cents.
  6. Or potentially allows these kids to transfer and play their final seasons.
  7. There will not be a JV team. We do have a large number of incoming Freshman, but they had to replace a rather large senior class. We will be lucky to have 35 rostered.
  8. I don't want to reveal too many secrets! And about Andrean - yes, I believe they are underrated this year even if they are in the Indiana Football Digest as #5. They are going to be very good. Their size for a 2A team is just completely unbelievable, and they have the playmakers to make a deep run this year. I am hopeful that we can make some noise, but I must temper my expectations since we lose such talented individuals.
  9. Andrean returns the majority of their playmakers. They will definitely have more success this year than they did last year. We seem to be filling roles but I am not quite sure they will be of the same caliber as last year. Wheeler is building a strong team as well. Our backup QB from last year moved into the Wheeler district, and he is going to be something special. He will be a junior this year.
  10. We have the same schedule as we did last year - can be found on Maxpreps. As for how our team will be this year, we have a lot of question marks to answer right now. We graduated 15 seniors from last year. We have a strong senior class this year as well, but there are a lot of very talented individuals that we lost. What we lacked in size, we made up for in speed. Andrean played really well that day. We were outsized not only physically but in sheer number as well (you can see that above). The field conditions were not the best that day - and I am not trying to make any excuses by an
  11. These games were already decided yesterday: Andrean will travel to Calumet Gavit will travel to Chesterton
  12. As an employee of a large steelmaker, I can tell you that we are NOT doing daily temperature checks. Policy follows what the state and CDC says, but the majority of workers (90%) are not following them anyways. Everything has been mostly business as usual.
  13. Yes, we put our starting QB at receiver and had him come out as QB in the fourth quarter against Andrean, and he did very well. It was a shame as I think that there could have been a different outcome with an air-it-out offense against Andrean as we had the speed advantage, but lacked the size. He marched down the field quite well and was unfortunately stopped in the red zone. He will be missed at BG.
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