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  1. Griffith left for reasons that you see now, where they aren't as competitive as they used to be. At least that is what I have heard.
  2. I would love to see us in the NCC, but we would only be able to bring football, as the rest of the sports are competitive in the PCC. What I would really like to see is an expansion of PCC teams with football.
  3. From my experience, they have been one of the more consistently strong teams in out conference. Even though everyone has said that the GSSC was weak this year. I do not necessarily subscribe to that sentiment, but I do see why people would say that.
  4. Interesting choice. Do you see growth in that school district in the future? Is that why you would say that it would be a good move? To me they seem to fit in very well with the GSSC.
  5. Do you really think that Hanover Central would be ready for that conference move?
  6. This sounds extremely familiar to me! I said the same thing about us. I am going to pick Andrean on this one, as most of us along their path have underestimated just how good they are. I wish Eastbrook luck, but I do not think they will match up against Andrean.
  7. Until Andrean moves locations, their field will always be a tough place to play. Home field advantage is an understatement there.
  8. I am not really sure why that provoked such a hostile response unless you are the man himself. It was not intended to hurt anyone's feelings, so I apologize if it did. I was just offering an alternative perspective.
  9. I know for a fact that this man hasn't been the kindest to us, and even predicted us losing to teams we dominated this year, so sometimes he does seem out of touch...
  10. I don't understand the prejudice towards gamers? This isn't the 80's any more. I would say 90% of high school kids nowadays have played or play video games regularly. You may not agree that it is a sport, but there is no reason to bash people that play and say that this is a way for them to "justify" their behavior.
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