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  1. Cougar conference...sounds like a group onlyfans account.
  2. First three words are the first three commandments for many a writer on Gridiron.
  3. Is the wedge return legal in high school?
  4. It was hand chopping out from chest which I believe is the illegal shift signal
  5. thats what we thought but weren't given that option.
  6. Can an illegal shift be declined? Other team was flagged and the result of play was a tackle for loss. We wanted to decline but were told we couldn't. Should it of been blown dead?
  7. Why isn't targeting an ejection at the high school level. Seems to me that if you're wanting to eliminate that type of tackling it should come with more than a 15 years penalty
  8. You love winamac so much but you're on here talking about Cass. Why don't you pick one and stay with them wannabee. And last time I checked, this was a football site so quit bringing up basketball. You just love stirring the pot and can't stand the honest truth that Winamac flat out plays dirty and always will.
  9. You say sloppy and I say it was 16 vs 11. And for your information, I'm typing this from the ER since the "sloppy" play of hitting helmet to back of the head after the play ended up putting my son here.
  10. Not in the Head Coach position, but have had the honor and the privilege of being able to coach all 3 of my sons. I feel there is nothing wrong at any level if you can seperate the athlete from the child. I've always let the HC make final call on starting. Luckily, I'm able to leave the whistle in the truck when I get home and not discuss anything unless my sons bring it up. But there will always be those who question the coaches kid playing over someone else. Happens in the workplace all the time.
  11. Thanks for the info. Great as always.
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