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3 hours ago, btownqbcoach1 said:

I see no market here whatsoever. We are talking about talents, QBs, and real people, not inanimate objects. My house can't blow an ACL. My house doesn't insist you change everything about your franchise to make my talents work (even those talents will be up in about 3-4 years when father time catches up)

They massively overpaid for a guy that can't stay healthy. I find it hilarious, personally. 

Our apparent disagreement springs from our different usages of the word “worth.”

You are using it in the sense of a subjective evaluation that is personal to the evaluator. You’re basically saying that if you were the Ravens GM, you would have made a different decision, based on the factors you identified.

I’m using the term as synonymous with “fair market value,” a term that refers to the amount a willing buyer would pay a willing seller. Baltimore was a willing buyer and Lamar a willing seller at that price. Ipso facto that contract represents his fair market value.

One is an opinion. The other is fact.

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