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  1. Madison Grant does have a game tonight, they will be Playing the Cloverdale Clovers at MG. I will take the Argylls in this one by 2 TDs. MG does have a game tonight at MG they will be Playing the Cloverdale Clovers.
  2. Eastern Eastbrook Lapel Southwood Tipton Alec New Haven
  3. BLACKFORD Gets the win here, Sehy's ball control and time management help the Bruins prevail. FRANKTON Still gets over Elwood. OLE MISS Over my winless Argylls, pick your reason they are many. EASTBROOK Rolls, sorry for doubting you last week.
  4. Alex wins this one, Bernie's sales double for the night. Blackford gets a win 4 yards at a time. Ole Miss the Campbell brothers make the Elwood D look like a bowl of soup. Eastbrook takes my Argylls to the whooping shed. Win or lose would like to see MG put 4 quarters together. Shock the world Argylls lets get a rare win over the Panthers. OK leave me to my delusions. Go Argylls!!!
  5. so I didn't get to see the Tipton MG game but was able to make the MG Eastern game. Mg went down early to a much quicker Eastern team. The MG "D" was 3 steps behind the entire first half, and the "O" could not do anything.. Then something happens at halftime, MG's "D" decides to show up and the "O" starts moving the ball. So MG is a tale of 2 half's held Tipton to 0 points in the first held and held Eastern to 7pts the 2nd half. MG scored 24 in the 2nd half. Now its on to Eastbrook, I'm sure they are licking their wounds and their chops at a chance to right the ship against my Argylls. Good Luck Argylls see you Friday. PS MY grandsons first 7th grade game is Thursday I guess they have combined the 7th and 8th to make a team. So I was told that they would have to forfeit all of their games doesn't seem quite right but that's the way it is. GO ARGYLLS!!
  6. looking forward to see MG for myself Friday night. I have watched them practice but was unable to get to Tipton. Nice to see some good chatter about MG on here. I think they are moving in the right direction but probably will be a middle a of the pack team this year. While they do drop to 1A, their sectional is a tough one. That being said if they can stay healthy and build some second half stamina, through in a PAP every now and then, its possible they could make some noise in the sectional. Good things ahead for MG. GO ARGYLLS!!
  8. My Alma Mater Madison Grant Argylls. Before consolidation it was the Summitville Goblins, and the Fairmount Quakers. Always thought about the irony of the fighting Quakers Hobart Brickies Jimtown Jimmies Frankfort Hot Dogs
  10. Lots of good games this week! Blackford over MC in a close hard fought battle, 3 yards at a time. Marion over Eastbrook, Marions too athletic this year and gets over on the east siders. Lapel thumps Elwood, new coach needs a little more time. Tipton over MG, first full season for new coach, system etc, but I hear good things happen in Argyllville. Ole Miss over PH, this one could go either way but look for the Indians to prevail. Oak Hill over Eastern, some how Bud and the west siders get it done. Frank over Tri C, why coin flip landed heads. Alex over WD. Alex needs to win early, and does.
  11. I didn't get to go to MG's scrimmage. If you did, what were your thoughts? I herd the numbers were up, 38 and they were running a version of the Wing T, don't know what D they will use. Any insight would be appreciated.
  12. Weak opening two games will not do anything to help Tipton later an in the year. It will be a good test for MG to see what if any improvements have been made sense last year. If I were Tipton I would look to strengthen those early games before conference play. Could we be looking at a future return to the CIC for the Blue Devils?
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