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  1. Thank you!! We can’t get a better answer then that!
  2. I agree, the footballs straight out of the box are unusable for the last couple of years. I have started using their prep kit and it makes them better. Scrub them with hot water to get the factory wax off of them then was the bar wax. Tried to get baseball mud online and it is impossible to find right now. My question is the Original question, is it legal??? I have never had an official say anything?
  3. Hey DannEllenwood, what week is that cancellation? We might be able to pick you up.
  4. New Prairie is looking for a week 3 freshman game 9/12/19. Please contact New Prairies AD, Ben Bachmann
  5. New Prairie currently has 2 Social Studies and 1 Art openings in the high school.
  6. My question on the rule is this. Can a freshman play 2 quarters on a Monday night JV game then 4 quarters of their freshmen game?
  7. A lot of discussion on it at the ICFA meeting, Friday morning and a proposal will be presented to the IHSAA. Until then we shouldnt muddy up the waters until the verbiage is all laid out. But will be beneficial if accepted.
  8. That would work for us, but the factor that holds this up is travel distances. If NLC would go to a East/West split it wouldnt be bad, all schools within 45 min-1 hour. A conference of Plymouth, Northwood, Mishawaka, Northridge, New Prairie, and Jimtown would be outstanding and all with great communities that will travel.
  9. Make that happen !! Travel is the issue but an East/West NLC would be a fun conference and "Community" Schools.
  10. This is a really good and it is what I thought. It points out exactly my question. How are underclassmen getting offers??? Schools must just be taking a chance without really ever meeting the kids. Thanks for the info and I apologize on changing the subject from the original title of the blog. Lets get back to discussion on Top Qbs. I was just happy to see someone mention ours. LOL Official visits: Recruits can now start taking official visits starting September 1 of their junior year of high school. In the past, official visits weren't permitted until the athlete's senior year of high school, so this rule is actually bumping them up! College camps and clinics: Recruits and college coaches are not allowed to have any recruiting conversations during camps prior to September 1 of the athlete's junior year of high school. Previously, there weren't really any rules that prevented coaches from talking about recruiting to underclassmen during camps. In fact, it had become common practice for college coaches to extend verbal scholarship offers to top recruits during camps. Unofficial visits: College athletic departments are not allowed to be involved in a recruit's unofficial visits. Quick refresher: Unofficial visits are any campus visits paid for entirely by the recruit's family. Before the rule change, unofficial visits were an easy way for underclassmen to visit a college camps, meet with the coach and get an early verbal offer. However, if athletes want to take unofficial visits now, they cannot schedule them with the coach-they should treat the unofficial visit just like any other student would. If the recruit happens to bump into the coach on campus, they can't have any recruiting conversations at that time.
  11. No doubt, sounds like he is one of the top players, but that doesnt change the recruiting process. All I can figure is that schools must still be able to verbally offer kids prior to the the completion of their junior year.
  12. There has to be something Im missing with these new rules. Ive only had the opportunity to coach a handful D1 athletes in the last 20 years, the last one a couple years ago and the process was less complicated. When I was told about their new restrictions, I wondered how to go about getting attention started with an underclassman. Even a lot of the invite camps are being restricted to Juniors and seniors now.
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