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  1. I can't seem to remember the street name of my wife's oldest second cousin's third house... Can you help a brother out? 😁
  2. One of the BEST camps in the nation! https://bishopdullaghan.com/middle-school-camps/
  3. Now that's a FRIEND! I'd want @CoachDurham in my fox hole!!
  4. The All Star coaching staff does have a list of "alternates" in case someone cannot play or does back out at some point. My oldest son made the team in that fashion in '07. When I coached in the game in '09, we had to pick up 3 or 4 players after the teams had been selected.
  5. I would NEVER lead anyone astray on this forum... 😊
  6. Have fun gentlemen! And hoist a few for me!! I'll be missing the clinic for the first time in 20+ years and it really hurts. My brothers and I are hosting an 80 birthday party for my dad. Priorities, right?
  7. Ale Emporium! Corner of Allisonville Rd. and 465. The Hermanaki wings are a must!
  8. This REALLY bothers me. The stance is an absolute fundamental. Imagine a Little League baseball coach not teaching the kids how to stand in the batters box. Just the ramblings of a 35 year offensive line veteran...
  9. Having coached at both levels myself, I can tell you that it is a HUGE jump. Even from the middle school to freshmen level! The middle schools have no governing body. You can do whatever you want! Practice as much (or little) as you want. Play as many (or few) games as you want. There are no eligibility requirements. It can be the Wild Wild West if you let it. Then you get to the high school and the IHSAA has more regulations than the Obama administration. (I know nothing about politics. I had to google that.) As with many of you, I wish these gentlemen the best of luck. But it isn't going to be easy...
  10. OFFENSE Position First Last School Class Ht Wt C Chandler Austgen Lowell 4A 6'2 283 OL Brandon Seibert LaPorte 5A 6'3 325 OL Christian Brock Merrillville 6A 6'1 245 OL Brandon English Portage 6A 6'5 260 OL Clay Truman Lake Central 6A 6'5 250 TE Justin Wozniak Michigan City 5A 6'3 245 WR Zennon Wilhelm Michigan City 5A 5'11 175 WR Kashon Prather Hammond Morton 4A 6'4 185 QB Zack Merrill Andrean 3A 6'1 195 RB Jackson Kurth Valparaiso 6A 5'10 190 RB Ernest Johnson Griffith 4A 5'9 168 RB Lyric McFarrin Michigan City 5A 5'8 190 Kicker Chris VanEekeren Chesterton 6A 5'11 185 Off At Large Brandon Demoff Hanover Central 3A 5'11 170 Off At Large Ethan Igras Lowell 4A 5'9 183 DEFENSE Position First Last School Class Ht Wt DT Kaleek Biggers LaPorte 5A 5'10 260 DT Jaron Holden East Chicago 4A 6'6 327 DE Evan Satoski Andrean 3A 6'2 235 DE Blake Jansky Lowell 4A 6'0 210 ILB Joel Torres Whiting 2A 6'0 200 ILB Kody Wilkerson Chesterton 6A 6'2 225 OLB/SS Tyler Bukur Valparaiso 6A 6'3 215 OLB/SS Cassius Waite Hammond Morton 4A 6'1 185 CB William Fulton Merrillville 6A 5'9 160 CB Sam Krutz Crown Point 6A 6'1 190 FS Reece Crossin Valparaiso 6A 6'0 200 FS Nino Barbosa Whiting 2A 5'9 145 Punter Payton Hinkel Wheeler 3A 5'11 190 Def At Large Noah Perez LaPorte 5A 5'10 205 Def At Large Anthony Swims Merrillville 6A 5'10 175 Manager Kaitlyn Freel LaPorte 5A Head Coach Joe O'Connell River Forest 2A Asst Coach Sam Bernardi Valparaiso 6A
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