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  1. I'd say the best thing to do would be to select "1" and then just put N/A in for the head coaches information. See if that works.
  2. Thanks! I've got our guy looking into this one as well.
  3. Any suggestions on a gameday stats program? We've been using the same one (with updates of course) since the early 2000s. There's got to be a better way! 😠
  4. As voted on by the coaches Sunday afternoon at the Valparaiso Elks Lodge. 2020 IFCA Region One All Star Team.xlsx
  5. I can't seem to remember the street name of my wife's oldest second cousin's third house... Can you help a brother out? 😁
  6. One of the BEST camps in the nation! https://bishopdullaghan.com/middle-school-camps/
  7. Now that's a FRIEND! I'd want @CoachDurham in my fox hole!!
  8. The All Star coaching staff does have a list of "alternates" in case someone cannot play or does back out at some point. My oldest son made the team in that fashion in '07. When I coached in the game in '09, we had to pick up 3 or 4 players after the teams had been selected.
  9. I would NEVER lead anyone astray on this forum... 😊
  10. Have fun gentlemen! And hoist a few for me!! I'll be missing the clinic for the first time in 20+ years and it really hurts. My brothers and I are hosting an 80 birthday party for my dad. Priorities, right?
  11. Ale Emporium! Corner of Allisonville Rd. and 465. The Hermanaki wings are a must!
  12. This REALLY bothers me. The stance is an absolute fundamental. Imagine a Little League baseball coach not teaching the kids how to stand in the batters box. Just the ramblings of a 35 year offensive line veteran...
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