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  1. Our school's 8th graders played against a local school with a female FB and OLB.....and was their 3rd best athlete.
  2. HN playing in the SAC would be brutal. Geographically, yes it makes sense, but that's it.
  3. We've heard the Carroll comment every year since they joined the SAC......
  4. Aren't many of them....but relatively speaking they have had more than their fair share recently in comparison to the county/conference schools.
  5. Not an upset at all. Southwood brought back 6 offensive starters and 5 defensive starters from an 11 win team.
  6. We've been hearing Carroll is ready to take the next step for how many years now? Haven't finished better than 4th in the SAC since they've joined. I believe last weeks showing was more of a bad Luers team than good Carroll team. This Friday.....Snider 35 Carroll 17
  7. Should I contact the IFCA for errors? Peyton Trexler caught 33 TD's in 2018 and ended up with 62 career TD catches. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/peyton-trexler/Nu5JqiiKEeS00gAmVebEWg/football/stats.htm
  8. As I am just finishing up my second year teaching, I am currently looking and applying into other professions. Where I see myself and want myself to be in 10, 20, or 30 years, teaching cannot get me there. Pathetic I have to choose between mine and my future families well being vs the growth and well being of students. Thankfully, I was hired in at the right time and last year was the first year everyone got a raise. Before that the corporation went 6 years without a raise WITH insurance costs increasing. I encourage all of us to put your foot down if you feel so inclined. Nothing will change unless there is drastic change from our corner.
  9. From my understanding Indiana's offer at this time was a non committable one.
  10. I believe Josh Fryar just picked up an Alabama offer fairly recently as well.
  11. Read where the average lifespan of a Superintendent was 3-5 years. Tough job.
  12. Kind of screwy that the head of the board that reinstated him was their AD.......should of abstained from the vote at minimum.
  13. https://247sports.com/Player/Kiyron-Powell-46058746/ Kind of a down class overall across the state in terms of talent, but glad to see he has some big time offers.
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