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  1. The problem will only worsen. When I first began I knew, accepted, and (potentially wrongly) assumed teaching was a low pay/high status job. In my opinion, it has moved to a low pay/low status job. I'm okay with one, but not both. Why teach when you can make transition into another career with immediate hefty raises? Seems like we're on a sinking ship.
  2. I would of loved to stay on a staff, but leaving the teaching profession and transitioning into the private sector was much higher on the priority list than coaching. Tough to rationalize making 40k as a teacher + a couple grand coaching over a career that gives you an opportunity to provide for your family in a manner I wanted.
  3. When comparing recruiting, we have got to stop referencing rivals/ESPN. 247's Composite rankings are much better, consistent, and more respected throughout the whole industry.
  4. I agree. When "Blitz" wrote his article saying that Luers/Dwenger was superior, I just shook my head.
  5. Looking way ahead here, but what will the ruling be on the conference champion if Luers and Snider both finishing with 1 loss, but Snider playing 1 less game?
  6. Seems to me that they beat up on Belmont, Dekalb, (traditionally) Norwell, and Huntington North because of superior size/athleticism/speed, but when push comes to shove have a hard time beating Leo and East Noble.
  7. But there are more total schools across that play basketball than football? I just don't understand why the argument is acceptable for one sport vs the other.
  8. What is the argument against 6 classes, just like football (obviously success factor schools might differ)?
  9. Ummmmmmm........ https://247sports.com/Player/Jaylon-Smith-11043/high-school-2390/
  10. Knox is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Southwood is coming off 3 straight conference championships with a handful of returning starters. Both teams should be solid.
  11. Big props to any HC in basketball/football that teaches a core subject. While PE/weights/etc is not as strenuous as other subjects, it does still take time that you could be game planning, film watching, preparing practice plans, and countless other duties.
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